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DrHans’ The Infinite Black Training Guide

Training. Sounds like a hard thing to accomplish. Well, it is a hard thing to level in TIB, but I’m here to help you...

Tssunami2011’s The Infinite Black Gaining Credits Guide

Hello, Tssunami back with another guide for the TIB community! This game, like most other MMO’s has an in game currency system. In TIB we have...

Tssunami2011’s The Infinite Black Invasions Guide

Heya everyone, Tssunami2011 back with another guide. Today I’m going to go over invasions. Invasions have recently been introduced to TIB. They are PVE encounters versus...

Tssunami2011’s The Infinite Black Ship Optimization and PvE Tactics Guide

Since the servers are down (it seems) I thought that I would take a moment to help give a few helpful tips on how...

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