Legion Brawler’s Guild – Rank 3 Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick guide to the Rank 3 Bosses in Legion’s Brawler’s guild. Up first, we have Doomflipper. Doomflipper’s kinda unique in that he has NO ABILITIES. Just pure tank and spank. He hits pretty hard, so space out your defensives and self-heals as needed. Don’t forget about your Brawler’s Health pot if it’s getting close. After the Pak-man craziness of the last rank, it’s nice to have a fight where you just do damage. Next, there’s Splat. Like the old Blat encounter, Splat will clone himself throughout the fight. You do NOT NEED to kill the clones. Killing the original Splat will win the fight. To help me keep track of him, I used this macro to set a marker on OG Splat just in case.

He leaves goop underneath him and he’s quite slow, so just kite him around as needed and damage down original splat. Third, you’ll fight Shadowmaster Aameen. He alternates between putting Shadow Torches at your feet, and sending Shadow Blast to the most recent torch. When it hits that torch, it’ll chain through to all the other torches in the arena. Getting hit by any stage of Shadow Blast will kill you, so you need to position the torches carefully and keep moving. I found kiting in a circle to be easiest for me. You want to position the torches as close to each other as you can without getting clipped by Shadow blast. Space the torches out too far and you’ll be running out of room real quick. The higher your DPS, the more room you’ll have to work with. Pew Pew! Last, we fight the beloved Johnny Awesome. If you’ve never met Johnney before, you really need to get to Hillsbrad on a Horde character some time and check out the questing.

Johnny will lay down Volley on top of you, which you need to move out of. Melee should be careful not to stack Volley on the boss, because Johnny ain’t moving. His pet will attack you throughout the fight, but it doesn’t hurt all that much. When Johnny starts casting Powershot, you want to line up behind the pet so that Dazzle eats the shot instead of you . Dazzle will die, and Johnny will spend 15 seconds Reviving Pet. He takes extra damage during that cast, so that’s a good time to pop your potions and cooldowns. All in all, Johnny’s a pretty easy fight for the final boss of a rank and I had a much trickier time with Aameen.

So, those are the Rank 4 Bosses of Legion’s Brawler’s Guild! Keep an eye on my channel for more brawl guides and other WoW videos. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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