7.2 Hype! Top 15 Cool Things Coming to WoW in Patch 7.2

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at 15 SUPER COOL things coming to WoW in Patch 7.2. The new patch drops on Tuesday, March 28th and if you’re not hyped yet you should be. #15 – Crafted Legendaries. Yeah. There are four new CRAFTED legendaries coming in the patch. They’re tuned to be middle-of-the-pack legendaries for throughput due to their THREE sockets, but the bonus effects are all utility. There’s one legendary for each armor type. If you’re just stuck with the worst legendaries ever or you really need those gem slots, you’ll want to look into getting your hands on one of these. They’re BOE, so no worries if you don’t have a crafting profession. They do take some quests and MASSIVE amounts of materials to make though, so expect to pay quite a bit. Each one requires 65 Blood of Sargeras, just as a start. The last thing to know is that they only require level 101, so if you’re REALLY committed to a new alt and want to level it through the Broken Isles quicker, you can buy it a legendary to level with.

In addition to the new Crafted Legendaries, there’s a few other tweaks to the Legendary system in 7.2. Bad luck protection will be spec based and not class based in 7.2, so it’ll be easier to acquire your first legendaries for your offspecs. They’ve also made an extensive list of changes to the existing legendaries to bring them closer in line with each other in terms of throughput. There will still be ideal legendaries to shoot for, but the consolation prizes should be considerably less sucky. #14 – New Class Campaigns . is bringing a whole wack of new single-player Class Campaign content to the game. Each class has a role to play in the story that’s unfolding.

The class campaigns will span over several months and the final stage rewards you with your very own shiny new Class Mount. You’ll also get to recruit a new Class Follower and unlock class-specific world quests. We’re definitely in Class Fantasy-the Expansion and this patch is no exception. #13 – New Artifact Research and Traits. Many of you may have maxed out your Artifact Weapon in 7.1.5. After getting 54 traits, all of your Artifact Power became sad little tokens of offspec fodder or worse, vendor trash. I know we were all really bummed about being caught up. You can see players just sitting in the dark corners of Dalaran, weeping. Fear not, the Artifact Power Grind continues in 7.2! You’ll be able to queue up Artifact Research once again and work your way up to the new Knowledge cap of 50. Each weapon is getting new traits and a new Paragon trait, so there’s no shortage of goodies to spend your AP on.

Maxing out Concordance of Legionfall will take you literally TRILLIONS of artifact power so you should be busy for a while. Pray for the World First raiders, they’re gonna need it. #12 – PvP Brawls. Battlegrounds have been battlegrounds forever. Very little has changed about the casual BG experience in many, many years. If you love a good brawl but you’re bored of the same old, PvP Brawls are here to save the day. You queue for them from the Casual PvP window, and there’s only one up at a time.

PvP Brawls offer the same rewards as Random Battlegrounds but with wacky new rules! You might wage war on Tarren Mill in a 40-v40 Vanilla style battle. You might experience weightlessness in a Gravity Lapse eye of the storm. The Warsong Scramble has multiple flags that can be capped without returning your own flag, and random buff cubes throughout the map. If the same Arathi Basin is getting stale for you you should Definitely try out the PvP Brawls in 7.2. #11 – Solo Challenges. If you’ve been eyeballing those cool new Artifact Appearances, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Solo Challenges. There are 7 different challenges in total, and each spec has access to one of them. Defeat your challenge to unlock a unique artifact appearance for your weapon. In order to take on your challenge, you’ll need to be level 110, have at least 35 artifact traits, and complete some early quests to get access to the new traits. Your region needs to have the Broken Shore Mage Tower building currently active- it’s up for 3 days at a time.

Your first attempt at the challenge is free, but additional tries will cost you Nethershards that you could be spending on valuable items. The challenges are supposedly very difficult, and should push your skills as a player to the limits. They don’t scale at all, so better gear and more traits will make it easier but by no means a gimme. Completing the trial will earn you the achievement, A Challenging Look. #10 – Pet Battle Dungeons – Okay so when I say Dungeons, I mean Dungeon, singular, for now. There is only one Pet Battle Dungeon added to WoW in 7.2, and that’s the Wailing Caverns. They’ve stated that depending on how the feature pans out, they’ll either add more in future patches or look into other ways to add pet battle content to WoW. The Wailing Caverns is a Celestial Tournament esque pet battle scenario where you need to beat a variety of opponents and then a final boss to succeed. After your first success which awards you an Achievement and the Son of Skum, you can do it once a week without healing your pets to collect Damp Pet Supplies.

If your army of pets has been looking for a new challenge, Pet Battle Dungeons have got you covered. #9 – Mythic Keystone Karazhan and, as it happens, Heroic difficulty Karazhan. If you’re already heaving a sigh at the thought of Keystone running all of Karazhan, don’t freak out just yet. The dungeon is being split into Lower and Upper Karazhan for the purpose of Heroic LFG and Mythic Plus. There’s a lot of unique loot in Karazhan that could be super useful with the item level boost from high keystones.

On top of that, now that it’s available as Heroic players who have been wary of joining Mythic Groups will be able to enter Karazhan for the first time in 7.2. I’m pretty excited about having some new variety in the Mythic plus circuit and can’t wait to get myself some Titanforged Karazhan Loot. #8 – New Broken Shore Zone. Okay, so the Broken Shore isn’t exactly NEW but prior to there was very little to do there. If you played through the release of Tanaan Jungle in Warlords, this is going to be a lot like that. There’s a whole campaign of quests to do with buckets of story progression, a new faction to grind rep with, region-wide buildings with benefits that the Legion will smash down repeatedly, all sorts of good stuff.

There will be world quests across the zone that grant rep with the new Armies of Legionfall faction, so if you want your Flying early you’ll be doing quests here every day. We’re taking the fight to Kil’jaeden and setting up camp in his playground for the new patch. There’s a lot of black rock and fel sludge, but what else is new. #7 – Demon Assaults on the Broken Isles. It’s not just the Broken Shore that’s getting cool new dailies. Just like we saw with the Legion pre-release event, Demon Assaults are going to be raining down on the Broken Isles. A zone will appear on your map as under attack, and that zone will have a unique set of quests.

Go there to repel the demons, board their airship and complete the scenario while it’s up. You need to repel an invasion in each Legion Zone for your Pathfinder achievement so try not to skip these. I know you might not super care about those Highmountain tauren getting attacked AGAIN but they really do need your help. #6 – Nethershards. If you’ve played any Diablo 3 recently, you’ll be pretty familiar with Kadala. Well guess who’s coming to WoW! Okay so it’s not literally Kadala, but it’s basically the same thing. Instead of Blood Shards, we have Nethershards. Instead of Kadala, we have…Kath’leen. Sure. Anyway, you acquire Nethershards around the Broken Shore and in the Demon Invasions. You can spend them on everything from Vanity Items to gear tokens. 400 shards gets you a Dauntless gear token for a specific slot, which will turn into 850 item level catch up gear.

5000 shards gets you a Relinquished token for item level 880 gear that has a small chance to proc itself into a legendary. This is basically their answer for targeting legendaries. If I really badly wanted the legendary Shadow Priest shoulders, I might spend all my nether shards on Relinquished shoulder tokens to try and proc my legendary. It also helps out for when your gear is pretty good but you have that one problem slot that you just can’t get loot for. #5 – Paragon Reputations. If you’re bummed out that you can’t get the Nightfallen to love you any more than they already do, this is the patch for you. Once you’re exalted with a Legion rep, a small bag will show up on your UI. Every 10,000 rep you earn after that point gets you a faction-specific Satchel. You can grind those indefinitely so no matter which world quests you do, you’re always working towards something. There are 5 new mounts that can drop from the Paragon rep bags as well as a toy and a pet.

The Highmountain bag can drop the Highmountain Elderhorn. Valarjar rep can get you a Valarjar Stormwing. Court of Farondis has the Cloudwing Hippogryp. The Nightfallen Cache can give you the Leywoven Flying Carpet, which is the first carpet to not require Tailoring. My favourite, the Dreamweaver Cache can get you the Wild Dreamrunner unicorn. The Wardens cache has a toy and the Legionfall one has a felbat pet, which are somewhat less exciting. That UNICORN though! I’ve never been so excited to knock out some world quests. Existing rep tokens from before will not work toward Paragon rep, so if you’ve been saving up Nightfallen whatevers you’re out of luck. #4 – Tomb of Sargeras Raid. Alright, so this one isn’t technically at launch but it will be part of the patch. It’s right there in the patch name. Tomb of Sargeras will take us face to face with Kil’jaeden in a brand new nine-boss raid instance. We’ve got some time left in Nighthold yet so don’t be getting too antsy to leave. With the new raid comes a new set of tier gear with shiny new bonuses for every spec. #3 – New Pet Battle Tamers.

While doing your world quests out on the Broken Shore, you might spot that little green paw of a Pet Battle World Quest! That’s right, there are new pet tamers in 7.2. I’ve seen at least three but there are probably more. They work just like the regular legion pet tamers, so their quest needs to be up in order for you to fight them. There’s always one tamer available on the Broken Shore, and they don’t seem to count for the Family Familiar achievements. Keep an eye on my channel for 2 pet guides so you can do your dailies and level pets while you’re at it. #2 – Cathedral of the Eternal Night. I really, really like this dungeon. The way Legion has set up Mythic Plus dungeons as this parallel thing to raids has made the 5 man instances keep their glow for way longer than we’re used to.

I’m looking forward to a long and happy relationship of running Cathedral keystones in Legion. It’s a four boss dungeon that feels just the right length, with challenging trash and fun boss fights. Fortified week might be a pain in the butt here but I’m just happy to have a new dungeon to do. There’s also some like, lore or something if that’s your thing. Finally, my #1 ,most anticipated feature of 7.2- Flying in the Broken Isles. I can’t WAIT to bust out my drakes and cloud serpents and all the other awkward mounts that look dumb on the ground. Flitting around doing emmissaries, hopping between fishing spots and grinding rep for Paragon satchels is going to be so much nicer from the air.

Pathfinder Part 2 will take a couple of weeks to complete, but should overall be relatively painless. You need to repel a legion invasion in each zone, explore the Broken Shore and reach Revered with the new Armies of Legionfall faction. That’s it. The worst bit is the rep grind, and that’s just a few short weeks of doing world quests. Class Mounts, on the other hand, is going to be a while. For those you need to finish the new Class Campaign, which supposedly is timegated to take months. Eh, I suppose we don’t need everything RIGHT away.

is going to have so much to do that I can forgive not getting my purple flappy bird on day 1. So, those are the 15 coolest things coming in Patch 7.2! Patch day is coming on Tuesday, March 28th! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, have a happy Patch Day and a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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