Titanfall 2 Tips – How to Avoid Goosers in Titanfall 2

Hi Guys, Rich here and welcome to another TitanTime tips video. In this one, I’m going to talk to you about goosing and specifically how you can avoid being goosed. For those of you watching this who are expecting to see birds, you are definitely on the wrong channel, because in the Titanfall universe, it means something completely different. Goosing is the action of shooting a pilot out of the air after he, or she, has ejected from their Titan. If you’re the one doing the goosing, then it is a feeling that never, ever, gets old; you always feel like an ornithologist God when you get one. But, this feeling of Godliness is the complete opposite to how the pilot on the receiving end feels. It is extremely frustrating to eject out of your titan thinking you’ve escaped certain death only to be killed in mid-air a second later. So, in this video, we’re going to go through all the ways you can minimize the risk of getting Goosed.

Firstly, let’s talk about the most surefire way not to get goosed; not ejecting from your Titan in the first place because you can, of course, disembark your titan at any time and, if you have Nuclear Eject equipped, sometimes disembarking might be your only option because you might be in an area with a roof. Don’t worry. We’ve all been killed by our own Nukes at one point or another. So, if you don’t think your Titan will survive a particular engagement, then sometimes it is just best to ditch your Titan and run for it. This will absolutely save you from being goosed, but it might be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, and literally if there’s a Scorch around ready to cook your goose. If you’re going for this option, make sure you face away from the enemy and disembark because your Titan will shield you somewhat while you get to cover and its explosion may hide you momentarily.

If disembarking feels too risky, then ejecting is your only option. Don’t forget that you can eject from your titan at any time: pressing up on the D-pad for console pilots activates the ejection system, and then you can eject in the normal way, so at least you can choose when you want to eject or not. Firstly, if you opt for the Stealth Auto-Eject Titan kit option, then as soon as your Titan is doomed, you’ll be cloaked and ejected.

As our cloak video shows, when you’re cloaked without the Low Profile kit option, you’re still highly visible due to your jump kit, so it’d be best to couple Stealth Eject with Low Profile to ensure you’ve got the maximum chance of goose avoidance, and that goes for the cloak ability as well. Enemy pilots can still see you and goose you though, so you’re not 100% safe with this combination, but you’re much safer than you are without it. If you’re not a fan of Cloak, then there are other abilities which can do the job of helping you avoid a good goosing. Phase shift can serve to completely remove you from danger, but only temporarily. Similar to saying what goes up must come down, what is phased must eventually unphase, so be prepared to use up both instances of your phase to ensure you’ve got the maximum chance of survival.

Phase rewind can also be used to help you survive being goosed, but although the ability can limit the time you present a target in the air, it also just puts you back where you were, so you could still be in mortal danger even after using it, especially if you forget that you’ve got Nuclear Ejection Your trusty Holographic friend, or friends in the case of Holo Pilot Nova, can distract your enemy enough that you can survive a goosing, but just be warned that if the enemy gets their reticle over you, then they’ll instantly know which of the pilots to aim at. It might be too late by then.

The grapple can also be used to stop you going up in the first place. When you eject out of your Titan, your pilot will be facing down, so all you have to do is activate your grapple and it will attach to the floor pulling you back down to earth. Extremely helpful. The last pilot tactical to help you with goose avoidance we’re going to talk about is Stim. Stim, when used immediately after ejecting, will increase your ejection velocity making it harder to goose you on the way up, but there’s a technique called Strafe Ejecting that you can couple with Stim to further help you avoid being goosed.

There’s a video linked in the description which will take you to a video in which Eurynome Stolas’ explains this technique very well, with the help of a controller camera. The video is a bit old now and so is based on the original titanfall, but the technique is still very much relevant n Titanfall 2 as Dan demonstrates here by quickly disappearing from view. So, those are the best ways to avoid being goosed ladies and Gentlepilots. I hope this has been useful to you all and Dan and I thank you all for your support. If you have any other methods which work, feel free to share them in the comments and we’ll catch you next time.

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