500,000+ Gold in the first 24 Hours of Patch 7.2.5 In Wow Legion

521,000 gold in a day Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today’s video is one part guide, one part apology, and one part “Ohhh, it takes me soo long to loot all my gold from the mailbox.” You know, rich kids of instagram type stuff. So, I’ve made so much gold in the past day since patch 7.dropped, and I’ve only been using one method. When Tomb of Sargeras opens up, I’ll throw cooking into the mix but this is pretty hands off. What’s been happening though? Well, as soon as the patch launched, some friends and I went out and did the chromie scenario, checked out the new mythic plus dungeons, and THEN I remembered obliterum.

See, they just upgraded the ilvl of crafted gear from 835 to 850 and the max ilvl to 900, so crafted gear is now better than any gear from Heroic Nighthold. So, there’s been a lot of demand for crafted gear. More importantly though, there was a bug. Normally, when you obliterate the boots or belts, those items that cost 2 bloods of sargeras and 12 leather or cloth or ore, you get about 20 obliterum ash. Well, when they upgraded their ilvl from 815 to 835, they gave almost 100 each, five times the amount as normal. So every piece of crafted gear, every 2 blood of sargeras, gave you one obliterum. So, in case it happened again, I saved up about 800 or 900 bloods, and it did! I was about to craft about 400 obliterum before they fixed it.

It’s been nuts since then, sold 10 obliterum during every boss kill during our raid last night and I think I sold 30 just during the botanist trash alone. It was so obnoxious, I was selling so much I couldn’t even properly read chat. But really, why didn’t I make a video on this? Well, this is solidly in the realm of cheating, taking advantage of bugs, and the fastest way to lose subscribers is to tell em something that gets their accounts taken away. But, like all techniques, I’ve been dropping as many hints as I can. In my friday and sunday videos I’ve been a broken record: obliterum, crafted gear, obliterum. But some people don’t care and think obliterum isn’t worth it.

Was recently featured on the awesome Goblin Goldcast and told those guys to keep 20 obliterum up on the AH at all times. I was also spamming this info on twitter though, so if you aren’t following me yet, go click the link in the description. If anything crazy happens, I tweet about it. What can you do right now for goldmaking though? Craft the 850 gear because it’s selling like crazy. Trinkets, Necks, armor, rings. My Darkmoon Deck: Immortality now gives 2000 agility and an avg of 14% physical mitigation, so that’s AMAZING for tanking.

That’s it though, 450,000 gold from obliterum and an extra 70k of odds and ends. The gold is still out there and will still be crazy for the first 2 or 3 weeks of tomb, and then everyone is going to need gems, enchants, food, and flasks, so get crafting and try to keep at least 2 or 3 of each upgradable armor type on the auction house, and farm the hell out of bloods. Subscribe to the channel for more tips, I share everything I can that won’t get you banned. And make sure to click the like button on this video because, hey, made a lot of gold. Woo! Other than that, I’ll see you guys later. Good luck and happy goldmaking.

Oh, and I wanted to say that there is a possibility this wasn’t a bug and was an intentional shock to the obliterum supply, because otherwise the market would be starved and there would be people on lower pop servers that would buy everything out and repost each obliterum for 50,000 gold each. This makes obliterum so easy to craft on day one that it prevents that from happening. If any Blizzard developers are watching, let me know in the comments if this was intentional or an accident..

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