Titanfall 2 | Glitch In The Frontier DLC | New Map Glitch And Deck | Reaction And Analysis

Hi there ladies and Gentlepilots, Rich here to talk to you about the latest news Respawn have dropped on us. They’ve given us a tasty little trailer to feast our eyes on and also a Frontier News Network update giving us even more details on the next, free update to land next week on Tuesday, 25th April. We’re going to take a look at the trailer first which includes a new Multiplayer map, a new Live Fire map and a new Faction, so let’s get into it. So, pretty much the first thing we see in the trailer is this guy: MRVN. We all know and love MRVN, he is the unsung hero of the Frontier and the real reason that the Frontier actually functions. Little fact that. We’ve seen him in the campaign, but we have yet to see him in Multiplayer in Titanfall 2 which is a shame because, in the original game, MRVN were all over the place and there was even an Xbox Achievement relating to them, so it’s really good to see him back in Multiplayer, even if it is only on the dropship waving us out.

The reason he’s there is because he’ll be the face of the new faction we’ll be getting. The new Live Fire map is called “Deck” and it’s more reminiscent of “Stacks” than “Meadows”; it definitely looks like the sort of map we’ve come to expect for Live Fire; small, confined, with lots of wall running opportunities. There are also drones hovering about that you can attach a grapple to which is a really nice touch. It’ll be interesting to see if you can actually land on them because they’d serve as a great sniping spot or somewhere to get the drop on your enemy from.

We like the fact that one team is Blue and one is Orange in the trailer as well; we don’t know if these are new skins or they’re just a feature of the trailer, but it looks cool. A new pilot execution also debuted during the trailer. We’re not sure that we got to see the entire execution but from what we’ve seen, and the fact that we know it’ll involve the Pulse Blade, it’s shaping up to be one of the best ones yet. The star of the trailer though, is the new Multiplayer map: Glitch. It looks like it’s the sort of map where, if the floor was lava, you’d actually be ok because it looks like you can chain runs together from one end of the map to the other.

It really flows from what we see in the trailer. The first thing Dan and I both said to each other when we saw Glitch was that it has a distinct War Games feel about it. For those who haven’t played the original Titanfall, War Games is one of the maps that everyone loved to play for many reasons, reasons which we hope everyone will get to understand in the near future because the image in the DLC Roadmap suggests that War Games will be returning. Until then though, Glitch will absolutely be sure to scratch that War Games itch because it’s looking awesome. Glitch also has the first zip-line in a non-Live Fire map as well, and it looks like it could be a legitimate, functioning part of a route. We obviously had a zip-line in Meadows but it felt a bit shoe-horned in – you don’t see many people using it because you’d be dead before you can reach the end, but the zip-line in Glitch looks useful, so we’re looking forward to using it.

The next thing which caught our eye, much like this unfortunate pilot, is this map on the wall. It’s a live map giving your teams’ location and, from the yellow arrow which isn’t moving we can guess that represents this soon to be dead pilot in the frame, so the map appears to be located at the match start spawn, suggesting that maybe there’s one for each team. It might serve to be a little helpful during a match, but is probably more for aesthetics, but still, we love it. It’s a great touch. So that’s the trailer broken down. Now let’s take a look at the extra bits in the Frontier News Network. The biggest piece of news is that our beloved Marked for Death will be returning.

It states that it’s going to be a featured mode and will probably only run on Glitch to begin with. We’re really interested to see how the radar will be managed this game mode in Titanfall 2; in Titanfall, the Pilots who were marked had a live Radar which tracked all uncloaked enemies all of the time, kind of like the way the radar works in Attrition now in terms of grunts. However they do it, we are absolutely pumped for the return of Marked for Death. Another big bit of news that the generation cap will be increased 10-fold in this new update. Yes, all the way to 100 generations! So, whether you’ve reached the current gen cap of 10 or not, you still have a really long way to go to reach the new gen cap! We’ll receive a new Gen icon for every 10 Generations completed as well. As well as the new pilot execution we saw in the trailer, we’re also getting the ability to mix and match our Titan executions; so if you have a prime Titan but you prefer the original execution, you can now choose to have that one instead of the primes’ execution.

So that about wraps up this update guys. Be sure to check out the full trailer and also the Frontier News Network which we’ll link in the description. At the bottom of the Frontier News Network, there are also some really cool fan art pieces so check those out as well. Let us know in the comments what you think of this latest update and feel free to ask us any questions as always. Thanks for watching, we’ll catch you next time.

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