Hello and welcome to this quickfire boss guide for all 4 Rank 3 bosses of the Brawler’s Guild Season 3 added in Patch 7. If these guides are helpful please be sure to drop a like. <title> The first boss of rank 3 is very simple and easy, He’s called Doomflipper and he is a large manatee, just tank and spank really, He has no abilities, he just hits relatively hard. Just burn him down and keep an eye on your health. The second boss is also quite simple, Splat is a large Ooze which has 2 abilities, he uses both at the same time and does them every few seconds, He creates a copy of himself at his current health that is stronger, these copies get stronger and stronger every time. The other ability is leaving a big puddle of ooze on the floor that does ticking damage. As far as tactics go for this, I just stood there and burned him down, moving once as the damage got very high.

Splat and his summoned clones are extremely slow, so a ranged can just run away as the damage gets to high and continue nuking, For the most part any melee should be ok to nuke with relatively decent gear as melee tend to have higher health. That being said, Rogues may have a bit of an issue, so any damage cooldowns or aoe stuns would be extremely useful here. Splat has 20 million health, focus all damage on him, the clones don’t matter.

Next is Shadowmaster Aameen, This is a very cool fight, Aameen uses 2 abilities that compliment each other, The first is that every few seconds he will hit you with Shadow Torch which will drop a Shadow Torch on the ground at your feet, you must move out of this immediately and his second attack, Shadow Blast will shoot to that torch and shoot from his latest torch to all other torches. The most simple and elegant looking tactic here is to slowly kite him around the arena in neat lines, You must never put yourself between the torches so no matter what do not circle the arena, Instead fillout the arena from a starting point and work your way out never putting yourself between torches.

His health is Million so it’s not that bad, just stick with him, move as soon as he places hit and nuke between movement. And the last boss for rank 3 is Johnny Awesome. This is one of the few fights where you should save your cooldowns till a specific time. It’s also another cool and fun fight, Johnny is a hunter with a white tiger pet, His pet does minimal damage, and his basic shoot and Volley aren’t all that worrysome, But shortly he will start casting his Powershot ability, This is a devastating one shot attack, it is easy to spot the cast as you will gain a hunter’s mark above you. To survive this beast of an attack you must position Johnny’s pet between you and Johnny, Powershot will then hit and kill his pet, Johnny will then start a long revive cast to bring his pet back to life, Nows your time to shine, hit all Cooldowns and nuke Johnny as at this point he will take more damage and definitely won’t be Powershotting you. Done correctly, you could do this in 1 or 2 revives, though the time limit probably allows for a third.

Also of course hit him normally between these and just save the cooldowns and potion for revive. Thank you for watching this Brawler’s Guild Rank 2 guide and I hope it has helped you fight your way to the top, Please leave a like, it really help the video and the channel and think about subscribing to Xaine’s World for more World of Warcraft and general gaming videos. Checkout the weekly giveaway in the Friday News show ‘This Week In Gaming’ highlighted at the top of the channel page. Have an awesome day folks.

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