Legion prep guide for levels 100-102!

Hey it’s Soul with news updates analyses and after last week’s video, much fewer attempts at humor. For now. Earlier I did a video on how to quickly get to Legion endgame right at max level. Now I’m going to go backwards and share what I’m going to do to prepare for legion leveling in the first however many hours of the expansion’s launch. There’re videos already out there with their own walkthroughs and general ideas of what to do. I’d advise taking a look at them for their different perspective, and because I haven’t.

It’s bad enough that I’m doing a “me too” kind of video, but I’m not gonna copy their information on top of that. So after this video, get going and take a look. Anyway When prepping for Legion there’s a lot I’m going to be preparing in advance. Being supplied is a an easy one. Have flasks, pots, gliders and other consumables to help speed things along. If you’ve got a traveler’s mount, great, or you can spawn a robot or even an argent squire, it’ll help keep your inventory clear, but this won’t be a big deal because you’ll be visiting vendors and your order hall regularly enough.

Be as heavily armed as possible. Anything that’ll help you get ripped before starting your Broken Isles experience will be helpful. Get a ring if you haven’t already, then suck it up with some normal clears of Archimonde to power it up. If you’ve got Hellfire tier, awesome. If you only have Foundry tier, not so awesome but having a set bonus is going to be better for you for many many levels. It’s better to have some tier than none at all. If possible try to leave your chest free. You’ll see why later.

On top of all that make sure you have all the heirloom trinkets available for your class or classes. Next, professions. If you’re not maxed, try to have your levels at least at 300. This’s the required level to access profession world quests which unlock at max level, but it’s good to be prepared ahead of time. If you care about crafting and otherwise don’t want to blow tons of gold on materials, pick up a gathering profession. It’ll really help out early on. In previous expansion launches I’d fill up my quest log with a crapton of dailies. Usually that gets you anywhere between 25 and 30% into your first level. There aren’t a lot of obvious looking dailies in Warlords but there’s still stuff we can do. Assault objective quests in the garrison are purchasable with resources. That’s 14 out of your maximum 25 quests. The assault objectives themselves don’t give any significant experience but when you turn them in you get between 20 to 30 thousand xp. Oddly enough, for some reason you can pick up again after you turn them in, but unless the Legion side of the world is having technical problems, you probably don’t need to stick around Draenor for any longer than you really need to.

After those 14 quests, fill up your log with whatever quests you can from the other objective table, tavern, any garrison dailies, Tanaan dailies, whatever. Keep in mind that some of those quests rotate, so it’s probably a good idea to do those 11 or so quests the night before Legion’s release, at 12am pacific. Dailies reset at 3am pacific. So you’re pretty much prepared; let’s fast forward to Legion’s launch. Before you dive in though, get a feel of how stable the game is. It’s pretty much given that the world will come down on Blizzard in the form of DDOS attacks from jerks and assholes and legacy server fans. If things are looking bad, don’t be stubborn. Don’t subject yourself to the pain of day one server problems and ruin what should be an awesome experience.

Have some cognac, go to bed, and in the morning, laugh at all the idiots like me who refused to log off. It’s just my opinion, but for ease of leveling, tanks are the easiest spec followed by dps and then healers. But, and this next part is super optional, your first artifact should be your main spec regardless of your leveling spec. Here’s why. One of the early milestones to hit while leveling is level 102. That opens up some more order hall features including the quests for your other artifact weapons. In the meantime you’ll be pumping AP into your first artifact. Until then, your order hall sells item level 740 weapons right from the start so you don’t feel stuck on a single spec or a crappy weapon early on. So again, your first artifact weapon should be your main spec, but level with a spec that you feel is most gratifying to you. There are weapons for you.

You’ll be fine. After seeing your order hall for the first time, look around for a bit. Depending on the class there are little buffs you can pick up that will help make leveling slightly easier. For leveling itself, go to Val’sharah first. One of the main quest lines there is pretty short, it’s the one where Malfurion does something and things happen and whatever. By the end of it you’ll be awarded an item level 800 chest, and you don’t have to go to a dungeon for it. It’ll be a heck of a boost if you can still have your 4p bonus with this chest equipped, so don’t start farming that Mannoroth chest. Beyond that though, level wherever you want. If you’ve got friends, level with em. If you don’t, you’re okay thanks to how much more lenient shared mob tagging has become, so don’t be a jerk and help kill things.

Fully complete zones when you get to them, including the dungeon quests at the end, which all give 800 gear. By the end of each big storyline you’ll have a healthy supply of artifact power, resources and gear. If you’ve seen my endgame video, you’ll understand why it’s important, even if it’s a bit outdated. But to summarize you just want to resource manage as best as you can. Again, 102 is a sweet spot for you when the order hall really starts to open up features, and more will open as you level, but the most important things to do there include unlocking your other artifacts, champions and order hall talents. There are only two kinds of missions your champions should do, either ones that gives xp or ones that involve the order hall questline. You want to get your order hall quest line moving as fast as you can, but otherwise your focus is to level your champions so they’re strong enough for higher level missions. Only use the disposable troops if you absolutely have to.

They’re a small drain on your resources and don’t gain xp. For your first order hall talent, pick up the one that gives you the better chance for gear upgrades. The other talent levels vary on your class, so pick the one that best suits your playstyle. Know that you can only research one thing at a time, so I advise to not ever go back and change a talent until you’ve unlocked the bottom talent. That’s basically a month after launch if you’re diligent. After that you’re on a pretty good path and hopefully ahead of the pack. What’s nice is that the leveling pack is spread across the leveling zones and not one predictable place. Your goal now is to hit max level quickly so you’re not fighting for world quest credit and otherwise preparing for endgame. And that’s it for today, and check out my endgame video for tips on how to quickly prepare yourself for raiding and mega mythic dungeons, or whatever they’re called.

Thanks for coming. Like and sub and I’ll see you guys next time. I’m Soul. Stay breezy, guys.

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