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Stelawrat’s Waren Story Battle Types Introductory Guide

Blue vs Red Battles There are “large scale prestige battles”, including Blue vs Red Battles. – Scheduled every 2 hours, at odd-numbered intervals, for example at 9,...

Jensun’s Waren Story Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide

Classes Skills can be selected by your choice, just click to put points into them. Stats however are not chosen, and are done on their own! Brawler Brawlers are...

blackdeath101’s Waren Story Warrior Level 1 to 61 Guide

Background: Building this guide in-advance as a template and will fill in pictures, actual skill names, etc once the servers are back up. This will...

blackdeath101’s Waren Story New Player’s Basic Tips Guide

So I see a lot of people are unfamiliar with 12sky-like gamestyle with a heavy PvP focus and a slow PvE grind. I’m making...

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