Holy Prism Overview Paladin Talent – WoW Legion 7.1.5

Let’s talk about Holy Prism and why I like it as a Holy Paladin. Holy Prism is a beam of light that turns the target into…you guessed it, a Holy Prism. If used on an enemy target, they take Holy damage and it radiates healing to 5 nearby allies within 15 yards. On a friendly target, they are healed and radiate Holy damage to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards. It has an instant cast time with a 40 yard range, a 20 second cooldown and also triggers a global cooldown. I like it as an additional instant group heal and I think it works good in a pinch, especially when Beacon of Virtue or Light of Dawn are on cooldown. For me personally, because my guild group only raids as a 10 man group, it’s usually just myself and 1 other healer.

As a result, talents like Holy Prism & Beacon of Virtue also really help out with group healing for my smaller group. Compared to Light of Dawn, Holy Prism heals for more but the cooldown is 10 seconds longer. It’s also nice because Light of Dawn is frontal cone only, but Holy Prism will bounce around to nearby allies! Keep in mind that 90% of the time that I use Holy Prism, I have an enemy targetted so that the beams will bounce to my party. This works pretty easily on boss fights or single target mobs. You simply have to target the enemy, cast Holy Prism, and the beams will heal your party. If you have an ally targetted and cast Holy Prism, it will do AOE damage to any enemies nearby. So, it is very situational but if you are looking to step up your group healing, make sure that you are targetting an enemy when you use it so your allies benefit from it’s heal. Another thing to note is that sometimes during Mythic+’s or speedruns, if I have a window, I will DPS in my holy spec.

With my high crit rate, judgement, holy shock, crusader strike, consecration can do some serious damage. And if you use Holy Prism on an ally, it will add to your boss dps as well. All in all at the end of the day, it is your decision on what you’d like to use for your Holy Paladin talents. This video was made to simply highlight a specific spell and talk about why I like it. What do you guys think about Holy Prism? I’d love to hear comments and feedback on your experience with the spell.

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