PATCH THINGS TO DO TO PREPARE FOR FLYING & NEW FACTION Howdy folks, in this video we will go over the few things you need to do to be fully prepared for when Patch hits, you are going to want to start it asap. So first off, you probably already know that flying is being introduced to the Broken Isles in patch and the requirements are very similar to what they were in Warlords of Draenor.

You will need the Broken Isles Pathfinder Achievements, Part One is already out and there to be completed and requires you to have explored the Entire Broken Isles Gaining the Broken Isles Explorer Achievement, Also needs the Loremaster of Legion achievement which requires the completion of all 5 quest zones for the achievements, Azsuna Matata, That’s Val’Sharah Folks!, Vrykul Story, Bro, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Good Suramaritan. Next you will need the Variety is the Spice of Life achievement which requires you to do 100 World Quests, Then it’s Broken Isles Diplomat which requires Revered in the 6 major factions: Court of Farondis, The Valajar, The Dreamweavers, The Nightfallen, Highmountain Tribe and The Wardens. And the last requirement for the Huge Pathfinder Part One Meta Achievements is A Glorious Campaign, Which is awarded when you have completed your Class order campaign. Legion Pathfinder Part Two has yet to come out, but when it does it will require Part One to be complete aswell as exploring the Broken Shore, Which is the new Zone added in Patch 7.2, You will also need to take part in the invasions on each of the Broken Isles Zones, Which if you are not aware is a feature coming in Patch where the Legion will be attacking Broken Isles Zones one at a time, disabling all world quest in said zone and causing havoc.

Next is gaining Exalted reputation with the new faction Armies of Legionfall which is being introduced in Patch And lastly Completing the new Legionfall quest campaign that comes with as a precursoer to the Tomb of Sargeras. Once you have done all that stuff, you can fly… yay! Another big thing you will want to do before Patch hits is have all of your Broken Isles factions at exalted, as while there may not be anything you want from their quartermaster at the moment, that will change in 7.2, Those faction will be gaining another level above exalted, which when cleared will grant big rewards.

The best way to prepare for this is to ensure you are exalted already and then keep all of those reputation tokens for order hall missions and kirin tor emissary for when hits. And lastly, just a quick reminder for your artifact Weapon, saving Artifact Power tokens won’t do you any good, they will be nullified in Patch 7.2, so max you weapon out and then spend any extra you get on your offspec artifacts. That’s it for what is known so far for preparing for Patch I hope this has helped and if it has please be sure to leave a like, dislike if you hate puppies and Kittens Keep an eye on Xaine’s World and especially the This Week In Gaming friday show for new information of upcoming Warcraft goodies. Have an awesome day folks.

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