Hello and welcome to this quickfire boss guide for all 4 Rank 2 bosses of the Brawler’s Guild Season 3 added in Patch 7. If these guides are helpful please be sure to drop a like. <title> Ok so the first boss for Rank 2 is Dippy, Dippy is a pneguin with a single exceptionally deadly ability called Peck, Peck has a second cast. Dippy will run at you fairly quickly and start casting peck the second he gets to you, Luckily, everytime you cause Dippy damage he will be knocked back, So the tactic for this fight is simple, Hit dippy as often as humanly possible. I personally almost purely moonfired him to death It was a little tedious, but it got the job done, Another thing to bear in mind is that if Dippy has his back against a wall he can no longer be knocked back and will therefore complete his cast of Peck killing you instantly.

Because of this, Dippy is far easier to defeat as a ranged DPS, Just stand where you teleported in and spam your quick attacks, For melee however you will need to hit him with your quick attacks until he is knocked against the wall then run back and repeat. Due to the running this will take you longer as melee, but if I was able to defeat him with almost nothing but Moonfire DPS isn’t a huge thing for this fight, Dippy has a total of Million health.

The second boss of rank 2 is Bill the Janitor. Bill has 1 main ability, He summons brooms, He also puts an infinitely stacking debuff that will increase damage to you by 1% per application, Most of the brooms are just pesky pointless things that are designed to eventually kill you as the debuff stacks get super high. But sometimes a Boom Broom will appear and these will insta kill you if they reach you via Janitor’s Revenge, So just Nuke him until a Boom Broom shows up, then snare, root or stun the broom and kill it asap, repeat until he’s sleeping with the mops. Third is Sanoriak, This lizard ass lookin’ bish has a bunch of abilities but only one really needs to be looked out for, This is Firewall, when he start casting fire wall you will be surrounded by fire on the floor with a single exit through the flames, This fire will collapse inward and as youve probably guessed will instantly kill you if you touch it. As soon as this fire surrounds you, look for the gap and run through it and you good to continue your nukage.

His 2 other main abilities Fireball and Pyroblast are both interruptable, Dependant on your gear and class abilities you may wish to interrupt where possible. But I just took it to the face and cintinued the onslaught. If you do need to reduce the damage on you then interrupt Pyroblast as it is considerably more damaging than fireball. Rinse, Repeat, jobs a goodun. The 4th and final boss of rank 2 is Master Paku, This is an obvious and kinda beautiful homage to Pacman. The arena becomes a Pacman style grid with the walls of the maze being made of insta kill lightning on the floor, You will be in constant motion the entire time and cannot speed up but can switch to walking though this is not advised as you don’t have the time for a strole, You character will auto run forward, So you need to guide him left or right, It is quite possible to do a u-turn if you are quick enough with your mouse.

The grid has 5 glowing golden orbs and 3 whirlwinding pandaren bosses (who are all apparently just Master Paku split into 3) You need to get to an orb which will stop the whirlwind attacks and allow you to hit the bosses, If you attempt to hit the bosses while they are mid whirlwind, you will deal no damage and if you are near them, the whirlwind does a fair bit of damage. It was burning through me pretty quickly and my gear is 886. So simply run through an orb then go to town on Master Paku, repeat until golden brown, and fluffy in the middle. To set your mind at ease, you can cast while in this auto run, and a word of warning, the middle cluster of electro walls look like theres a gap diagonally, it is not, you will definitely die. Thank you for watching this Brawler’s Guild Rank 2 guide and I hope it has helped you fight your way to the top, Please leave a like, it really help the video and the channel and think about subscribing to Xaine’s World for more World of Warcraft and general gaming videos.

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