Titanfall 2 DLC – New Kit Options – Ronin and Northstar – Titanfall 2 Tips

Hey there pilots, welcome to Titantime, Dan here and it’s time for the next 2 kit options in the Angel city DLC, today we’ll look at Ronin’s Phase Reflex, and Northstar’s Threat Optics, and after playing with both these kit options for a day or 2, here’s what I’ve noticed so far, and why you shouldn’t overlook these kit options. So Ronin’s Phase Reflex, this will phase you out of danger as soon as you’re doomed, automatically. First thing to note is that a normal phase dash lasts a second, whilst the phase reflex lasts for almost 3 seconds, which is much longer, so don’t assume that it’s just an extra phase dash, because it really isn’t. The best thing about this ability for me is that I can feel way more confident when engaging multiple titans at close range, because I know that I’m not going to get executed from behind whilst I’m slashing away at a titan.

Those 3 seconds of phase gives me the chance to re locate, and to re-engage the enemy. Phase Reflex is also great against enemy titan core abilities. Here I’ve used up my phase dash and arc wave, and this tone is about to use her salvo core to take me out. The first few rockets doom me, and then I automatically disappear, and by the time I come back, the rocket salvo has gone and I have the advantage again. And of course, what about nuclear eject? Well Phase Reflex pairs beautifully with nuclear eject, as you can get in close, shoot and slice until you’re doomed, then you can set of your nuclear eject sequence in the phase world, and if you use phase shift as well as a pilot, you can nucelear eject in tight spaces and still phase shift out of danger, giving you the element of surprise as the enemy titans try to work out where that nuclear ejection is coming from.

So whilst phase reflex doesn’t boost your damage directly, it makes you a much more dangerous enemy for those titans out there. Now to Northstar’s Threat Optics, which highlights enemies in your entire view when you aim down sights. After playing with this kit mod for a game or two, I really wasn’t impressed, but after a day or 2, this kit option is now going to be my main kit mod for Northstar, and here’s why. Northstar needs to be aware of the enemy position at all times to be most affective, and to avoid being flanked and attacked at close range. As I hover here, that sniping enemy northstar hiding at the back is clear to see with threat optics, and I most likely wouldn’t have noticed her without it. Threat optics is great for keeping track of enemy pilots and seeing through smoke, as you can see here where everything kicking off, titans are smoking everywhere, i can still keep track of how many enemy titans are involved, and keep track of the pilots at the same time, making it much easier to pick them off.

Northstar is all about getting the shot first and then getting behind cover, and I find threat optics to help as well by making it easier to spot targets moving around corners, giving me time to fire first knowing I’m going to hit, then waiting for a titan to move just a little more so I don’t miss. But don’t think that Threat Optics is only a Last Titan Standing option, after using it in attrition, it’s great not just for long distance sniping but also keeping track of enemies in close quarters, with friendly pilots being highlighted in blue as well. It highlights everything from enemy reapers to enemy ticks, and in a chaotic game of attrition or bounty hunt, threat optics makes you more aware and helps you prioritise your enemy, as you can see here where I can easily notice that pilot behind the reaper, and follow his movement without being distracted. So what do you pilots think of these 2 kit options? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll catch you next time.

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