Scouting the Best Gold Farms for Legion (WoW Gold Guide)

Yah, man. I’m telling you, these guys are really not that bad, you…oh. Nonono goddammit, everytime! *breaking headphone RIP* Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold and today I wanted to tell you about something I’ve been doing recently. If you want to make gold in Warlords of Draenor, you should definitely farm Firelands, Bastion of Twilight, or other Cata raids each week on all toons you can. It’s a great place to start off. Those were the places to be where all the cool kid gold makers hung out. I want to share with y’all the best places to make gold like that in Legion, and since you’re gonna have between 3 and 20 times the DPS you’ve got right now, what goldmaking and farming possibilities does that open up? So, let’s find out! Whether we make a ton of gold here or not, hopefully it’ll give you ideas and it’ll give new goldmakers an insight into the mindset of gold making, which is just a completely seperate game from normal WoW.

The first spot that came to mind for me was in Siege of Ogrimmar after the second boss, the Fallen Protectors. There’s a ton of sha adds between the Fallen Protectors and Norushen. Now, back when this was current content, these adds were just a nuisance, and you hugged the mountain to skip as much as possible on your way to the jerk miniboss Zeal. For real though, visions of LFR groups that refused to stack still haunt my dreams. My point is that because your goal when raiding is time efficiency and not looking for mob density, you may not even see these guys. In fact, I even noticed for the first time while I was testing this that this whole area is actually in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, right outside MoguShan Palace. So, for this farm, I did the test on live servers because my connection to the beta has been atrocious recently.

I brought a friend in to help me on the first two bosses. They’re easy but I needed some help with my gear. Once I was at the sha, I killed 2 out of the 3 minibosses, and then rounded everything else up. The miniboss Zeal, the final one, only has a cleave by himself, but gains the passive effects of the whichever other miniboss you leave up. Anyways, I ignored him and killed the other two. Arrogance gives you a buff and debuff that gets bigger the longer you fight him, and Vanity has an awesome debuff called Self-Absorbed that stuns you for 10 seconds while you “admire your physique.” After you kill the first two, just AoE all the little sha’s, round em up, and kite them around .

So, for results, I didn’t get any gold from these guys. A little bit of vendor trash, a few greens, random green here and there but nothing to note, although the bosses drop a significant about of epics and those vendor for 20-70 gold each. So if you end up geared enough to speed clear the whole raid, I’m sure it’ll bring in 1000-2000 gold Even though this sha farm didn’t bring any gold, our test was successful because we can cross this off our list.

One place I’m curious about though that I just forgot to test iactually the kor’kron between iron juggernaut and the dark shamans. That farm might actually be fantasticmight be a great cloth and green farm and there are a bunch of Kor’kron Supplies crates you can open along the outside. I don’t think those drop gold, just potions but hey, free loot. That’s all though. Thank you for watching and good luck farming. If you liked this video, even though it doesn’t have “make 100,000 gold” on the thumbnail give it a like, and subscribe go ahead and do that so you get future content in your feed.

Other than than, have a good one guys. Bye!.

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