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Hi guys and welcome to TitanTime. So, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people, including Dan and I here at TitanTime, are having a pretty good weekend so far thanks to the guys and girls at Respawn. Dan and I have pored over the raft of awesome new footage from both Respawn and some well known YouTubeerers in order to bring you the freshest Titanfall 2 news. Dan’s already covered the new pilot boosts we’re getting, and I’m going to bring you some game mode news here. Specifically, Last Titan Standing! Yes, it’s back and it’s bigger and better than ever. As always guys, your support, input and comments are always appreciated, we enjoy doing this and will continue to provide you the latest content, and don’t forget to support Respawn as well, those guys have and continue t work extremely hard to bring us this game. If you’re not already subscribed to TitanTime, then here is where you’ll find the latest Titanfall 2 news and tips.

Arguably the biggest change to Last Titan Standing, and of course to all modes where Titans are available, is that Titans are now class-based. This changes things dramatically over Last Titan Standing in the first game where you could quite easily have one titan running with a certain loadout slaying the enemy team. Now though, with the balance that Respawn has applied, it will now be important to work as a team because certain Titans will compliment each other, for example Ronin is great for getting behind enemies and will be especially effective when those enemies are engaged at the front by a Legion or Tone. Northstar’s Plasma Railgun is absolutely devastating when fully charged and has a lot of range, so working with other titans to flush enemies out of cover will give Northstar the chance to get shots on the enemy. If other titans In keeping with this class-based approach, at the start of every LTS match, you can now see who on your team has picked what Titan enabling you to fill any gaps in the composition in public games where you’re not necessarily in contact with your peers or, to pass the time pre-match, it will also allow you to ridicule your friends who are rubbish with a particular Titan but have picked that Titan anyway.

The next thing to note is that you do not now spawn into the match with a shield but there are neutral batteries dotted around the map, so you now have a couple of options: you could grab the nearest battery at the start of a round to gain a non-regenerating shield, or you could save them until later when you need some health but at the risk of the enemy getting to them before you do. We’ll have to wait and see what the best approach is once the game releases, but I’d imagine that a shield might be better at the start of a match if not to grant you some much needed damage resistance, then more so to ensure that the enemy team doesn’t get to them.

With this approach though, you’d have to decide which of your teams’ Titans would be better off with a shield; would it be Ronin who will more up-close and personal with the enemy, or maybe Northstar who is quite vulnerable when hovering. This is going to lead to some interesting plays. In Last Titan Standing, Titans aren’t the only thing you have to watch out for because pilots are still a massive threat to titans. Pilots can get in and out of their titans at will during a LTS game and in Titanfall, you would sometimes find at the start of the match that some players would exit their titans and leave them in guard mode at the spawn so that they could go and inflict damage on enemy titans, and then get back into their own titans to join the fight. This is a massive risk-reward situation because if a titans’ pilot dies, then their titan would be left to fend for itself for as long it stays alive.

Now, however, pilots have even more tools to up their Titan fighting game. Aside from the normal anti-titan weapons, Arc grenades and satchel charges which we got in Titanfall, there is now an incendiary grenade – the Firestar – as well the Titan Sentry boost and the A-wall ability. More about the Titan Sentry boost in Dan’s video in the card shown and once the game releases we’ll go more in-depth about how best to fight titans as a pilot, but the A-wall ability allows you to place a one way shield-wall which increases damage of, or amps, weapons fired through it including Anti-titan weapons.

It can only be destroyed by shooting the base and it will disappear when its timer runs out, but a carefully placed A-wall will allow a pilot to deal heavy damage to an enemy titan. And the last major addition to Last Titan Standing is that all enemy titans are revealed once there are only 30 seconds left on the timer. This is a very welcome addition because in Titanfall you would often have 1 on 1 situations where all friendly and enemy pilots were also dead meaning that 1 Titan might hide to run the clock down because the titan with the most health would win the round or the situation where the 2 remaining titans just wouldn’t be able to find each other.

This could go on for a while if everyone else died quickly so all those dead players was just have to watch their last remaining titan flounder around the map or, even worse, stay stock still in a corner of a map for minutes until they were found or the clock ran out. There was a time a long, long time ago in Titanfall where dashing in your titan revealed you on the enemy radar, but it was patched out as it wasn’t deemed very fair, but it was actually useful for these very 1 on 1 situations, but now that we have the 30 second reveal, this will never be a problem again. I imagine that Respawn will watch very closely to see if the 30 seconds needs to be increased or decreased over time as well. Thanks for watching guys, let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out our other videos to get up-to-date on all things Titanfall 2. Catch you next time.

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