Karazhan’s Curator Strat/Guide – Healer PoV Holy Pal – WoW Legion

So I wanted to upload this Curator kill video but i figured it would be better to have some commentary just to go over the strategy and what my group did. Now as you can see we pretty much all stacked very closely together throughout the duration of the fight. The demon hunter and the prot warrior stayed on Curator the whole time while the shaman hunter and I kind of stood out a little further back and then took care of sparks. Every time the spirals dropped on the ground, of course we grouped together and moved up and slowly made our way down the hallway and because the group is stacked so closely together it’s a lot easier for my group heals to go off like Light of Dawn, Tyr’s Deliverance, Aura Mastery, Beacon of Virtue is great here for group healing. I think it’s a good idea to have a good mix of ranged and melee during this fight just so that you guys can split the group up more easy and take care of sparks without like the melee having to keep running in and out or vice versa.

So once I make sure that the group is fully healed I actually go in and DPS as well I pop my wings and I can actually do some pretty significant damage as Holy between Holy Shock and my Crusader Strike because my crit rate is so high it’s just like you see at the end there I did about a 151k DPS. DPSing the boss: if you’re not healing you might as well DPS just to help out the group and to kill the boss faster..

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