Warframe Pro Gaming Guide

Hello, my fellow degenerates. Welcome, to the CURRENT CHANNEL’S NAME guide to cutting-edge gaming tactics that will make even leprous retards like yourself capable of playing this game properly. Know your bosses. Bosses in warframe are incredibly powerful enemies that require advanced builds and deep tactics. You must learn their patterns study their weak points and prepare for some harsh defeats. Forget about souls. This, is the real test. Know your routes. Developers left a lot of hidden passages and secrets for knowledgeable players to find. Look around, you might find something amazing. Never communicate. You were trained from birth to obey the ninja code to show no pain feel no emotion Talking, relationships, and sex, are a waste of time.

Ignore, is also a useful tool. Ignore stupid traders bad traders just traders your team your clan your mother Just… ignore her. And If non-communication fails… Blame team. Find player with the lowest MR and call them a noob Because Mastery Rank equals skill maturity and the size of your genitals. And that’s it for today. Take care, and stay tactical you posturing scrubs.

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