CaptainDeez’s Tank Ace Skill Tree Information List

Skill Tree: – Books provide specialized training. Commanders will have to prove their worth by completing specialized training and tasks to gain access to them. —...

CaptainDeez’s Tank Ace Commander Stats Description

– Strategy — Allows the use of certain bombing, artillery, scout, and supply items — Must have a minimum number of Tactics points to be promoted...

CaptainDeez’s Tank Ace NPC and Crewmen Guide

Locations A. Supply Station (SS) – Supply Station provides with various of goods, such as; tanks, ammunitions and shells, tank armor, and additional tools for tanks. –...

TankAceGM_Cnine’s Tank Ace Tips

1. Finish the tutorial when you start. you will earn 10,000 Ace right away. 2. Open the Booty Boxes and exchange Ace coins for Ace. 3....

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