Restoration Shaman Changes in Legion

Hello internet! I’m Hazel, and today I’m going to be going over what we know about Restoration Shamans in Legion. We’ll take a look at the original preview blog post, spell changes and removals, the new talent tree and the artifact weapon traits. The full original blog post by Blizzard is linked in the description below this video. In the blog post, Blizzard talks about making major quality of life adjustments to totems. In Legion, totems of the same nature type can be summoned together. Elementals are no longer tied to totems, and Totem’s maximum health will always equal a percentage of your maximum health. Finally, any location-based totem will be getting a targeting reticle. For resto shamans specifically, they want to keep the current feel of the spec while focusing it a bit more on targeted healing and sprucing up the talent tree. Let’s start by going over the buttons we’re going to lose, and changes to the ones we keep. Searing Totem, Totemic Recall, Tremor Totem, Unleash Life and Water Shield are all gone. Losing tremor totem is a huge hit to Shamans in PvP, and I’m surprised that they’re dropping Water Shield as well.

I always found Water Shield visually iconic to resto shamans so I’m sad to see it go. Ascendance and Capacitor totem have both been moved to the talent tree. Capacitor Totem’s getting a rename, but it’s still there and it still works the same. Earth Shield and Grounding totem are both moving to the PvP talent tree, which mean they’re unavailable in PVE. My cat is going to be seriously disappointed at the lack of spinning shields, she likes sitting on my desk and watching them. Earth elemental, fire elemental and Frost Shock are for Elemental Shamans only. Earthbind totem is gone, but you can still pick up Earthgrab on the talent tree.The Improved Reincarnation perk is done for. There’s an artifact trait you’ll see later that might make you feel better. Chain heal healing is reduced by 30% per jump, up from only 10%.Ghost wolf no longer grants extra movement speed outside of combat.

I can’t imagine what they had against that, but that’s kind of depressing. Flame Shock lasts 15 sec down from 30, and should do a good bit more damage. In that same vein, Chain lightning will do double it’s previous damage and the Lava Surge passive is now in effect for Resto shamans. They want you to be able to do enough damage to get by while leveling without switching specs. Finally, Astral Shift is now baseline. Can’t argue with that. The talent tree is seeing significantly more change than the baseline skills, and quite a few talents didn’t make the cut. Nature’s Guardian, Stone Bulwark Totem, Frozen Power, Call of the Elements, Totemic Persistence, Totemic Projection, Elemental Mastery, Ancestral Swiftness, Conductivity, Unleash Fury, Primal Elementalist, Elemental Blast and Storm Elemental Totem are all done for. Next, let’s go over the talent tree we’ll have access to in Legion. At Level 15, you pick from Undulation, Rushing Streams and Torrent. Undulation causes every third Healing Wave to heal for an additional 75%. That’s a good overall boost to throughput but it sounds kind of clunky to work with. Rushing Streams causes your Healing Stream Totem to heal two targets at once, which is an easy to use boost to multi-target healing.

Torrent buffs the initial heal of Riptide by 50%, and I think will be a popular choice in Arena. At Level 30, we see Gust of Wind, Graceful Spirit and Wind Rush Totem. Gust of Wind is a new talent that hurls you forward on a 15 second cooldown. Think Disengage, but forward. Graceful Spirit reduces the cooldown of Spiritwalkers Grace from 2 minutes to 1 minute, and gives you 20% extra movement speed while its active. Wind Rush Totem is a placeable totem on a 2 minute cooldown that continually gives allies within 10 yard a 60% spring tof 5 seconds. This sounds like it’ll be most useful as a raid utility, like how Stampeding Roar was used on Archimonde. At Level 45, we choose between Lightning Surge Totem, Earthgrab Totem and Voodoo Totem. Lightning Surge Totem is just a renamed Capacitor Totem, although it now summons at the location of your target rather than your feet. I wouldn’t be suprised if that gets clarified to target location, meaning it gets a placement reticle. Earthgrab Totem hasn’t changed from it’s Warlords version. Voodoo Totem is a brand new totem that Hexes all enemies within 8 yards. It states that leaving the area removes the effect, so if you can just hop a little ways out of it it becomes less exciting.

Voodoo Totem replaces your Hex, has a 30 second cooldown and is placed at a targeted location. At Level 60, we see Crashing waves, Ancestral Guidance and Deluge. Crashing Waves causes your Tidal Waves to generate 1 additional charge, increases the crit chance of healing surge by 10% and reduces the cast time of Healing Wave by 10%. That’s a good talent for single target throughput when you don’t anticipate any burst healing phases. Ancestral Guidance hasn’t changed from it’s Warlords version. Deluge causes Chain Heal to heal for 20% more on targets within Healing Rain or with Riptide on them, which should be very strong for AOE healing. At Level 75, we pick from Ancestral Protection Totem, Earthen Shield Totem and Ancestral Vigor. Ancestral Protection Totem summons a totem at a target location for 15 seconds.

The first ally who dies within 15 yards of the totem can Reincarnate with 20% health and mana. This totem has a 3 minute cooldown and sounds cool but really risky to make use of. Earthen shield totem summons a totem with 100% of your health at your feet. Damage against allies within 10 yards of the totem is redirected to the totem, until it dies or expires. That sounds really valuable to drop in PvP if you antipate getting stunned and murdered. Ancestral Vigor causes targets healed by healing wave, surge, chain heal or riptide’s initial heal to have 10% increased health for 10 seconds.

It should be pretty easy to keep that buff up on at least a few targets at a time, and will probably be a default choice for raiding. At Level 90, you choose between Bottomless Depths, Cloudburst Totem and Echo of the Elements. Bottomless Depths causes Resurgence to always trigger when healing a target below 60% health, which should help you with your mana. Cloudburst Totem is mostly the same, and will now trigger it’s burst if it’s resummoned while still active. Echo of the Elements no longer applies to Spirit Link Totem, but will affect Healing Stream totem in addition to riptide and lava burst. At Level 100, we see Ascendance, Wellspring, and High Tide. Ascendance hasn’t changed. Wellspring is a new spell that creates a surge of water flowing forward, healing allies within a wide cone in front of you on a 20 second cooldown. High Tide causes Chain Heal to bounce to 1 extra target, and reduces the falloff of each bounce by half.

Which talent you take will be dependent on the raid’s positioning in a given fight. For an artifact weapon, resto shamans will seek out Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides. It previously held the name of Caduceus of Azshara, which was presumably changed because who can pronounce that. For an equip effect, your Healing spells have a chance to trigger Power of the Waves. Power of Waves travels from you to an injured ally over 3 seconds. When triggered, it pops to grant healing to all all allies within 15 yards. other allies may touch azshara’s boon to activate this effect. Without seeing this in play, I’m honestly not super clear about what the Azshara’s Boon is all about.

I guess we’ll find out! The following traits will be unlocked as you gain artifact power in Legion and are subject to change as development continues. Gift of the Queen consumes your Healing Rain to give all allies within it’s area a big heal. The heal amount isn’t related to the remaining duration so presumably you want to press that right before your Healing Rain expires. Tidal Chains increases the effect of your Tidal Waves by 30%. Pull of the Sea increases the healing and hot healing of Riptide by 10%. It also buffs the damage of your Shock spells by 60%, which is huge. Empowered Droplets increases the crit chance of Healing Rain by 10%. Tidal Pools gives your Riptide a chance to leave a Tidal Totem under the target, which heals until cancelled. Lord of Storms increases the healing of Healing Wave and Surge by 10%, and buffs your Lightning Bolt damage by 10%. Tidal Feedback increases your lightning bolt damage by an additional 50%, and causes succuesful Wind Shears to fire a lightning bolt at the target. That actually sounds so cool for PvP! Ghost in the Mist reduces damage taken in ghost wolf by 3%, stacking every 1 second up to 6 times.

That’s really interesting in a PvP setting, as it lets you prepare yourself for a swap but puts you behind in healing leading up to it. Sense of urgency increases the effectiveness of all heals you cast during Bloodlust by 50%. Wavecrash increases the rate at which your healing stream totem heals by approximately 30%. Caress of the Tidemother causes your Healing Stream totem to grant you a 10% damage reduction for 10 seconds. Unbreakable Chains increases the crit chance of chain heal and chain lightning by 10%. Cumulative Upkeep causes Healing Tide heals on a target to grant them an additional 10% healing taken from Healing Tide, stacking. This makes it a bit like the old Tranquility where it gets stronger as it ramps up. Servant of the Queen causes you to take 80% less damage for 15 seconds after Reincarnating. Queen Ascendant causes Resurgence to reduce the cast time of your next heal by 15%. Finally, Decree of the Queen applies a hot to targets healed by Healing Stream totem. And that’s what we know so far about Restoration Shamans in Legion. The new talents and Artifact Traits in particular have me very excited to try out this spec in the future.

Keep an eye on my channel for a separate video detailing the PVP talent tree that Restoration will get in Legion. Let me know what you think of the Shaman changes, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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