Best WoW Legion Gold Farming Guide – How I Made My Millions


Item Notifications can alert you to when items on a server’s auction house fall below a specified price. Websites like Tradeskillmaster, WoWuction, and TheUndermineMournal use the Blizzard Remote Auction House Data, to update each server’s auction house items on an hourly basis. This can help a lot when looking for specific items that aren’t currently on the auction house. Notifications can also be used to make lots of gold. I’m now at 15 million gold on my main account, and a couple more million on my second account.

I think it’s safe to say that setting up good item notifications can make you a lot of gold, and there doesn’t seem to be that much competition. When setting up notifications, you can use the website’s list to see if any become active, or you can be notified with an email. Gmail has a desktop alert option when you receive mail. You can also use a cellphone with a notification sound. Unlike auction house sniping, which immediately shows item deals listed, item notifications will take up to an hour to alert you when an item falls below a certain price. This is because remote auction house data updates on hourly intervals. Heavily searched items, like crafting materials, usually aren’t worth making notifications for, because good deals will often be bought very quickly.

You can, however, buy at low price swings, and later on sell high enough to profit, even after factoring in the 5% auction house fee. The most lucrative items I flip, are low drop rate crafting patterns, non-crafted transmog items, battle pets, and occasionally mounts. Most of these items can be found in the Tradeskillmaster item groups page, which I’ve put in the comments. The Tradeskillmaster website is easier to make notifications on, but if you do use wowuction, remember, if your list starts getting around 1500 items, the website may fail to load, making your notifications impossible to edit. And finally, it’s best to only flip items on as many servers as you know you can handle. Items left in a mailbox for more than 30 days are automatically deleted.

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