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Hey there pilots, welcome to TitanTime, Dan here and today it’s time for a full loadout video for Colony. So I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a loadout for you guys out there, so in this video I’ll go through both the pilot and titan loadout that works best for me with attrition, bounty hunt, pvp and amped hard point, as well as tips on how to use it effectively. Some of you might be doing great with your regular loadout on this map already, but for those of you who are getting frustrated or finding it difficult, this technique should have you top of the leaderboards in no time. To give an example, I’ve played about 7 rounds of attrition and bounty hunt today with this setup, and i’ve been MVP all games with a steady kill count of 30+ per game. I’ll also be doing a tips guide for Colony tomorrow with some helpful points to keep you top of the table, especially if you like to wallrun and get up close. So before I start let’s talk about how Colony is being played at the moment.

From my experience so far, the main 2 load outs I see being used are a carbine with stim or phase shift running down the mid levels of the map, and a sniper with grapple or cloak taking the higher ground like the tower or the cylinders. This means that your either going to be picked off by the snipers whilst you look for those carbine runners, or shot in the back by the carbine runners as you aim for those snipers. So we need to go somewhere in between. For your pilot, you want to equip the G2 with extra ammo and quick reload and the standard charge rifle. I’d go with frag grenades for clearing out rooms, health regen and kill report, and for your ability, either phase shift or stim. So why this option? Well when you first load in, you want to get up high and setup as quickly as possible. By holding the rooftops you’ll be able to have a great vantage point to take out those carbine runners starting their wallruns with the quick rate of fire as the g2.

The G2 is the perfect middle ground between a carbine or a sniper rifle, meaning you can take out those distant pilots whilst still being able to fight in close quarters. The charge rifle is to help take out those annoying snipers in the tower, which is always satisfying, as well as taking out enemy titans. The long sight lines and high vantage points of colony mean the charge rifle can excel here. The point of the pilot loadout here is to keep an eye on the map and play defensively, because you need to get your titan out before anyone else…because now it’s time to turn your defence into all out offence.

So for titan choice, it’s Ronin. Because of the vast amount of flanking routes and close quarter areas, Ronin is in my opinion the best Titan to drop on Colony for pilot and titan modes. If you get your Ronin dropped in before any enemy titans, you can absolutely destroy the enemy team as pilots, especially with the spawn points on Colony. You can keep the pressure on and take out those pilots before they get chance to setup high out of reach of your attacks.

For Bounty Hunt, Ronin is great because of the close quarter ares the bounty titans usually stay in and as for the tower, there is a way to kill pilots up there as Ronin which i’ll talk about in the next video. For loadout choice with Ronin, extra dash will help you get to those enemy spawn points quicker, nuclear eject can be great for clearing out titans in the close quarters area of the map, and richochet rounds can always help in getting rid of those enemies trying to stay safe inside. The whole point of this loadout is to play defensively with the g2 and get those kills early, then go full offensive in your Ronin. Now once again pilots, this is my loadout choice for Colony, there are plenty of other load outs the can work well, so if you have any tips for those pilots struggling with Colony, please leave them in the comments below. Stay tuned for a Colony tips video which will definitely cater to those of you who like to wallrun all over the place, as well as the next episode of Kraber Zero to Hero, so we’ll catch you next time pilots.

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