Titanfall 2 News – BT-7274 – New Single Player Trailer Revealed!

Howdy pilots, Rich here to bring you some more, yes MORE, awesome new details on Titanfall 2’s already epic looking single player campaign. The video they’ve released – which you absolutely must see and is linked in the description as usual – has taken the form of the previous video, where the developers were talking about the gameplay of the single player, this time they’re speaking to us about the story, and they’ve really gone for it here – it gets deep, pilots.

With the release date just a couple short weeks away, Respawn have decided to go for our hearts and minds by giving us more info on BT. Now when we first saw BT, we were given a glimpse of his personality, accidental humour and also some of the dialogue options we would have with him, but now we have a much clearer picture of our brother in arms, our guardian angel, and he’s shaping up to possibly be one of the most memorable characters we’ve seen in a long time in the gaming world. So, how have Respawn turned a twenty foot tall death dealing, cold, heap of metal and armour into a warm, believable companion that you truly care about? I mean, how the hell do you do that?! In the first game, titans were a relatively cheap commodity, with no real sense of character or unique traits apart from their core abilities – yeah, you could tailor their loadouts and change their OS voices, but you could have the same OS voice all the chassis’, so you wouldn’t ever really feel attached to them.

With the new line up of 6 named titans, Respawn are hoping that players will feel bonded to their titans much more than ever before and, we’ve said it before in one of our earlier pod casts, if you’re aiming to go into the single player before anything else, the story will no doubt solidify that feeling of attachment to the titans in multiplayer as well. So we know that BT is the most advanced Titan in the militia forces and that JC is of the lowest rank, so BT is effectively the highest ranking soldier in this relationship and we’ve no doubt we’re going to be turning to him for advice, direction and moral guidance throughout the story. He’s going to be more of a father figure to JC, and we’re going to get very attached to him. Steve Fukuda uses the word “interdependency” in the video and that seems to be a very apt description of the relationship.

BT’s personality wasn’t always the same one we’re seeing now, and it’s really interesting to have the devs tell us how his character has developed and matured during the creation of the story. One of the ways that Respawn will make us feel more bonded to BT is through us the dialogue options – we can potentially respond in a way that we may respond if BT were actually sitting next to us.

Oh, man. That’d be so cool to have him sitting next to me. My surround sound is going to be on LOUD when I play the single player, and I might tape my McFarlane Toys BT to my shoulder as well, so I really feel like he’s there. So, we’re now a couple of weeks away from launch and Respawn have released 2 of these Single Player Vision videos now, each on a Friday. So it might be safe to assume that we’ll get another one next week and, if we do, you can guarantee that Dan and I will here to cover it for you.

As always guys, thank you so much for watching, keep the comments coming – let us know how hyped you are for Titanfall.

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