Titanfall 2 – Titans with Personality – Preview

Hey everybody. -Today we have a special report. -Yeah. -We… -No, call it…Give it the hotness. -The hotness? -World exclusive. Huber, this is totally not a world exclusive, now. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of videos just like this talking about Titanfall 2. First-person shooter, Respawn Entertainment, mechs, guns, grappling hooks galore. But the thing that Titanfall one didn’t have that we’re gonna get started with today is singleplayer. -Yes! -Singleplayer campaign. And they went through… -And you love stories in shooters. -I do. -Did this speak to you? -It did. Why? Take what you will from their comments but one of the producers, he said: “This campaign is not about going from one explosion to the next.” So again, take that as you will but… They showed us quite a big portion of the game. From the early going ’til pretty far, you know, they had a couple cuts in there and picked up at later moments but there was a lot of exploration.

There were vertical levels. A lot of verticality. But the intimate relationship with the titan… -…is what really gets me going. -It was the big thing that they kept… …hammering home is that you are kind of thrown into this situation where you have to use this mech to get out of this dangerous situation and that relationship that is gonna grow over time. And you’re gonna make decisions. There are dialogue options… -Yeah. -…that happen. And you were talking about how they’re like “We’re not gonna funnel you through this little corridor and have a bunch of explosions.” And they said: “The thing that we really wanted do for the singleplayer campaign is we wanted to make sure that anytime that you’re piloting your titan, it felt like Titanfall.” And what they meant by that is they weren’t gonna put you on rails.

So you’re not gonna be like going through this guided little section with your titan. You’re gonna have free movement whenever you’re piloting that thing and you’re gonna be able to go where you want, do what you want. -And I really respect that. -Yeah. No spoilers, but there’s a part when your titan needs a battery. And he’s weakened. He’s on standby mode. He can’t move. So you have to go find him a battery. And it’s at the top of a hill, pretty far away. It’s like “Alright, go there. Get the battery.” And then, you know, the player was running on walls, climbing up places, and went inside some facility to get a battery.

It’s a really cool sequence. Something else that I think it’s interesting and I don’t know how it’s gonna play out, but they really put the villains right in your face. There’s this guy you have to fight that before you get into the battle, he climbs out of his titan and he says: “Let’s see how you fare one on one.” or something like that. And I think they’re trying to make it a little bit more personal.

I was thinking to myself: “Why doesn’t he just shoot him while he’s doing his taunt?” but whatever. -It reminded me of a wrestling promo. -Yeah, totally, totally. Unfortunately we didn’t get our hands on singleplayer which is a bit of a bummer. Do you have any hopes slash concerns… -No, I think… -…based on what you saw? I think everything they showed looked very fun and engaging.

And they really emphasized the relationship with titan, the slow, deliberate pace, and platforming puzzles. Not, you know… You’re not moving blocks and stuff here and there but there were traversal parts where you kinda had to think outside the box. He did actually move something over and, you know, did a double jump and some wall grabs and stuff. It looked really cool. Yeah, they really emphasized the quiet moments. And that’s… When I think about great shooter campaigns, you know…

Half-Life 2 has a lot of moments where you’re just soaking in the world. And I’m not necessarily saying this is going to be the next Hal-Life 2 or anything but I hope that I really get a sense of the world and I feel connected to it, you know? Yeah. Because, boy, Titanfall one… I had no idea what was going on. There were bits and pieces of lore here and there but it was really hard to piece it all together, so I’m super excited that they’re committing so heavily to this. Absolutely. But we did spend a lot of time… A ton of time. I think because we were on the same team, -we also did very well… -Yeah. -…in Titanfall 2 multiplayer… -Yes. …which, you know, for a bit of comparison, a couple night ago I booted up Titanfall one. And Titanfall one is still a really fun game, but what I noticed immediately is that it’s just sort of lacking stuff. There’s not an incredible amount to unlock, and there’s not the customization and personalization that you would expect from people that worked on Call of Duty, where that’s kind of the calling card of that series.

And in Titanfall there’s a lot more stuff. You can just do so much more, there’s so many more weapons. -And the grappling hook… -Yes. …I think it’s the big takeaway. How much that changes traversal… -Yeah. -…and what you can do with it. It’s an equipable item, so you don’t have to bring it into battle. -Yeah. -It doesn’t mean you have it all the time. It was between the grapple hook and… I remember then we unlocked the stimpack… -Yeah, the stim pack was crazy. -…which was insane. So it is a choice of what you wanna use. The stimpack was crazy. Somebody popped it on me and I was zipping around the map. But the grappling hook is not… You know, you’re not Batman with this thing. It is kind of short change, it has a cooldown… -And you know, it weirdly zips in. -…weirdly zips in. -Yeah. -Yeah, you kind of… …latch onto something and then go over. So there’s… You’re vulnerable while you’re using it. Yeah. But it seemed very crucial when you were outside of a titan against a titan.

You were saying you talked to someone, they said there’s like an anti-titan… Or like an anti-personnel thing when they mount you. Did you tell me that, or maybe someone else did. I don’t think it was me. Yeah, I think. So when you… Because it seemed… If there was no way to counter that, it would seem OP. So I think later on you get an electric shock that can boot a player off. Because you grapple onto it. I think, you know, in the game, too, when you throw a grenade, if you were to jump onto a titan. Yeah, and probably the most fun I had during the multiplayer was grappling onto another human player, bringing them close to you and just hearing them, because we were all in the same room, go like “What? What was that?” It was really, really, really awesome. I can’t stress how good the game feels.

And I think it’s a hard thing to convey, to describe. But, I just… They’ve figured it out to where I always felt in total control and just the freedom of mobility that I had… Even more so than in Titanfall one, I felt like I could go anywhere. And it kinda felt like in Titanfall one like a Battlefield situation where because it’s not just total chaos and everybody running around spamming SMGs at each other, you really can think of clever ways, like “Oh, I can go in above them or below them” and incorporate that into your strategy, which is just a total blast. And it feels like you will be so rewarded for mastering movement. -Yeah. -You can probably get so good at just perfectly navigating the map. Even in the beginning there’s a training… -The training mission with movement. -Yeah. And I kept getting one minute, a minute and five seconds. And first place on there was thirty seconds. I was like “Wow, how do you even master all those sequences to get through that?” Definitely, and that’s a good thing to bring up. And people say this about a bunch of different games but I think it’s absolutely true here as well, where you get the movement right away.

You get the controller on your hand, you get the slide, you get grappling hook, you get the boost. All of it makes a lot of sense and is very well thought out to be easy to understand, but you see that skill sailing, or you see someone kill you in a crazy way and you’re like “How did they do that?” So you have those moments where you feel like you’re constantly learning, for sure. Running on the wall and shooting for me was really difficult.

Yeah. I could kind of pull it off but I was much better at just being on the ground or in a titan or shooting down at someone. If you get crazy, just running on the wall, shooting people… Cause you know people are gonna… So good. That’s awesome. Let’s talk about Titanfall’s namesake, the titans. How did you feel about them in general and then how do you think they compare to Titanfall one? I feel like they all have a personality now… -Absolutely. -…which I really like. You’ve taken the words out of my mouth. There were two in the build. There was this Pacific Rim style guy… that had a laser blast coming out of his chest. And then there was a napalm user who I really liked. -He was a little more tactical. -He was more difficult to use, I think. -Yeah, you throw down a napalm gas… -Yeah. …and then you can use another ability that sends out flames and it would engulf that, and that would go on fire. It looks so cool when you’re doing this.

-There’s a huge curtain of flames… -Yeah. -…that just engulfs the enemy. -Such a fun titan to use. -Yeah, his name is Scorch. -Scorch, okay. And then I think the other one was Ion, right? -I think it was Ion. -I don’t remember that one. -I’m pretty sure. -I feel bad because that was my favorite one. Yeah, I think it was Ion. What I love about that titan specifically is… Just like in Titanfall one, at the end of the match the losing team tries to escape. And it’s really difficult if you don’t have everybody on your team coordinating to bring that ship down because it has a lot of health. But you use that titan with the giant chest beam and you’re just like “You’re not getting away from me!” And you blast it away. The only letdown was… In the singleplayer, they switched through a couple titans here and there. And they use Ronin, which is the one with the sword. I know where you’re going with this.

And I didn’t see its ultimate ability but one of the abilities was the sword, and it was just a simple down slice. I’m hoping its ultimate is Genji Overwatch style, getting nuts with that sword. Because the initial just “down attack, down attack” was kind of underwhelming. Right. It didn’t feel as elegant as you would want a mech wielding a sword to feel. Yeah, for sure. Because when… They teased that. That was the first thing we saw of this game. So my hype for that is through the roof. -But we haven’t gotten hands-on on this stuff… -Exactly. -…so it’s hard to say.

-Exactly. The last question I have for you before we wrap this up is… Titanfall one is a game that I think the hype was through the roof for, where people were like “This is the next step for first person shooters.” It was their flagship thing on the Xbox One when that was coming out. And it was a game that you and I played for a while and dropped, super, super hard. And there are a bunch of reasons for that but what I wanna ask you is: Based on your few hours with Titanfall 2, do you think this is something that you will stick with, with a lot of great truth? I mean we have Overwatch out right now, we’ve got Battlefield 1 coming down the pipe.

Do you think that this is something that will hold your attention? Again, such a hard question. But for me, it ultimately comes down to who’s playing what. You know, it’s almost not my decision for which game I stick with. It’s the majority’s. I won’t say I’m a follower. But if it like, yo, if I go online and you and Brad are playing Overwatch, well, I guess playing Overwatch tonight with them. -You know, so… -Fisher. …it just kinda depends on where the community goes. and the community response to the game. But from what I played, it was fantastic and I would love to sit with Titanfall. -Cool, so… -The campaign especially, I mean… You know, coupled with the campaign, I’m obviously gonna be putting a lot more time in because that is something that I definitely wanna get through.

So ultimately, whether your friends are playing or not, you notice the step up? -Oh yeah. -This is… They’re bring a lot to the sequel that impressed you. Absolutely. Hundred percent. The first thing I told Brad was “You are gonna love this game.” -Cause he loves movement. -He’s a Genji main. -He’s a Genji main. -He just loves mobility. -Sure. I was like “Brad, this game feels so good to run around in.” When you get in the titan, it feels like your just this powerful brute going in. I love… Some of my favorite moments in Titanfall are when you and enemy titan actually get too close together, and you’re just spamming the melee button and duking it out.

Really sloppy but super fun. And just some of the scaling. Like when you’re on a huge mech and you see a little guy on a window. Just that dynamic is so cool. You’re just shooting at him at the window. From both points of view, too. When I’m in the window and I see a titan, -I get the hell out of here! -Absolutely. Well that was about twelve minutes of Titanfall. Not nearly enough, but that game is coming out relatively soon. -In a couple months.

-October. And we’re gonna be playing a lot of it. I’m sure gonna be streaming it as well and a review will be on the way and all that stuff but… Yeah, it was a really impressive showing for Titanfall 2. -Thank you so much for taking the time. -Thank you, Ben Moore.

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