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Bobkyou’s Stronghold Kingdoms Village Placement Guide

Small thing I typed up awhile back giving a player advice on how to place his villages. I felt like expanding and updating it. Tightly...

Deroidz’s Stronghold Kingdoms Researches Guide

There are many people confused about how to spend their points in researches. Some even wanted to create a new account just to redistribute...

Deroidz’s Stronghold Kingdoms Constructing and Defending Parish Basic Guide

This is a Basic Guide for first-time Stewards. Currently we are at the very early stage of the game. Chaos spreaded like wildfire. Stewards tried...

Coveny’s Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Building Guide

Building a castle in Stronghold Kingdoms requires knowledge and creativity. Knowledge is something you will gain as you play and this leads to revisions...

The Pig’s Stronghold Kingdoms Play Styles Guide

as ye all probably noticed, there are multiple ways of playing this game, and each way has some other techs needed. in time you will...

various’ Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Design Guide

Designs by kroganelite Castle Design 1: Castle Design 2: Design by mrbill I have been plugging away trying to come up with a design that has a decent...

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