Titanfall 2 Loadouts – ‘Tracker’ Live Fire Loadout – Titanfall 2 Tips

Hey there pilots welcome to Titantime, Rich here and today I’ll be talking to you about the ‘tracker’ loadout for live fire. If you like staying alive like we do at TitanTime HQ, then this might be your go-to loadout. So first you’ll want to equip pulse blade. By throwing your pulse blade across the map at the beginning of each round, you’ll highlight the entire enemy team due to the confinement of the live fire maps. This will show you and your team the direction the enemy team is heading in and their outline so you can see what abilities they are using, so will give your entire team the information they need to be as effective as they can before the firefight starts. It can also make the enemy team think twice once they are detected, stopping them from advancing immediately. As for weapons, you’ll want to equip a mid to long range weapon, as you’ll be trying to hold down those popular flanking routes as well as monitoring the map, so the greater the distance between you and your opponents, the more effective you can be at watching the battle and calling out enemies to your team.

The G2 is a great choice, and as you won’t be going out all guns blazing, I’d suggest you equip the tactikill mod on your primary weapon to help replenish your pulse blade quicker, giving your team more information on where the enemies are. As for sidearm, take your pick, but an re-45 would be helpful for those close quarter firefights if an enemy gets too close. Your job is to stay back and spot, so the longer you stay alive, the more pulse blades you can throw. The other main role of the tracker is to keep the flag pinned down, so for ordnance, I’d go with the smoke grenade. This is a great way to keep the enemy away from the flag, as well as blinding the enemy team, cutting off flanking routes temporarily, and holding on to the chokepoints on the map.

Another key role as tracker is to follow the flag nearer the end of the match. If your teammate is in possession, follow him and make sure that they aren’t taken out in the last few seconds or the round, or to take out that enemy player who makes a last ditch attempt to grab that flag in the final moments. As for boosts, because you’ll be playing more strategically than aggressively, I’d suggest equipping dice role. With an activation cost of just 35%, you’ll be guaranteed a boost very quickly, as titan turrets and battery back-up are replaced by amped weapons, you have a higher chance of getting a helpful boost for either you or your entire team. Whilst picking a boost you want is guaranteed, you will have to get more kills to do so, and getting your boosts early is crucial to being as effective as possible in live fire.

For your kit mods, I’d suggest power cell to help replenish your pulse blade, and kill report to help with your map awareness. Whilst the tracker loadout can seem like an uneventful choice, it’s ideal for players who wish to play a supportive role within their team, and to be honest after playing with this loadout for a while, is my go to loadout whether i’m in a team or just playing alone. That being said, there definitely is a space on a team for the people who like to rush in all guns blazing and Dan and I will get onto those loadouts soon, in the meantime we hope this has been helpful to you guys and we’ll catch you next time.

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