Pet Battle Dungeons! Wailing Critters on the Legion 7.2 PTR

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a preview of Pet Battle Dungeons from the patch PTR. Pet Battle Dungeons are a single player scenario a lot like the Celestial Tournament. The one available on the PTR is the Wailing Caverns, and the format definitely lends itself to having more dungeons added later. To get started, you pick up a quest from Lio at Breanni’s Pet Shop in Legion’s Dalaran. They say that there’s trouble in the pet world and you’d better get yourself to the Wailing Caverns to help out. If you don’t have any handy, I recommend picking up some battle pet bandages while you’re here. To get to the Wailing Caverns, head to the Northern Barrens. Horde Characters can fly over from Ogrimmar, while Alliance toons can make do by porting to Mount Hyjal and going South. The NPC you’re looking for is inside the eye of the spooky skull rock outside the instance.

She’ll port you into a special scenario version of the Wailing Caverns. The first time you do this, you can heal your pets as often as you like so feel free to use bandages between fights or wait for the cooldown on your pet heal. There are six stages of the scenario that involve fighting a variety of critters in the dungeon. Each pet you fight, backline included, has the Elite buff that causes them to take half damage. The first five stages will call for your favourite Mechanical, Flying and Magic pets. The final boss is easily taken out with Aquatic damage. In stage 1, you fight three Common quality pets with backup.

After beating them, you face your first boss, Son of Skum. The boss pets cannot take more than a third of their health from one hit in addition to the 50% reduced damage. Skum goes down pretty easily to whatever Mechanical pets you’ve got, and then you face three Green Quality pets with backup. The backline randomizes each time you engage, so you can’t counter-comp this. After beating the green pets, you’ll fight the second boss, Hiss. Hiss does a lot of damage but can still be beaten by three average Mech pets. After Hiss, you fight two separate Rare quality Ectoplasms, which are by far the hardest part of the dungeon. They’re Magic type pets that do a ton of damage and have backline to deal with as well. Having a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with you helps bring these down a lot easier. After the Ectoplasms, you fight the final boss of the dungeon- Budding Everliving Spore. This is a Legendary Quality Elemental pet boss.

He’s pretty easy to kill with Aquatic Damage- I actually soloed him with Toothy. Killing the Everliving Spore will complete your quest. Leave the instance group to turn it in at Skull Rock for an Ultimate Battle Training Stone! At this point, you might think you’re done. NOPE! You can pick up a quest right away to do the whole thing again- but without healing. If you have enough pets, get right back in there and see if you can beat the whole scenario without using a healing item. Unlike the Celestial Tournament, there’s no convenient mob without turn 1 damage to heal up your teams on. You’ll need a good selection of flying, mechanical and magic damage pets with a set of dragons for the Ectoplasm and a few Aquatics for the final boss. It’s a lot harder without healing, but get through the instance again and you’ll get a bag of Damp Pet Supplies. Damp Pet Supplies have leveling stones, pet charms and a chance to contain three new pets. Collect a Cavern Moccasin, a Young Venomfang and an Everliving Spore pet.

This is most likely on a Weekly reset like the Celestial tournament, so getting these pets to drop could take quite a while. So, that’s what a Pet Battle Dungeon looks like! It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I first heard about them, but I’m always up for something new to do with my battle pets. I’ll be coming out with more specific guides for the Wailing Caverns and any other Battle Pet Dungeons so keep an eye out for those. Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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