How to level Mining 1-800 Quick In Wow Legion

Welcome today we’re going to be taking a look at how to level mining 1 to 800 quick now you can make a ton of gold while you level the mining and I’m going to show you how to do that so let’s just go ahead get right into it and get it started and for the purpose of this video I am going to assume that you are level 110 so that you can go to Suramar which as we all know is a 110 only zone so there are a couple add-ons that you will need and I’ll list those into the description but as you can see here the ore is plentiful in suramar it’s all over the place and you will find Felslate, felslate deposits, seams and the same thing with leystone and it’s just very very plentiful now even just farming on top of the ground , on the mountains and so on it is going to get you leveled up quickly but there’s a few cave’s that I wanted to show and one of them is here now you will have to kill the Bears a couple of them at least there is one that is avoidable and he’s asleep and my niece kind of named the bear sleeping benny the bear, so that’s just ongoing joke with me and her we will go ahead and go in and in this cave the respawn is very quick.

Usually you’ll have a seam or a deposit here also over in this area , upon this rock and also over in this area here now currently it does look like somebody who may have just farmed it seconds before we got here but that’s okay because the respawn time on these things are extremely extremely quick so let’s just go ahead and go over to the next cave now as you see they’re showing up already a lot but the very next cave I’m going to show you is one that if you don’t just stumble upon you would walk all over it and never even know it I know I did the first time that I found it I had been personally all over the cave and never even knew it was it was there until I just happened to stumble upon it now the easiest way to get to it that I have found it is go to little town and then down here .

Now here is a cave but it’s not the one we are talking about so don’t get them confused, the cave we are talking about is here and great part here as you’re killing these you can farm them you can mine them as you can see but what I’m doing here and you don’t always get ore from mining realms but for the most part you will , we see something lighting up felslate seam perfect, now back here in the back you’ll see leystone and also guys what come you’re in here you can you can pick up some ancient mana chunk items and those actually go on the auction house and sell.

now again you can find up in here over on this side these caves are are littered with ore so just keep on going between the two caves mining on the outside and you will make a short order of leveling 1- 800 on your mining if you come here during be busy part of the day a lot of people are here but the great part is you do not have to worry about someone just zooming in and mining what you need or what you’re wanting because it’s all now personal and behind me here you notice is a rich felslate deposit not something you see as often as the normal deposit but always a welcome sight it gives you eight to ten of the felslate now the felslate did sellfor quite a bit more at one point a hundred hundred and fifty at the very beginning.

I’ve seen it go as high as 200 hundred gold per on my servers but now it’s like 27 or 26 or so per server or per ore but with the quantities of this that you’re going to get it is definitely well worth the effort and you will make serious gold here but that does it for for this video if you have not already subscribed please do that it would mean a lot to me and also if you’ve not already given a thumbs up please do if you’ve not told your friends or your guild mates about the channel I would appreciate that as well but for now that does it for this video if you do want to see another video of how to level mining one to eight hundred the old ways of where you jump from one zone to the next and go back and forth to your trainer and always let me know I have no problem setting that up and doing that but if you do have a 110 that you’re going to be mining on this is the quickest possible way to get one from 1-800 and start making gold until next time guys have a good one!

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