9 New Battle Pets in Patch 7.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the nine new battle pets that are coming to WoW in Patch 7.2.5. 7.is coming to live servers next week on June 13th, and it’s bringing a variety of new buddies for you to add to your pet collection. Let’s take a look. There are two new pets that come from Pickpocketing. The Dig Rat and the Sneaky Marmot are both Cageable, so it’s OK if you don’t have a Rogue of your own. After the patch, Griftah in the Rogue Class Hall will start a Pickpocketing Quest Chain that shows you how to steal Coins of Air currency from Broken Isles mobs.

For 10k Coins each, you can purchase a Sneaky Marmot and Dig Rat pet. The Sneaky Marmot will actually stealth, and is a reference to invisible marmots that have been in the game since launch. He can do Critter or Humanoid Damage, Prowl, use Blinding Powder, Burrow and Smoke Bomb. Between Blinding Powder and Smoke Bomb the Marmot should prove useful at dodging dangerous attacks in both tamer and PvP Pet Battles. The Dig Rat looks pretty cute with the updated Rat model in Legion. Supposedly Rogues keep these in their pockets for emergencies. His moves are Scratch or Comeback, Stampede or Kick, and Feign Death or Survival. The Deadmines are opening in 7.as a Pet Dungeon with some brand new battle pets to collect. The Mining Monkey is a freebie for completing the Deadmines Pet Battle Challenge, which requires you to finish the dungeon without healing any pets. After that, you can repeat the dungeon every week to earn a new Bottle Cap. Spend those Bottle Caps at the Bagman to purchase Tricorne, the Pocket Cannon and the Foe Reaper .9.

These four pets are NOT cageable, so you’ll need to do the dungeon if you want them. The Mining Monkey has a little pick and should be kept away from cannons at all costs. He can use Jab or Demolish, Going Bonkers or Quake, and Banana Barrage or Barrell Toss. Tricorne has a little Pirate hat which puts him pretty far ahead of every rat ever. He can use Scratch or Comeback, Flurry or Poison Fang and Stampede or Sniff Out. The Pocket Cannon sounds like a fairly useful invention. It can use Cannon Shot or Flame Shot, Frost Shot or Arcane Shot and in the third slot it can use Extra Plating or Explode. I love seeing so many different types of damage on a Mechanical pet. This guy might come in handy for the Roboteer achievement in Family Familar. Foe Reaper .9 is a little smaller than the other prototypes but he’s still just as scary. He can use Metal Fist or Woodchipper, Flux or Overtune and Haywire or Reboot. The Chromie Scenario coming in 7.has a bunch of cool things to earn, and two of those things are pets.

Both of these can drop from the Time-Lost Wallet, which is one of the potential options on the Sands of Time item. Check out my Chromie Scenario guide linked in the description for a more detailed run-down of the scenario. The Bronze Proto-Whelp can use Tail Sweep or Wing Buffet, Breath or Crystal Prison and Sandstorm or Bend Time. I’m pretty sure Bend Time is new and that’s a real game changer for pet PvP. The Ageless Bronze Drake can use Tail Sweep or Devastate, Breath or Ancient Blessing and Time Stop or Rewind Time. Between Ancient Blessing and Rewind Time, this thing heals more than one of those green dragons you always see napping in lakes and stuff.

Last, there’s one more pet on the PTR that we aren’t quite sure how to get yet. The Sun Darter Hatchling is a gorgeous recolor of the Sprite Darter faerie dragon and I’m just instantly in love with it. The description says that this unique species of Faerie Dragon is not usually found on Azeroth. It’s a drop from an Oddly Colored Egg, but we don’t know much about the egg yet. It could be from almost anything so keep your eyes peeled in 7.for any unusually bright eggs. It can use Blinkstrike or Sleeping Gas, Ethereal or Ancient Blessing and Consume Magic or Sunlight. It’s also bizarrely enough categorized as a Critter, which, if it stays that way, makes it look so good to have on hand for Mousing Around. Combining Sunlight with Ancient Blessing is going to give you the world’s fattest health pool, and I can see using Ethereal and Conusme Magic to cleverly avoid all sorts of danger.

The short version is I need it and the second I know how to get it, you’ll know. So, those are the nine new pets coming to WoW in patch 7.2.5! I’m especially excited to get into the Deadmines although it would be nice if the Wailing Caverns would cough up an Everliving Spore first. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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