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What’s up guys, it’s Zach from Digital Pinnacle and in this video I’ll be counting down my Top 5 features of Titanfall 2, the sequel to the acclaimed Sci-Fi shooter. Titanfall 2 will combine action packed mech warfare with fluid gameplay and unlike it’s predesscor Titanfall 2 will come to PS4 as well as PC and Xbox One. Without further delay, here are my Top 5 features: At number 5 we have the newly introduced grappling hook. When playing as a pilot you will have access to a grappling hook which can be used to quickly navigate around the battlefield.

The grappling hook will make ascending high structures much easier and getting into your titan from a distance much quicker. You’ll also be able to use your grappling hook to pull enemy pilots towards you to deliver a fatal blow. The grappling hook will be one of many special abilities your pilot will have access to and coupled with wall running and an arsenal of deadly weapons it will help to make your Pilot feel like a true apex predator. Up next at number 4 we have networks. Whilst not a lot of information has been revealed about networks, Drew McCoy, the producer of Titanfall 2 said they’re a way for people who don’t have a large group of friends playing to still have a group to play with. They have been described as being similar to clans or guilds and they will serve as an easier way to play with a group of friends, old or new. This sounds like a great feature because it will boost the social aspects of the game. if you don’t have enough friends online to fill a team but you want play with like-minded communicating players, networks will help you out.

Coming in at number 3 we have a selection of new Titans. At launch Titanfall 2 will feature six different Titans, each with their own skills and strengths. For example, the titan called Ion is a laser-focused titan that is all about power as it’s shoulder mounted laser cannon cuts through enemies and it laser core fires an powerful beam from its chest. On the other hand Scorch is a titan that uses fire both offensively and defensively. It uses flamethrowers to incinerate the opposition and heat shields to melt incoming artillery. Perhaps the intriguing Titan so far is Ronin which is an agile but delicate titan capable of wielding a sword. The new Titans in Titanfall 2 act more like classes and they’ll allow you to play as a Titan that best suits your personal play style.

Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment confirmed that there will also be cosmetic customizations available for your titans such as camo and nose art, similar to something you’d get on a plane. Closely following, at number 2 we have a single player campaign. For all its strengths the first Titanfall game was hindered by the lack of a single player campaign. That’s all changing in Titanfall 2 as it will feature a full campaign which can be played offline. In the story you will play as Pilot stranded behind enemy lines who must overcome all odds with the help of a veteran Vanguard class titan. I’m really glad Titanfall 2 will feature a campaign this time because it’s something I really missed in the first game and it will help to make Titanfall 2 feel like a more complete game.

A story will really help to build the Titanfall universe and it will add some context to the multiplayer. Finally, at number 1, the Pinnacle of Titanfall 2’s features, we have the exploration of the bond between pilot and Titan. The Developers, Respawn Entertainment, have humiazed the titans because players really gravitated towards the connection they felt with their titan in the first game. The story will explore this connection and your titan will be a character as supposed to just a robot and whilst it isn’t alive, it will have a personality. Interestingly, the developers also seem to have assigned genders to the titans in the multiplayer as they refer to the Scorch Titan as he and the Ion Titan as she.

This is such a brilliant idea because the bond between man and machine is an interesting one that has been prominent in the Sci-Fi genre for decades. The fact that Titans have personalities and even possibly genders means that they will feel less disposable and more human like and I think it will ultimately make the campaign and multiplayer a more captivating experience. So those we my top 5 features of Titanfall 2. This game will feature so many exciting features so let us know which features excite you the most in the comments section. Also, out of the three titans, Ion, Scorch and Ronin which is your favorite? Please drop a like if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more gaming and film related videos.

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