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Hey guys whats up its iflynn here and today were going to be taking a look at the warframe known as mag. Mag is one of the three starter warframes who otherwise can be obtained by killing the sergent on mars, purchasing her off teshin once you reach the rank of typhoon or just straight up buying her with platinum from the market. The drop chance on mags helment is 39% the drop chance on her chasis is 37% and the drop chance on her systems is 24% Mag is a warframe whos sole purpose is to debuff, kill and crowed control large groups of enemies, her first ability does just that. Pull is a very basic crowed control ability that will deal damage and rag doll enemies towards mag upon casting the amount of damage that this ability deals is affected by power strength mods such as intensify blind rage and transient fortitude while the area of which enemies are targeted is affected by power range mods such as stretch or over extended.

Mags next ability is known as magnetize this ability places a bubble around the targeted enemy that pulls all passing bullets towards the trapped enemy and stores the damage to later be outputted to surrounding enemies as an explosion. The damage of the explosion is affected by power strength mods such as intensify blind rage and transient fortitude the size of the bubble is affected by power range mods such as stretch and over extended and the amount of time that the bubble stays present for is affected by power duration mods. Mags third ability is known as polarize where she stripes enemies armour or shields who are caught within an expanding bubble upon casting.

The amount of armour or shields stripped is based off the amount of power strength that you have equipped this can be increased by using mods such as intensify blind rage and transient fortitude. The distance of which the bubble expands can be increased by using power duration mods such as constitution or continuity. Mags ultimate ability is known as crush this is a damage dealing crowed ability which works extremely similar to pull except it crowed controls in an area around mag instead of just infront of her and makes you immobile upon casting, the damage of the ability can be increased by using power strength mods such as intensify blind rage and transient fortitude and the range of which the ability affects enemies is affected by power range mods such as stretch or over extended.

Mag has very uneven stats she has 225 HEALTH, 450 shields and 150 energy at max rank along side she has 65 armour a sprint speed of 2 dash polarities and a V on her aura slot. Mags prime variant as of making this video is currently unavailable to farm or purchase as she is been locked away in the prime vault to be released at a later date the prime variant has more health sitting at 300 oppsed to thhe original 225 and has an extra V on her modding section. If you really want mag prime you could purchase her set off another player in game via warframe.market or using the trade chat. I do not really recommend as they will most likely over value her just because she has been locked away for a decent amount of time. For the optimal mag build make sure you have atleast 2 v polarities 2 dash polarities and one D polartie in your main modding section along side a Dash in the aura slot From here we want to throw on intensify and blind rage for more damage on all our abilities, put on fleeting expertise and streamline to counteract the negative to power efficiency we get from blind rage pair this with primed flow for more energy sustain primed continuity for duration on our polarize and magnetize ability Vitality for our defense and Stretch for some range on our abilities this should be enough to wipe out an entire room of enemies, on our exilus we throw on power drift for a little more damage alternatively you can throw on cunning drift for more range its really personal preference and last but not least I throw on energy siphon for more energy so we can spam polarize to strip the armour and shield from our enemies instead of relying on corrosive projection, but any way guys that is going to be it for this video if you enjoyed don’t forget to leave a like on it.

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