7.2 Patch Day – 7 Things to Do First!

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick video wishing you a happy patch day and going over the things you’ll want to do first. So, first thing to keep in mind is patience. The servers are officially under maintenance until 2PM Pacific time, so 5PM on the East Coast. That’s quite a bit later than normal and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up early, but there’s no guarantees. Follow the Warcraft and BlizzardCS twitter accounts to find out the minute they go up. You should probably follow me too while you’re at it, I’m pretty on the ball when it comes to tweeting that kind of thing.

Next on the list is to Update your Addons! Not all of them will have updates right away so if they’re giving you errors, just disable the problematic ones for the time being and turn them back on after they get updates. I use the Curse App to manage my addons, which has recently been merged into the Twitch app to be some bizarre kind of Discord clone. It still works great for addon management so I just set that to auto-update and I keep it on. Super lazy mode, engage. Once servers are up and you’re in the game, feel free to open your Mythic Cache if you have one. Lore made a blue post stating that there will not be any Artifact Power rewards in the weekly cache until NEXT week.

No need to get your Artifact knowledge first, you’re safe to pop open that chest and hope you get something awesome to take with you to the Broken Shore. Your next step is to start the Broken Shore campaign. Go talk to Khadgar on Krasus’ landing. You can even port there with the quest item if you’re randomly really far from Dalaran. You need to complete the intro experience to unlock all sorts of things including your new artifact traits and the new Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, so you may as well hop to it. Your next goal is to Unlock Artifact Knowledge 26. As you quest in the Broken Shore, you should pretty early on come across a quest called Seeking Lost Knowledge.

Do that ASAP to upgrade to Knowledge 26 right away and start queueing work orders towards 50. It’s a BIG BOOST just getting 26 so do that as soon as you can before you go flitting around doing world quests! Now, you wanna Get those Nethershards! You’ll need those. If you have gear below item level 850, consider using 400 nethershards to buy Dauntless tokens from Kath’leen. You loot nethershards off of creatures on the Broken Shore, you get them from the Broken Shore World Quests, the demon invasions and from the Sentinax event on the Broken Shore. They’re also needed for all the cosmetic rewards from the Armies of Legionfall and for attempting your Artifact Challenge so you may as well stock up. Speaking of the Armies of Legionfall, there’s a rep you’ll want to get started on. If you want to fly in the Broken Isles, you’ll need to be Revered with them so hop to it.

You’ll mostly earn Armies of Legionfall rep through doing World Quests on the Broken Shore and working through the campaign. They also sell the Legion Reusable Flask at revered so there’s that to look forward to. It grants 500 Strength, Agi and Intellect along with 750 stamina. That’s not nearly as good as an Alchemy flask, but it’ll be awesome to use as a boost for world quests and easy dungeons. Speaking of Flying, if you want your Class Mount you want to do as much progress on Breaching the Tomb as you can. It’ll take at least 11 weeks to finish the campaign and get your mount but you’ll want to stay as up-to-date as possible.

Something else to remember is to Research Order Advancement as soon as you’re able to. You’ll need to complete Champions of Legionfall first so keep chipping away at the Class quests until you get there. You’ll need 10,000 Order resources to research the next level and 15k to get the final one. One last thing to think about is if you’re serious about PvE, you may want to re-sim your character with any legendaries you’ve collected. Many legendaries have been rebalanced and your best ones may have changed. Spend some time at a target dummy and make sure you’re wearing the best loot you’ve got.

In summary, go do as many Broken Shore quests as they’ll let you and you’ll unlock all the good stuff. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, have a happy patch launch and a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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