Howdy folks and welcome to the first video in a comprehensive Brawler’s Guild Guide. This video covers everything except the boss fights themselves, The boss fights can be found via links in the description and are built in Ranks for a total of 8 tactic videos <title> So firstly and real quick as most of you will know, The Brawler’s Guild is a Fight Club in World of Warcraft where players go in on solo boss fights for glory and some awesome rewards Everyone’s fight is visible to everyone who is in the respective Brawler’s Guild at the time. It’s a great place to hang out with some guildies and chat while you wait for your turn. Many go simply to cheer their friends on. Now we know what the Brawler’s Guild is, let’s go into how you participate. <title: Getting Your Blood-Stained Invitation> To gain access to the arena, you don’t need an invitation, so you can cheer your friends on and chillout without it, But to participate in the fighting you must first obtain a Blood-Stained Invitation. If you participated in the first 2 seasons of Brawler’s Guild your invitation is unfortunately no longer valid so you must get a new one.

These can be obtained in many ways. They drop from Dungeons, Emissary Chests aswell as the Elite Vykrul of Shield’s Rest in Stormheim. You may also get one from a friend who has reached Rank 4, as at rank 4, you will be sent a Bind on Equip invitation to give to friends or sell on the auction house. Once you have your invitation, head on down to Orgrimmar if Horde or Stormwind if Alliance and mosey on in to the arena. <title: Inside the Brawler’s Guild> There are many vendors in the Brawler’s Guild, Some are just for fun, while other have some awesome rewards or helpful things to fight your way to the top. The first vendor is the Quartermaster, The first item you’ll likely buy from him is the ‘Brawler’s Potion of Prolonged Power’, This is a DPS potion that increases all stats by 3000 for 1 minute and costs around 15 gold each, You may only carry 10 at any one time so just fillup every 5-10 fights depending whether you prepot and require using another during.

I would always advise prepotting as it just gives you an extra potion in your fight. The Quarter Master also sells Healing potions for far cheaper, but as these share the cooldown of the DPS potion, I’d advise not using them. As far as the rewards go, they are all found with the Quartermaster and include, An 875 ilvl ring with a teleport to the Brawler’s Guild Function that costs 1600 gold and requires Rank 4 completed, An awesome Heirloom Fist weapon Called Brawler’s Razor Claws, and can be equipped by Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, Shaman and Monk characters, The Heirloom requires rank 8 completed to buy and cost 1000 gold. Probably the most popular reward is the Brawler’s Burly Basilisk, An ugly ass mount that requires rank 8 and costs 3200 gold.

There is also a few pets with Tylarr Gronnden costing 400 gold and Clock’em both requiring rank 3. A Class Hall champion Meatball can be obtained though it requires a large amount of time starting with defeating the first boss Oso, which unlocks a mission in your class hall, complete this and the following missions that require more progress in the Brawler’s guild Then do a bunch of brawls, etc etc, I will most likely do a video for obtaining Meatball as a bonus to this series at a later date when I have obtained him myself.

But at least you have a starting point. And lastly for the Quartermaster, a bunch of Vanity shirts are sold, each requiring different reputation to obtain. Next we have Tiana Nevermorn for Horde side and Ulaani for Alliance, their title is the “Gold Exchange” as this is where you spend your Brawler’s Gold, Brawler’s Gold is the Brawler’s Guild specific currency, you gain this mostly by winning fights. Tiana and Ulaani Sell 7 Rumble cards and 6 buff items, the rumble card is a whole thing on it’s own so we’ll get back to those in this video. The other 6 items and the whole Brawler’s Gold concept was formed to celebrate the previous seasons and how players would constantly buff each other even though they were complete strangers, This tended to provoke conversation and give a great atmosphere. With those kinds of class buffs now gone, Blizzard introduced the currency which can be spent on these 13 items that benefit everyone in the Arena at the time. Free Drinks Voucher costs 1000 Brawler’s Gold (which takes about 10 fight to get) and opens the Brawler’s Guild bar up as a free bar for 2 minutes for everyone.

Brawler’s Potion Dispenser which cost 500 Brawler’s Gold and gives free potions to everyone for 30 minutes Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine which costs 250 B Gold and provides a graveyard in the arena area for 30 minutes allowing Brawl enthusiasts to ressurect inside the arena instead of outside and running in. High Roller’s Contract costs 100 B Gold and allows everyone to bet on who will win the fights through Vested Interest, winning will give you a stackable buff, at 10 you get an achievement, it caps at 30, This buff also gives you more B Gold from winning fights and will drop off completely if you lose a bet or leave the arena. Bag of Chipped Dice cost 100 B Gold and when presented to a Gaurd will enable the Random Brawl mode which gives everyone the option to fight a random oponent when signing up. The last item is an Alliance or Horde Specific, The Alliance get VIP Room Rental Form costing 1000 B Gold, This item allows everyone to gain access to the VIP room for 10 minutes Horde get Zeppelin Rental Form also costing 1000 Brawler’s Gold and allowing everyone to use a teleporter to get to a Zeppelin that circles above the arena in Orgrimmar for cool views.

It should be noted that at rank 8 you gain permanent free access to this service. The rest of the Vendors are more simple in their rewards. Next we have the Card Trader, With a total of 68 card available at a very cheap price, this is an awesome vendor. The card are challenge cards and allow you to pick an opponent to fight next, Considering the rank system has only 32 bosses, this gives a further 36 extra bosses to fight, Each card has a specific rank you must have reached to unlock it.

The last 2 vendors are just for fun with the Purveyor of Underhand Things selling a few items you can throw at players while they Brawl, Such as rotten fruit and soured grog. And the Bartender selling a few alcoholic items for various strengths and prices. <title: Ranking System> As stated before, there are 32 Bosses in the Rank 1-8 base system. Each rank having 4 Bosses. The ranks get vastly more difficult as they go up. And depending on your class and abilities you will find different bosses to be difficult compared to others. For the most part it would generally seem that Ranged classes with high burst will find it a little easier on the whole. But there is of course always a few bosses no matter which class that are damn near undefeatable. As you go up in the ranks you will gain a Brawler’s Purse per fight won which gives an average of 100 Brawler’s Gold and some grey junk items that sell for more than enough to cover a Potion per fight.

Ranks in the Brawler’s Guild is your reputation with the faction, it is the basis for most items gained from it as far as unlocking them for purchase. If you completed previous seasons to the needed rank you will be able to purchase the legacy items still available even if you don’t have the rank in the new season. For example I was able to buy the Heirloom that requires rank 8 before I had done a single fight this season as I had completed rank 8 in the previous, Which is when the claws were originally added.

<title: Rumbles> Rumbles are something special, Rumble Cards can be purchased for 500 Brawler’s Gold and are essentially raid bosses, Be careful to use them when many people are around as when used everyone in the quee will be pulled into the arena for an all against the boss type deal, There are 7 different rumble cards Battle of the Brew Grief Warden Mazhareen Mindbreaker Gzzaj Penguin Stampede, which makes me shudder at the thought, Senya and Stranglethorn Streak All of these are unique and fun encounters that everyone can get involved in. I am open to doing guides on the Rumble encounters if there is sufficient support for it, so if you wanna see them, let me know in the comments.

It should be noted that rumbles are needed for the Meatball Champion and achievements. Which is a perfect segway <title: Achievements> There are a few achievements, most referencing Fight Club and all fun, “The First Rule of Brawler’s Guild” is awarded for using a Bload-Soaked Invitation and therefore gaining access to the Brawler’s Guild. “You are not your S&*$! Legplates” is awarded for winning a brawl. “The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild” is awarded for reaching Rank 4 and awards the player with a Brawler’s Pass in the mail which is the Bind on Equip version of the Blood-Soaked Invitation.

“King of the Guild” is awarded for reaching Rank 8 and gives you the title of ‘Brawler’ “I am Thrall’s Complete Lack of Surprise” is awarded for winning 10 fights in Random Brawl mode. “Rumble Club” is awarded for Defeating all Rumble Card Encounters. “Educated Guesser” is awarded for guessing 10 fights in a row correctly with the Vested Interest buff and lastly “You Are Not the Contents of Your Wallet” is awarded for obtaining 20 thousand Brawler’s Gold. <title: Those Special Little Extras> A few more things of note are the shirts available for defeating specific challenge card bosses, The shirts are obtained via the special Purses that drop from defeating these challenge card bosses And for transmog, they look pretty awesome. There is also a number of flavour NPC dotted around the Arena, like Sniffy Pete, Keith “The Party” Westin Robert Paulson Boss Bazzelflange and more specific to their faction Arenas These NPC’s have great dialogue and emotes aswell as some useful info from the Statistion.

<title: When All Is Said And Done> The Brawler’s Guild has gotten better with each season. Blizzard have really upped their game this time round with awesome new features like Rumbles and the Brawler’s Gold items that help everyone. I’m curious to see how many Fight Club references you have noticed from both this guide and in the Brawler’s Guild itself. Stick around for the Rank 1-8 fight guides and check out the Friday show ‘This Week In Gaming’ where every friday I give away a game and discuss all the important news from that week related to video games.

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