Legion Artifact Systems Preview

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Artifact feature overview. In this video we will explore how your Artifact benefits your character. And how you can upgrade and customize it. After retrieving your Artifact the Artifact progression system will unlock along with several new features such as Artifact traits. Each specs Artifact provides a unique active ability and several unique passive traits. Unlocking these traits, requires Artifact power which you can earn by doing all sorts of things including quests, dungeons, world content arenas, battlegrounds and more. You can browse your Artifact traits at any time by shift right clicking on the Artifact in your inventory or character sheet. But you need to go to your Order Hall to use your Artifact power. You can increase the stats and item level of your Artifact, by equipping relics which are rarer than Artifact power but come from many of the same sources.

At first, you have two relic slots on your Artifact, but you can unlock a third one by completing your Order Hall quest line. You can attach a new relic at any time by shift right clicking on your Artifact and dragging it to an open slot. But it will destroy any previous relic you have placed in that slot. As you adventure throughout the world you can unlock alternate color schemes or even completely different appearances for your Artifact. Of course, if you prefer you can always use the new transmogrification feature to change the look of your Artifact entirely. These are the basic systems of Artifact weapons, but we have only just scratched the surface. Be sure to check out our official website at wowlegion.com for more information. Thanks for watching and we will see you on the Broken Isles.

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