Return to Karazhan Attunement – Patch 7.1

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the Attunement questline for the new Return to Karazhan dungeon in Patch 7.1. You’ll need to finish this before you can set foot in the new instance, so this is gonna be high priority for a lot of people early on. To start, go see Khadgar at the Violet Citadel in new Dalaran. He’ll offer the quest Edict of the God-King, which wants you to do Mythic Halls of Valor. Because it has to be Mythic, you can’t Queue for it so get a group together and head out to Stormheim.

At the end of the dungeon, you’ll find a Fel Crystal Fragment which starts the quest Unwanted Evidence. Bring that back to Khadgar in Dalaran, and he’ll give you the final quest, Uncovering Orders. As usual, he wants you to go get some thingies….because that’s what Khadgar does. You’ll need to do three more regular Mythic Dungeons to finish the questline. Collect the Fragment of Spite from Blackrook Hold, the Fragment of Power from the Violet Hold and the Fragment of Torment from the Vault of the Wardens. It is exceedingly likely that the fragments aren’t there in Mythic Plus, so make sure you’re on regular old Mythic difficulty.

Don’t forget to start the Questline and do Halls first so that you’re on Uncovering Orders when you run these for the first time this week. Being loot locked may not prevent you from picking up the quest items but it would still be a darn shame. And it looks like that’s it. There is no longer a follower mission involved, so thank Blizz for that. It’s unclear if the attunement is account wide or if you need to repeat the quest chain on your alts. The attunements for Court of Stars and the Arcway have been made account wide, so it’s definitely a possibility. I can’t wait to dig into Karazhan. I’ll be putting together a full Return to Karazhan dungeon guide this week so don’t forget to subscribe and keep an eye out for that. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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