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Hi guys, Rich here to bring you some more delicious Titanfall 2 Single Player news. Respawn have released a new video showing us parts of the single player that we’ve not seen before, and it just keeps getting better and better. The experience that they have created for us is shaping up to be nothing short of mind-blowing, and there’s a word I’m going to use here which I don’t think anyone has used for a good many years when describing a single player for a FPS game: unique. So, go watch the full video linked in the description if you haven’t already, because the devs speak about their vision for the single player. And it’s awesome to hear them speaking about this.

So, you’ve seen the full video, now let’s go over some of the stuff Dan and I have been drooling over in no particular order. First of all, what is this dev drinking? He is clearly not going to be getting any early access codes with that choice. Somebody oughta tell him… No, the first thing I really want to talk about is probably the single most important thing in Titanfall and it’s shown here in spades. It’s something that Dan and I have spoken about a lot, it’s something that, without it, Titanfall would actually just be what a lot of people have, rightly or wrongly, described Titanfall as: a FPS with Mechs. This thing is mobility, freedom, the freedom to go where you want, how you want and with grace. For those of you who haven’t played Titanfall before, Dan and I urge you to play the single player before anything else.

If nothing else, which is silly because there is so much else, you’ll be given, forced even, to git good at the mobility and, if you’re going to venture in the heady world of Titanfall 2 Multiplayer, you are absolutely going to have to be 100% comfortable with the mobility. If you haven’t seen Gamesager’s run in the gauntlet, then it’s probably best you don’t because it even makes me feel a bit sick, but you’ll get the idea from that.

Dan and I will be putting up a tips video aimed at new players of Titanfall multiplayer as soon as the game releases, but this would be tip number 1. Always be mobile. With that in mind, we’ve said it before that Respawn are absolutely going to mess with us on this front. The mobility in Titanfall has allowed them to go wild with the puzzles; we’ve got wall running while remotely pressing buttons to deactivate huge fans so you can wall run them replete with some friends over the far side waiting to laugh at you if you mess up; we’ve got an area which, if you look at too long, it’ll make you think the world is upside down and you’re inside out.

We’ve got an area which, for me, reminds me of some sort of map designer where you have to make your own runs to progress. I saw a question on Reddit a while ago from someone asking if there would likely be a split-screen, co-op option for the single player. The answer for that, I’m pretty sure, would be a no. And the reason for that answer would be the fact that we’re already getting a co-op single player; The overarching theme of the single player is the exploration of the bond between man and machine, man and titan, and the devs say that you absolutely have to work together during the single player.

We’ve seen that we have the ability to choose what we say to BT; this might extend to the ability to give him commands and shape parts of the game, but we’ll have to wait and see. We know that the data knife is making a return to Titanfall 2, at least to the single player. When the Devs are speaking about their action block design technique, we actually see an animation that looks exactly like the animation from the original Titanfall, and I think it’s safe to say that it is because the data knife in the Titanfall 2 single player footage we’ve already seen looks different, updated, so I think this is just to illustrate that the devs were just playing around, seeing what works, and the data knife definitely worked! We also have collectibles, which are a nice touch something we’d definitely miss if they weren’t there and something new to even us vets. I’m not quite sure who’s been leaving their helmets around the place, but health and safety clearly isn’t a priority on the frontier. There will clearly be some rewards for picking up these helmets which leads me nicely onto the next point and that’s the skins and customization options we’ve seen; will these pickups give us the option to own some of these skins? I’m hope so because there are some awesome ones here; Sarah’s Titan looks gorgeous with the yellow arms and I’d actually like to be able to make my Titan look like BT.

The last thing I’d like to mention is that Titan batteries look like they’ll be available in the Single Player. This would allow us to heal BT after some of these epic looking Titan fights and enable us to carry on with our journey through the campaign. Phew, so Respawn have done it again; they’ve wowed us and at the same time teased us a little more. We’ve got 17 and a bit short days to go until the game fully releases. It couldn’t come soon enough, but in the meantime why don’t you subscribe to TitanTime and let Dan and I give you the latest Titanfall 2 news and, once the games releases, the best tips as well? Thanks for listening guys. Catch ya next time.

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