Druid Flying Class Mount in 7.2 – Archdruid’s Lunarwing Form Quest

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the Druid Flying Class Mount coming in Patch 7.2. We’re going to look at the quest chain you do to unlock the mount, so if you’re avoiding spoilers you should definitely leave now! For druid’s it’s actually a special flight form you get rather than a traditional mount. To get to this point on live servers after the patch, you’ll need to finish both parts of Broken Isles Pathfinder.

Part 2 isn’t in yet on the PTR, so we don’t know exactly what that’s going to involve. Chances are good that you’ll need to explore the Broken Shore, do some campaign questing and maybe a little rep grinding. Once you’ve reached the Class Mount Finale stage of the campaign, the Talon’s Call quest will send you to the Dreamgrove. You talk to Thisalee Crow, who tells you that demons are attacking Mount Hyjal AGAIN. What else is new. Anyways, the Shrine of Aviana needs your help so you head there next. There’s a portal to Mount Hyjal right from the Emerald Dreamway so I recommend just popping through that. Once you’ve gotten to the Shrine, a newly promoted Skylord Shadegrove wants you to kill some demons.

There’s quite a few of them and the quest bar fills sorta slow, but eventually you chop through enough of them. Head back to the shrine to find out that Skylord Shadegrove was a dreadlord this whole time. He steals the Idol of Aviana and peaces out. That kinda sucks and Thisalee’s pretty bummed out so you run home to the Dreamgrove. The turn in is actually on the far Northwestern edge of the Dreamgrove, past the Moonwell. Thisalee says that because one demon sneezed on it the entire Shrine of Aviana is just done for and they’d better rebuild it here. She needs that idol back and she wants you to meet her in Azsuna. You can just fly over to Azsuna, which is INCREDIBLY refreshing. You need to stealth your way up the hill and spy on the demons. I threw a marker icon on Thisalee just so I didn’t lose her, seeing as she’s both stealthed and kinda tiny.

Anyway, you make it up the hill and Infazzar says that he’s going to use the idol to attack Dalaran. Thisalee throws away a solid five minutes of sneaking up a hill by popping out to yell at him. There’s a bunch of angry demon harpies cranky with you now so you gotta kill a bunch of those. After you’ve beat enough demons again, it’s time to take out Infazzar. He’s ported up to a big airship, with a ton of harpies in the way. You could probably stealth past but I just killed my way through. Take down Infazzar, loot the Idol back from him and you’re free to port back to the Dreamgrove. Back home, go to that same spot and turn in the quest.

It’ll trigger a cutscene inaugurating the new Shrine of Aviana and granting you your Archdruid’s Lunarwing form. It’s considerably bigger than your regular flight form and has some really lovely effects. It’s on a separate shapeshift button from your Travel form, so you can still use the normal one if you want. Like Travel Form it’s instant cast, so you can play skydive chicken if that’s your thing. The mountspecial animation only works when you’re on land, and it’s a pretty basic birdcall. The Lunarwing Form comes in one color only, so it’ll look like this regardless of which spec you’re in. You cannot use it in areas that are ground mount only, so no Lunarwing in PvP or open-air dungeons.

You can pick herbs while in Lunarwing form, although it’s safe to say that animation isn’t in yet. So, that’s the Druid Class mount coming in patch 7.2! I wish it had some ground animations so we could use it in Battlegrounds, but there’s still time. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!.

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