Hello Hunters, Welcome to this quickfire in depth look at the changes to Beast Mastery spec Hunters in Patch 7.and what that means for you including the new Legendary item and changes to the old. If you like these informative videos please hit the like button so I know it’s actually worth making them. Let’s get right into it <Beast Mastery Specific Changes in Patch 7.1.5> First off we have a flat damage increase of 9% for Kill Command and Cobra Shot Aspect of the Beast’s ferocity damage has been increased by 100% and the damage reduction on your pet supplied by Tenacity has been increased from 15% to 30 The damage from Barrage has been increased by 80%, but only for Beast Mastery Big Game Hunter’s crit chance bonus has been increased to 60% from 50 Blink Strikes damage bonus has been increased to 100% up from 50 The damage of Chimaera Shot has been increased by 60% Dire Frenzy’s cooldown has been reduced to 12 seconds down from 15 The chance for your Disengage cooldown to be reset from your ability critical strikes has been increased from 10% to 15% from the talent Farstrider.

Hati base Movement Speed increased by 14% in all forms Multi-Shot damage has been increased by 50% The talent “One with the Pack”‘s chance to reset the cooldown of Dire has been increase from 15% to 30% The damage dealt by Stampede has been increased by 15% Volley’s damage has also been increased by 50% for Beast Mastery only and Way of the Cobra’s damage bonus has been increased to 10% from 8 With all of these changes, at a base they seem mostly good, though the problem with the spec I am hearing at the moment is the age old Pet pathing issue. Multiple fights where pets get stuck or randomly switch off the boss and go back to the player for 15 second then decide to jump back in again. With such vast inconsistency in Beast Mastery at the moment it seems like the frustrating path for a hunter to go. <New Legendaries and the Changes to Old Legendary Items> So for the new Legendaries added in Patch 7. Beast Mastery gets The Mantle of Command, some Legendary Shoulders with high Mastery and medium Crit The effect is very simple, it is called Dire Frenzy and grants 1 additional charge of Dire Beast.

Resource gain are always good, having it there to pop in your cooldowns is a flat increase but it is also a little boring. The flavour text is quite amusing though with “Disobedient pets end up on the mantle.” and as for changes to existing Legendary items Call of the Wild has been nerfed with a 35% reduction in the cooldown for all aspect down from 50% The Apex Predator’s Claw legendary has suffered a blow Your pet gains the passive abilities of all pet specializations and deals 5% increased damage down from 10% and lastly Roar of the Seven Lions has also had a nerf with Bestial Wrath now reducing the focus cost of all of your abilities by 15% down from 20% <Stay for the Giveaway> Thank you for watching I hope this has helped you get your head around the changes made in Patch 7. Drop a like if you did, it really helps the video and the channel and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are toward these changes made to Beast Mastery Hunters and all classes in general.

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