Noblegarden 2017 – What’s New in Legion’s Noblegarden Event!

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is everything you need to know about the 2017 Noblegarden event in WoW. From April 17th until the 24th you can hunt for eggs, dress up with Bunny Ears, collect pets and a special Noblegarden mount. So for the veteran event-goers, what’s new in 2017? This year there’s a brand new pet to collect, the Noblegarden Bunny. You can buy this little pink bunbun for X chocolates at an event vendor. His moveset has been tricked out with the options of Egg Barrage and Stench, while still letting you pick Dodge and Burrow if you like. Another thing to note is that once patch, 7.rolls around the white-quality Noblegarden Attire gear will become transmoggable, but only during future Noblegarden events. We won’t be able to dress up this year, but it might be worthwhile to double check that you have everything stored in a bank so that you’re ready to go in 2018. If you’re new to Noblegarden, make sure you’ve picked up the Spring Rabbit pet, the Mystical Spring Bouquet non-combat pet and the Swift Springstrider mount.

All of these are sold for chocolates on the Noblegarden Vendor found in the starting cities around Azeroth. The Springstrider mount has the unique accomplisment of being quite possibly the ugliest mount in the game, which is really saying something. So you’ve put together a wishlist of event goodies and now you need the chocolates. It’s time to Egg Hunt! Pick your starting town and go fight a ton of other people for egg spawns. The eggs spawn outdoors only, but they’ll be under, in and around buildings and fixtures. Druids have a big advantage with Flight Form, so if you’d rather not fight them consider egg hunting in the blood elf or draenei starting towns where nobody can fly. The eggs themselves can drop event loot in addition to chocolates, so if you’re lucky you might get the things you want early.

Pick up the Egg Basket item from the Tisket Tasket quest in a starting city for a reusable sprint. I use this macro to refresh the sprint and open any eggs I’ve collected while I’m hunting. Just bind that to a key and spam it as you hop around. I also like to drag the chocolates to a bar so I can see how many I have without having to open my bags. And, that’s Noblegarden 2017! Thanks for watching. Best of luck hunting eggs for your new bunny and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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