Current State of Fury Warriors In Wow Legion on Patch 7.2

Hey guys, Kelade here. Blizzard released their first iteration of patch 7.PTR notes yesterday and there was 0 changes on Fury Warriors so far. Of course, we’re still a long ways off from the patch being released and Tomb of Sargeras being out. But let’s get our concerns and issues heard before it’s too late. First, I think everybody can agree that Fury Warriors are strong at the moment. There are a few factors that go into this but let’s talk about this first to understand why we’re strong right now. Nighthold as a raid has some fights that are great for Fury. Any fight that has a long execute phase or very frequent AoE burst will be really good to bring a Fury. The tier sets and trinkets also greatly help us with both our damage and enrage uptime. This plays into that feast-and-famine playstyle that fury warriors have found ourselves to be in. When you’re geared and you have high enrage uptime, you’re gonna generate more rage. And this’ll lead to more enrage uptime and, as you guessed it, more rage and then more damage. There’s a huge feedback loop of how strong fury warriors can scale due to this synergy.

The tier bonuses from the 2-piece and 4-piece work together to not only increase the amount of times that we can get enraged but also increase the duration of enrage. If played properly, we can hit over 90% enrage uptime with the 4-piece and the legendary helmet. The trinket, Convergence of Fates, also plays into this enrage uptime since it provides much more Battlecry uptime and much more rage generated due to our last talent, Reckless Abandon.

The trinket is also currently a band-aid solution to our execute problem at the moment and I’ll get to that in a bit. Draught of Souls, of course, is ridiculously strong due to how much buffs and cds that warriors can use to stack with the active. There’s no question that Draught is OP on warriors and blizzard needs to consider this if they are going to actively consider the strength of active trinkets into the future. So other classes in the game, sorry about that, but we single-handedly nerfed all active trinkets for the foreseeable future. This all leads up to another small factor in Nighthold is just how well the gear that can drop from the raid is for us.

Of course, our tier items could be better itemized but the fact that both of our best in slot trinkets AND all 3 of our best in slot relics can drop from Nighthold: This allows to have fury warriors TO HAVE really have ilvls of their BiS gear. That is definitely something that should not be overlooked. Now if we take away all of that Nighthold gear and go back to how fury warriors were in the beginning of patch 7.1.5, we can see the potential issues that might arise. Lets just get into the biggest issues first. Execute phase. Without tier 19, our enrage uptime on execute will be abysmal.

Our reliable way of getting enraged (which is rampage) would never be used unless you took the Massacre talent which will hugely gimp our 100 to 20 percent damage. Less enrage uptime will lead to less rage generated and that would eventually lead to less Juggernaut stacks being built. Also if we were going to lose Convergence, the amount of Battlecries that we would cast would be greatly diminished. Once again, greatly lowering the amount of Executes that we can cast due to the rage generation from Reckless Abandon. And there will also be less Battlecry buffed Executes.

Our Execute really only shines when we’re able to get high Juggernaut stacks and be able to buff those with our self buffs. Speaking of Juggernaut stacks, the buff duration of the stacks is a little bit too short at the moment. There are scenarios currently where you simply cannot keep the Juggernaut stacks. One notable example is Guldan’s Storm of the Destroyer. Y’know, of course there are ways around the mechanics by clever use of enrage regen and fast reactions of leaping out and charging back in or even getting a pally to buff you with Spellwarding.

But that’s a bit too much for most of the playerbase, increasing the buff time wouldn’t really be a raise in DPS for the top-end players since we’ve already found ways to work around some of the mechanics But it would greatly help much more of the player base be able to play around and keep their Juggernaut stacks. Execute enrage uptime wouldn’t be the only rage issue. Currently our consistent AoE is poor unless you have the legendary belt. Our burst AoE is strong but during consistent AoE, we have very little means of being able to generate rage other than hitting Bloodthirst every 3rd GCD. If something can be done to allow Meat Cleaver buffed Bloodthirst to give us additional rage, even if it comes at just half the rage, that would greatly help Another issue currently is having Rampage being on a longer GCD than the rest of our abilities. It adds a lot of clunkiness into our play and burst windows and there really is no need for it. Something else that might seem minor but does affect our quality of life is just, why do fury warriors generate so much threat? No matter what I do, even if i wait for the mobs to be at 20% hp before I dps, I can still pull aggro during skittish week.

During skittish week, I literally just log on to raid and log off. This is an issue even if we bring in a rogue and a hunter to tricks and misdirect. I’m not even going to touch on the additional damage that fury warriors take while enraged since our increased HP pool really actually does help here. In conclusion, fury warriors at their core have a lot of rage generating and enrage uptime issues that is currently masked by Nighthold gear. This is definitely an issue and I hope it doesn’t get overlooked for additional tuning that will come with patch 7.2.5.

Anyways that’s it for this video. Let me know down in the comments below if you have any other issues that I forgot to touch on here. Feel free to join my Discord server to chat more there. Thanks for checking out the video guys, be sure to subscribe to see more warrior content. See ya!.

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