Tank Spec Legendaries in Patch 7.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the new Spec legendaries coming to Tanking specs in 7.2.5. Each Tank is getting their own spec-focused legendary to shore up their defenses as they take the front line going into Tomb. On top of the spec legendaries there’s new rings for each class too, which I’ll cover in their own video. Some of these new legendaries will be deeply valuable, while others might be less thrilling. Blood DK’s can find Soulflayer’s Corruption, a Mastery Crit chestplate. It causes your Blood Plague to gain 100% increased damage and healing, which sounds pretty darn useful. No RNG procs, no stacking buff, just extra damage and healing. The Soulflayer mentioned in the flavour text is quite likely Hakkar, the Troll Blood God we saw briefly in Zul’Gurub. Vengeance Demon Hunters can seek out Oblivion’s Embrace, a Mastery Versa pair of pants which give your Demon Spikes and Empower Wards an additional charge each. If you feel like you’re waiting for your buttons to come back up a lot while tanking, this should help you flesh out your rotation.

Bear Druids might find the Fury of Nature, a Mastery Crit cloak. While in Bear Form, which I hope is most of the time, you deal 30% increased Nature and Arcane damage. You’re also healed for 30% of all Nature and Arcane damage done. The variable I’m not familiar with is exactly how much of a Guardian druid’s damage is Nature and Arcane rather than physical.

That’s what’s really going to make or break this legendary. Brewmaster Monks can get Stormstout’s Last Gasp, which is a deeply concerning name. Chen’s my combat ally so I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna take my buddy away from me. Your Keg Smash gains an additional charge and has an increased radius. That could come in very handy when tanking mythic dungeons on Skittish week, where you often need to pull mobs back to you mid-fight. I always feel like I don’t have quite enough kegs to smash and this should help smooth over that feeling. Prot Paladins get the Pillars of Inmost Ligiht.

That’s a pretty whoppin spelling error that still stands on the PTR, so maybe that’s just what it is. While wearing the Pillars on your shoulders, your Eye of Tyr will deal 300% increased damage and have a 25% reduced cooldown. That’s pretty hard to argue with. The flavour text states the the light shines brightest in those it consumes’, which sounds kind of like an anti-zealotry PSA. I’d be so down for a Paladin faction going all Scarlet Monastery on us in 7.3. Prot Warriors can find Ararat’s Bloodmirror, which is surprisingly difficult to say. It’s a pair of Mastery versa pants that gives your Shield Block and Spell Reflection an additional charge. There are almost certainly going to be fights where that’s a game changer, and this should be a welcome addition to any Prot Warrior’s collection. So, those are the new spec-specific Tank Legendaries coming to WoW in 7.2.5! I’ll be covering the new legendaries for healers, tanks and ranged as well as the new class rings in more videos. Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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