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hetep7’s Tactical Intervention Missions and Maps List

HIGHWAY In 2008, security forces obtained vital documents revealing North Korea’s involvement in nuclear weapons trade. GIGN thus initiated an operation named “Mommy’s Way” to...

iTrippin’s Tactical Intervention General FPS Guide

Hello All. My real name is Noble, but you can call me Trippy or anything revolving around iTrippin for that matter. Introductions aside lets get...

Numerator’s Tactical Intervention Tips

– Walk up to a hostage and ‘use’ them (‘F’ key) to rescue! – Remember to reload your weapon (‘R’ key)! – As a terrorist, grab...

Numerator’s Tactical Intervention Weapons List

Primary Weapons The following weapons can be equipped in the Primary Weapon slot of any loadout. Weapon add-ons can be equipped on most primary weapons. Assault...

Numerator’s Tactical Intervention Controls List

Legend: Shoot, Throw, hit with gun, directional keys, rappelling, kicking *will add more, when i see them* Shoot-Left mouse Hit-Right mouse(use scope) Directions- To move up, press ,...

Stompkiller1’s Tactical Intervention New Player’s Tips

New and wondering what weapon you should get? Well I suggest starting off with a M4, it’s one of the most basic assault rifles, not...

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