Titanfall 2 New Titans Revealed – Meet Northstar

Hey there pilots it’s time to look at another of the brand new titans for Titanfall 2, today we take a look at the agile beauty which is NorthStar. The North star is commonly referred to as Polaris, the star that always marks the North in the sky above, and for the first time in the Titanfall series we’ll be looking out for her in the sky, because she can hover, that’s right guys, a flying titan. Now Northstar is all about flight and precision kills, and her primary weapon is the Plasma Railgun. More on this in a minute, but first let’s take a look at her abilities, starting off with her tactical, the VTOL hover. This allows her to fly upright to get a high vantage point to snipe enemies in her sights. Hiding behind cover won’t save enemy titans now, or even pilots. Her ordnance in the cluster missile, and I can’t tell you how excited i am to see the cluster making a return from Titanfall 1.

The sustained explosions the cluster creates is great for dealing with pilots held up inside buildings, as well as heavier enemy titans with less maneuverability. And of course for those of you seasoned to Titanfall, the cluster missile makes quick work of those rodeo pilots as you scratch your back with it. Her defensive ability is tether trap. These deployable mines will lock down nearby enemy titans, giving northstar time to relocate and get away from potential close encounters. And her core ability is flight core. This launches Northstar into the air to then release a barrage of rockets at her enemies below. The choice Respawn have made to go with the plasma railgun is very interesting for Northstar, as this gun was fairly underused in the original Titanfall. This was mainly due to the amount of cover in the maps, as well as the lack of maneuverability when aiming down the sights with it.

The new hover ability is definitely going to combat these issues, as cover won’t be an issue for Northstar. I think i’ll be starting off with Northstar when Titanfall 2 release on October 28th, so I can get well equipped with her abilities and get to grips with the plasma railgun and see it’s true potential. So what do you think about Northstar? Is the hover ability enough to get you starting off with Northstar on Day 1? Or will you be firmly on the ground with one of the other 5 titans? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see you soon.

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