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LoS – Line of Sight
AoE – Area of Effect
HoT – Healing over Time ability
DoT – Damage over Time ability
HPS – Healing Per Second
DPS – Damage Per Second
CC – Crowd Control (stun)
Hardstun – CC that is doesn’t break on damage (Debilitate/Dirty Kick)
Mez – CC that breaks on damage (Flash Bang/Flash Grenade)
CD – Cooldown
DCD – Defensive Cooldown
GCD – Global Cooldown (1.5 seconds)
DR – Diminishing Returns (the rate in which a stat for example becomes less useful)


Operative/Scoundrel Healing:


Very mobile
Sustained healing over time
Can self-cleanse DoTs/Roots
Best AoE healing in the game


HPS is strongly effected by how you manage HoTs
Weak when stunned
Weak single target burst healing
Can be easily shut down with interrupts




The stat Surge has been removed. Surge has now been rolled into the Critical Rating stat. This means that Critical Rating now determines both your chance to critically hit, and the damage bonus you receive when you critically hit. Due to this change we have tweaked the values that this rating converts into. Generally an equal rating prior to Fallen Empire will result in less critical hit chance and damage from before, but this is simplified by only having one rating.

– To ensure that Critical Hit Chance is never a wasted stat, any abilities that automatically critically hit now convert any Critical Hit beyond 100% into additional critical damage.

– Lastly, we have rearranged how we distribute ratings on items. Now, Power and defense share the first rating slot on modifications, while the rest of the stats (Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, and Shield) will share the second rating slot.” – 4.0 Patch Notes

4.0 gear is going to look a lot different. You will see the difference with how the stats are now shifted, surge is now merged with crit and cunning is now replaced with a stat called “Mastery”.

If everyone is interested in the diminishing returns of Critical Chance verse Critical Rate:


4.0 equations posted by dipstik:

Critical Chance (from crit rating) = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( CritRating / max(level,20) ) / 0.8 ) )
Critical Chance (Mastery) = 20 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.2 ) )^( ( Mastery / max(level,20) ) / 5.5 ) )
Surge Percentage = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( CritRating / max(level,20) ) / 0.8 ) )

Alacrity Percentage = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( AlacrityRating / 65 ) / 1.25 ) ) )
Bonus Healing (Mastery) = (Mastery) * 0.14
Bonus Healing (from force/tech power) = (Force or Tech Power) * 0.17
Bonus Healing (from power) = Power * 0.17

Things to consider before gearing:

Think of Alacrity as a gain in HPS. 6% Alacrity = 6% gained HPS. I heard that alacrity soft cap is around 10%. If you are testing any builds make sure to not go over it’s DR.

The best range for Crit DR is 34-35% tested by Lukewarm. 38% is where DR drops off heavily. I wouldn’t recommend going above 38% when gearing. In my opinion since we are healing and crit is super important going around 36-37% crit wouldn’t be that big of an issue but take it as you will.


Advanced Alacrity Augments x8: 73+ Alacrity 48+ Endurance

Advanced Critical Augments x6: 73+ Critical 48+ Endurance



Note: For those of you with old 3.3 Augments listen up. If you have augmented gear with the old MK-10s you do not need to re-kit your gear. MK-8 is now the highest kit so you can just put the new augments straight into your old gear.


Relic of Focused Retribution – Healing an ally or preforming a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant 882 of your Mastery Stat for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.

Relic of Serendipitous Assault – Healing an ally or preforming a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant 882 Power for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.

Note: If you get two of the same relic they do not stack.

Ideal Armor Stats:

Power/Alacrity: 995 (10.19%)
Rest in Power/Critical Rating: 1397 (38.58%)

Why Crit/Alacrity Aug? Goblin_Lackey’s thread explains: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=844210


Datacons are objects that can be found and collected around the many worlds of SWTOR. When collected you will gain a small stat increase.

The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For all intents and purposes, Mastery acts identically to the primary stat it replaced.” – 4.0 Patch Notes

What does this mean in relations to datacons? Bad news is, you will now have to collect all datacons that use to be Strength, Willpower and Aim to fully min/max for PvP. If you do not do this, you would be missing out on 150+ bonus Mastery. The good news is, datacons are now legacy bound. So technically if you get them for one toon, all toons on your account will have max bonus to Mastery.

Companion Affection Bonuses:

You will notice that when you max out you’re a companion affection you will gain a small buff to your character. This is also legacy bound meaning you only have to max out one group of companions to gain all the small bonuses.

Kaliyo: 1% Max HP
Vector: 1% Critical Damage*
Doctor Lokin: 2% Healing Received
Ensign Temple: 1% Critical Hit Change*
Scorphio: 1% Accuracy

The only ones you really have to worry about maxing their affection is Kaliyo, Vector, Doctor Lokin, and Ensign Temple. This is extremely worth it if you are min/maxing and I would recommend it.
*Since 4.0 these two changed alittle bit because of the Crit/Surge merge.





Nanotech Suit/Smuggeled Get-up – Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%

Chem-resistant Inlays/Scar Tissue – Increases damage reduction by 5%

Flash Powder – Reduces targets accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Flash ends.

Optional: Slip Away/Dirty Escape – Reduces the cooldown of Debilitate by 15 seconds.


Forified Kolto/Supplemented Medpac – While your Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac is active on yourself, your damage reduction is increased by 3% per stack.

Endorphic Rush/Keep Cool – Adrenaline Probe now immediately restores 15 additional energy.

Optional: Counterstrike/Dirty TricksterCountermeasures/Surrender will also purge all movement-impairing effects when activated.


Evasive Imperative/Scramble – Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.

Revitalizers/Surprise CombackStim Boost/Pugnacity now additionally grants Revitalizers, restoring 5% of total health every 3 seconds and reducing damage received by 30% for the duration.

Note: The only thing I would switch around is if you don’t have issues with energy management you can remove the utility point in Endorphic Rush/Keep Cool and place it in Slip Away/Dirty Escape which would lower the CD on Debilitate/Dirty Kick. I prefer myself to go extra energy because you get into a cast heal situation where you are forced to dump a lot of energy. I like the extra energy in case of emergencies. If don’t like taking Endorphic Rush/Keep Cool and you aren’t going to use Debilitate/Dirty Kick off CD I would pick up I would pick up Counterstrike/Dirty Trickster. This will make your agro dump into a root/slow breaker.



Healing Overview:


Operative/Scoundrel healing revolves around instant heals, HoTs and superior AoE heals to keep their target(s) alive. Majority of your healing rotation will include: Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac and Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud. These are all instant cast and instant heals. Your healing also determined around getting procs that stack three (3) times called Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand. With these procs, which are gained by casting majority of your healing successfully and will allow you to cast other abilities such as Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac which is an instant heal and Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack which is your small cast heal.

Your healing priority should be:

Imperial: Two (2) stacks of Kolto Probes on four (4) targets -> Recuperative Nanotech -> Kolto Infusion -> Kolto Injection or Kolto Wave
Republic :Two (2) stacks of Slow-release Medpac on four (4) targets -> Kolto Cloud -> Kolto Pack -> Underworld Medicine or Kolto Wave

Important abilities:

Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand (Passive) – Proc gained by successfully casting healing abilities. Stacks three (3) times.

You should never run out of stacks if you are maintaining HoTs on four (4) targets and using Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud on CD. This alone should always give you three (3) stacks to be used to cast Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac or Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack.

Note: You have a passive called Tactical Medicine/Bedside Manner that states once you consume a Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand with a healing ability all your healing is increased by 3% for 6 seconds. This means every time you use Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac or Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack you will receive a small healing bonus of 3% for 6 seconds after. This is super important if you want to Min/Max your HPS. Make sure you keep Tactical Medicine/Bedside Manner buff up at all times.

Tactical Superiority/Stack the Deck – Exploits Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand to Stack the Deck for you and your Operation group members within 40 meters, increasing critical chance by 10% for x seconds. Does not break stealth.

This ability works in 8 man warzones and not arenas. So you will not be able to use it in regular warzone arenas, solo ranked or group ranked. I try to use Tactical Superiority/Stack the Deck off cooldown. Really nice to time it with in combination with Kolto Wave for large group healing.

Adrenaline Probe/Cool Head – Recovers 50 energy over x seconds.

This is your emergency energy regeneration, use it sparingly it’s on a minute cool down. Could be the longest minute of your life if you are energy starved.

Tip: If you spend a utility point Masterful – Endorphin Rush/Keep Cool, it will increase the energy it restores by restores 15 additional energy. I would recommend this is you are struggling with energy management.

Diagnostic Scan – Channeled heal for small amount for 3 seconds. When heal crits it restores your energy.

You get a passive in your skill tree called “Patient Studies” which allows your scan restore 2 energy per crit heal which making it your secondary energy regeneration. Since 3.0 you can do this on the move. This should be used to try to keep your energy above 50%.

Note: Your natural energy regeneration drops off at 3 points, 75%, 50%, 25%. The best natural regeneration is going to be 75% then 50% and so on. It’s really important for long fights that you maintain around if possible above 75% or at worst case 50%. At 25% it’s really difficult to get your energy back without spamming Diagnostic Scan the whole time.

Tip: If you are really low on energy and Adrenaline Probe/Cool Head is on CD there is only two options. Wait for energy to come back by spamming Diagnostic Scan or activate Stim boost/ Pugnacity + Tactical Superiority/Stack the Deck and spam Diagnostic scan. The alacrity bonus will increase your channeling speed as well as your increased crit rate from Tactical Superiority/Stack the Deck.

Tip: The HPS of this ability is pretty much worthless (it was an HPS decrease pre 3.3 then the healing was nerfed again) only use it for an energy regen. There are situations when you are kiting and you have no procs left and you can’t afford a cast heal, use it on the move to restore some HP. That is the only situation you should use it as a heal, when you have NOTHING left.

Stim boost/ Pugnacity – Gains a Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand and increases 10% alacrity increase for 15 seconds.

This is the only ability that will help get your heals out as fast as possible. It will lower your GCD, ticks between your abilities and help you channel faster. I use it in combination in cast healing to burst heal someone or burst heal a group of targets with Kolto Wave.

4.0 Change: When activating Stim boost/ Pugnacity you will receive Enduring Kolto/Prolonged Prescription this will let you cast your next Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack or Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine instant. I would recommend using it with Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine. Always go for your biggest heal because you should be activating Stim boost/ Pugnacity to burst heal someone.

Tip: Remember about Cynosure/Exemplar Gear two (2) piece bonus which gives you an instant Proc to crit heal to your next Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine. It procs around every 30+ seconds. Using in combination with Enduring Kolto/ Prolonged Prescription passive, after popping Stim boost/Pugnacity your next heal will be Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine instant and a crit.

Note: If you spec into the utility Revitalizers this turns your Stim boost/Pugnacity into a DCD which decrease the incoming damage by 20% and heals you for 5% your maximum hp over 3 seconds.



Healing abilities:

Kolto Probe /Slow-release Medpac – Heals for X amount over 21* seconds.

This ability is the foundation of your healing. Maintaining two (2) stacks of HoTs on four (4) targets. Trying to keep any more targets HoTed would be overkill and you will be spreading the whole match refreshing more than healing. After HoTing up four (4) targets this will give you 4-5 abilities in-between refreshing your HoTs to cast heal/AoE heal.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to not let your HoTs drop. Letting them drop will cost you a lot of HPS as well as pointless GCDs restacking. The better you get at remembering to refresh the higher your HPS and increase your ability to save players.

Note: I say “4-5 abilities in-between refreshing” because you have to take into account you being CCed. Make sure you are always watching the CD of your HoTs on your selected targets so you don’t miss refreshing them.

Tip: Your HoTs can be refreshed (if stacked twice on a target) by Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac. A good refreshing rotation is two (2) refreshed by pressing Kolto Probe /Slow-release Medpac, while the other two (2) refreshed by Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac. This will save some of your Tactical Advantage/Upper Handprocs for emergencies as well as give those players who are refreshed by your instant heal, a 3k-8k heal as well as restacking their HoT. If I’m in a group taking heavy damage I do refresh with Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac once and three (3) with Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac focusing my three instant heals on the players taking the most damage.

Tip: Who should you prioritize your HoTs on? Yourself because you will most likely get heavy focus fire, possibility a tank and two (2) other players taking damage. If you speced into Masterful – Fortified Kolto/Supplement Medpac please prioritize HoTs yourself at all times.

It has come to my attention thanks to VenusFallen on Dulfy that StarParse has a function that lets you do a Ops Frame overlay to help track HoTs. I tested this myself and it works great! I really suggest all Operative Healers to use this in PvP. It will let you know how many HoTs are stacked on each target in your frame as well as a timer when they are about to drop.

StarParse Website: http://ixparse.com/

My Ops Frame when overlayed: http://imgur.com/zVMjg7w

*Activation time buffed by 3 seconds in 4.0

Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac – Instant heal for X amount, needs a Tactical Advantage/Upper Handproc.

This is your emergency heal as well as a way of refreshing your Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac. It heals for around 3k-8k~. It’s a good spamming ability if someone is at 10% and you don’t feel confident that you can have enough time to get a cast heal off to save them. Mostly you will be using this ability as a HoTs refresher majority of the time.

Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud – Heals up to 4 allies within 10 meters for X over 9 seconds.

This is your instant AoE heal. This should be always used on CD and is one of the best way of maintaining Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand procs. Should be placed on a target close to three (3) other players. This also now is a smart heal which means it prioritizes players who are low HP over ones who are full HP.

Note: In your skill tree you will notice Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud gives a 3% healing increase to all sources for 45 seconds, so it is imperative that you use it on CD.

Tip: Before entering combat with your group activate Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud helps stack your procs as well as helps you heal the beginning burst of combat.

Tip: Even if 1v1 duels you should be using this ability on CD to maintain Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand.

Kolto Wave – Heals up to 8 allies that remain within 8 meters of the targeted area for X health over the channel duration.

This is your primary AoE channel healing ability. It cannot be used while moving so be aware of your positioning when using it. It is an amazing ability and crits a lot (sometimes up to 60% on my healing parses). Never underestimate the strength of the AoE healing.

Tip: It’s worth using this ability when you have 3+ players in the wave healing range. This might be hard because it requires you to place it somewhere and players to not walk out of it. Just do the best you can with the placement.

Tip: You can either place it manually (drag and drop) or double click the ability while targeting a player. Careful how you place this ability it’s not always wise to double click because you could get more players if you drag and place it manually. This will take practice.

Note: Don’t forget about your new 3.0 ability Tactical Superiority /Stack the Deck which increases your raids crit chance by 10% for 10 seconds. If there is intense AoE battle, I time it with my Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud /Kolto Waves and even my Stim boost/ Pugnacity for high HPS.

Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack – Uses a Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand heal a target for X and X amount over 9 seconds.

This is your small casting heal with a low cast time which also places a HoT on your target. You should be using this ability on CD. It heals for 4.5-10k which is pretty decent. It also gives the player Resistant/Healing Hand(since 3.0) which gives 45 second resistance to 3% elemental and internal damage which is great fighting against Assassins/Shadow, Powertechs/Vanguard, Pyro Mercenaries/Commando, Operative/Scoundrel DPS.

Tip: It is smart to use this ability like a buff. Buff yourself and your tank or other players before combat. 3% might not seem as much but over time it is worth it.

Tip: This is a good ability to bait interrupts with if you really need to get out a Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicineor a Kolto Wave. Meaning, casting this ability for the soul reason to try to get the enemy to waste their interrupt so you can cast something else freely right after.

Update: Infusion/KoltoPack:

Tip: You can clip the timing of your Infusion. What does this mean? You can still get the ability to activate even though you forced a cancel on it by stepping forward or backward (such as if you are fake fasting). How does it work? At 1.2 seconds in the cast step forward or backward to cancel the cast this will save .15~ seconds.

I have tried to do the same thing to Injection/Underworld Medicine but it more RNG if it works.

Example of Infusion/Kolto Pack Clipping : http://www.twitch.tv/kissingaiur/v/51347202

Kolto Injection /Underworld Medicine – Heals a friendly target for X amount.

This is your big cast heal which heals for around 7-17k~ with a large cast time.

Tip: Since the cast time of this ability is 1.8 seconds which is a lot, use in combo with Stim boost/ Pugnacitywhich will increase your alacrity by 10% which will help you get your cast heals out as soon as possible.

Tip: Burst healing for an Operative/Scoundrel isn’t our strong point. To help with that, it is really imperative that you have HoTs rolling a target before cast healing. It helps make up for our weak cast heals and ensures eventually HP will start going up instead of down.

Tip: Try to use a Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac right after Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine because if it crits with HoTs it all adds up for a great burst heal. If it all crits that’s 17k (cast heal) +8k (instant heal) +3k (HoT heal)= 28k+ heal.

Note: When you get your Cynosure/Exemplar Gear two (2) piece you will have a bonus that gives you instant proc to crit heal to your next Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine. Looks like a purple icon on your bar. Be aware of this buff because then you can save a crit heal for a player who really needs it. Used in combination with the new Stim boost/ Pugnacity passive it will make your next Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine an instant crit heal.


Burst Single Target Healing Rotation:

Imperial: Two (2) HoTs on target -> Kolto Infusion -> Kolto Injection x3 [Pop Stim Boost for 1 instant Kolto Injection instant] -> Surgical Probe -> Kolto Infusion -> Surgical Probe -> Repeat

Two (2) HoTs on target -> Kolto Pack -> Underworld Medicine x3 [Pop Pugnacity for 1 instant Underworld Medicine]-> Kolto Pack -> Emergency Medpac (to refresh HoT) -> Repeat

This rotation is what I used in solo ranked for solo ranked burst. It’s the best for healing heavy fast burst. You cannot maintain this and it will destroy your energy management. The key here is to keep up your 3% healing increase from Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand. Also if you can sneak in a Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloudwhich is another 3% healing increase to the target for 45 seconds.

Burst Healing Rotation 2:

Imperial: Two (2) HoTs on target -> Kolto Infusion -> Surgical Probe -> Stim Boost -> Kolto Injection (should be instant/auto crit) -> Surgical Probe -> Kolto Injection -> Surgical Probe -> Kolto Infusion -> Repeat.

Republic: Two (2) HoTs on target -> Kolto Pack -> Emergency Medpac -> Pugnacity -> Underworld Medicine(should be instant/auto crit)-> Emergency Medpac -> Pugnacity -> Underworld Medicine -> Emergency Medpac -> Kolto Pack -> Repeat.

This rotation is easier on your energy regeneration and is best for steady burst healing. Again if you can spare a GCD for Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud do so for the 3% healing increase to target for 45 seconds.

AoE Rotation:

Imperial: Two (2) HoTs on four (4) targets -> Recuperative Nanotech -> Stim boost (increase alacrity) -> Kolto Wave -> [instant Kolto Injection or Kolto Infusion] -> Kolto Infusion -> one (1) Surgical Probe -> Refresh HoTs (Two (2) with Surgical Probe and two (2) with Kolto Probe) -> Repeat

Republic: Two (2) HoTs on four (4) targets -> Kolto Cloud -> Pugnacity (increase alacrity) -> Kolto Wave -> [Instant Underworld Medicine or Kolto Pack] -> Kolto Pack -> one (1) Emergency Medpac -> Refresh HoTs (Two (2) with Emergency Medpac and two (2) with Slow-Release Medpac) -> Repeat

Careful with this you will have to throw in a Diagnostic Scan once and a while keeping your energy steady. If you use your instant on Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack you have time for one (1) Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine or two (2) Surgical Probes/Emergency Medpac before having to re-HoT your targets. Don’t forget to upkeep your 3% healing increase from Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand buff by using Surgical Probe/Emerengcy Medpac orKolto Infusion/Kolto Pack.

Healing conclusion:

Being an Operative/Scoundrel healer is being a mobile healer. You aren’t supposed to be standing in the same place majority of the fight. You healing style should be mobile, flexible and you should be always adjusting positioning depending on how the fight is turning out. As an Operative/Scoundrel healer you should never be in the middle of cleave damage or AoE damage (unless you have a tank). Always try to be healing a safe distance away from the fights. It’s extremely important for you to always be in a position that you can LoS by a pillar, building or tree. This will insure you will always be able to LoS any range at all times. Work on your positioning, being mobile, rotating through your defensives correctly and healing under pressure and you will be a successful Operative/Scoundrel healer.

Operative/Scoundrel Defensive Counter Abilities:

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can react if you are taking damage or being pressured.

Shield Probe/Defense Screen – Absorbs a moderate amount of damage over 10 seconds. Does not break stealth.

This ability should be used on CD whenever you are taking damage. It is also perfect for migrating burst damage if you see it coming.

Tip: Sometimes when I need to escape quickly and my Evasion/Dodge isn’t up, I use the combo Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act -> Shield Probe/Defense Screen. This lets me absorb whatever DoTs or projectile damage coming toward me for a short time when I combat stealth. This helps to not be popped out of stealth right away. Again, this is only if I Evasion/Dodge is on CD otherwise use Evasion/Dodge.

Tip: Shield Probe/Defense Screen is an absorb and currently can absorb acid ticks in an arena after the timer goes off. This works just like Static Barrier or Force Barrier which both also absorb acid ticks. Once acid consumes the field you can no longer able to heal yourself or allies that when absorb abilities come in. If possible try to save your Shield Probe after the acid consumes the arena field. Also use your roll if anyone tries to attack you have a 30% change to dodge the damage. Then do damage to make sure the other team dies before you do.

Note/fun-fact: When absorbing damage by this ability it is added to your overall healing seen at the end of each match.

Evasion/Dodge – Increases the change you dodge melee and range attacks by 200% for 3 seconds. Doesn’t break stealth.

One of the most overpowered abilities you possess, use it wisely. When activated it cleanses all DoTs, roots, slows and gives you the ability to dodge all incoming white damage for 3 seconds.

Tip: Used in combination Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act it will let your stealth out safely and not pop out early because incoming damage.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use Evasion/Dodge sometimes to break roots or any movement impairments on yourself. I mostly do it when I see myself out of position. I use Evasion/Dodge so I can double Exfiltrate/Scamper to get into a safer position to heal.

Tip: Prioritize using your Evasion/Dodge to cleanse or dodging:

Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush DoT – Sorcerers/Sages

Note: You know when this ability is on you by looking at your debuffs or just by listening. When it is casted you will notice a loud sound like a heart is beating, when you hear this cleanse it.

Ravage/Master Strike – Juggernauts/Guardians and Marauders/Sentinels

Note: Majority of Ravage/Master Strike’s damage is the final strike, if you can’t dodge the first two strikes in the channel isn’t a big deal. Just try to evade the last strike.

Ambush/Aim Shot – Snipers/Slingers

Note: You know when a Sniper/Slinger is channeling this ability on you have red square on your character. Really easy to notice and counter.

• Railshot – Powertech/Vanguard

Note: Main PT rotation is similar to: Thermal Detonator -> Retractable Blade -> Rail Shot -> Magnetic Blast -> Rail Shot. Be ready for it because it is instant cast.

Note: There is a bug(?) that if you use Evasion/Dodge and are stunned right after white damage mitigation does not work. You will eat all of the damage. Just be aware of it… It sucks.

Exfiltrate/Scamper – Roll forward 12 meters. Activating the ability a second time within 10 seconds allows you to roll again, but puts the ability on cooldown for 10 seconds. While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Does not break stealth. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered.

This is another very strong ability that Operative/Scoundrel have. It lets you roll two times while giving you a 30% damage to dodge incoming white damage.

Note: Never forgot the 30% change to dodge white damage. If you have nothing left and you can’t LoS time your roll to dodge an Aim shoot or a Railshot. Its RNG if it works but it’s better than dying.

Tip: Stagger your rolls. It isn’t always wise to roll twice right away. When kiting it’s best to bait abilities such as Force Speed from an Assassin or Leap from a Marauder with the first roll then roll again to successfully gain distance from melee.

Tip: Roll can also give you the ability to go farther if rolling off edges. If you are kiting or want to get to from point A to point B faster, try to roll off cliff sides or ledges.

Tip: If I really need to get a cast heal off I sometimes will use the combo, Roll -> Cast heal if they interrupt that, Roll -> Cast heal again.

Holotraverse/Trick Move – Supercharge your stealth generator, quickly moving you to a friendly or enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth, cannot be used against enemy targets in cover, has a 45 second cooldown, and is off of the Global Cooldown.

Great kiting ability, helps you get into range to heal or fall back to reposition. It works like a teleport or a leap to a friendly target who is in range. So this means if someone is up or downstairs it will teleport you to their position. So this means jumping and leaping up to a ledge is possible now! You can use this either in combination with Exfiltrate/Scamper or use it defensively to create distance when your roll is down.

Picking a good target to teleport to during battle is extremely difficult. It depends on your positioning as well as theirs. Majority of the players you will find have terrible positioning which makes it hard to decide on the spot which player to defensively teleport to. The better you get with thinking under pressure it will help you make the quick decision who to use this ability on to save your life. A trick that I use now is whenever I am being focused or I’m taking any damage, I take a quick scan around my group. I am constantly planning who I will teleport if the damage is too much for my CDs to handle. Always try to be one step ahead with this ability, it will help you use it in the most effect way you can.

Tip: This ability is also good for getting away from a melee who is interrupting/stunning to get a cast heal off fast.

Tip: I tend to use this a lot if I’m AoE healing an enemies constantly push me back from the fight. I just teleport back into the group to continue healing.

Tip: If the team is trying to separate you and your tank this is a good ability for you to teleport back in range of guard by using your tank as your teleporting target.

Note: In early access this ability is extremely buggy (as expected). You will notice that it only really works if you are on flat ground and the player you are teleporting to is not moving. It’s very easy to get caught on rocks or objects in-between the player you are teleporting you and only go half away. It also sometimes doesn’t even teleport you. Be aware of this and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Debilitate/Dirty Kick Deals X amount of damage and stuns target for 4 seconds.

This is your hardstun. I use it defensively, offensively and even to get cast heals off. It really depends on the situation you are in. To use this ability in a defensive situation is when you are taking a lot of incoming damage or under a lot of CC or interrupt pressure. Use your hardstun to mitigate some of the damage by stunning a target and create the distance you need. In an offensive situation, I would use it to CC a healer or DPS that is freecasting. For the last scenario, sometimes you are in a situation where you really need to get a cast heal off yet a melee is doing everything he/she can to interrupt your casting. Sometimes it really helps to stun the melee and cast heal right away to insure you will get a cast heal off successfully.

Sever Tendon/Tendon Blast – Dealing X kinetic damage and slowing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds.

This is your slow which will help you kite melee. I use this ability more in duels then warzones. It’s a great ability for kiting but I find I don’t use it as often in warzones because I don’t want to waste a GCD on just slowing a player. This is my personal preference. In my opinion, normally as a healer you will get peels or the melee won’t stay on you for a long period of time. Unless a melee is truly harassing a healer I would suggest to slow him on CD to discourage him till he switches targets.

Flash Bang/Flash Grenade – Flash grenade that blinds the target for x seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely.

This ability is one of my favorites. This is your AoE Mez. I personally use it on CD. If you spend a point in your utilities to get the 20% accuracy debuff (Skillful – Flash Powder) it makes it even better. I use it offensively and defensively. Any class that uses majority of white damage is really susceptible to the debuff from your Flash. That means Marauders/Sentinels, Juggernauts/Guardians, Snipers/Slingers and Mercenaries/Commandos.

Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act – Overloads your stealth generator, immediately exiting combat and entering stealth mode. For 10 seconds, you become virtually undetectable.

This ability is your combat stealth out and should be your last resort. It lets you stealth out in combat but be aware that if you have DoTs or projectiles shooting you when you combat stealth ,they will still hit you in stealth and have the ability to pop you right back out. This is where I suggest using Evasion/Dodge right before so after you stealth, it ensures you will escape without your stealth being broken by damage.

Tip: Be aware that using combat stealth puts you out of combat. That means it resets the cooldown of Warzone Medpack which can only be used once per combat cycle. Try to use your Warzone Medpack as a CD before being forced to use your combat stealth. This means you will be allowed to use it again after you stealth (if not on CD). There are many situations where sometimes the best option is to stealth out so you can use your Warzone Medpack to save yourself from incoming damage. Always remember you have that option.

Stim boost/Pugnacity DCD* – Gains a Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand and increases 10% alacrity increase for 15 seconds.

Utility Heroic – Revitalizers turns your Stim boost/Pugnacity into a DCD which decrease the incoming damage by 20% for 15 seconds and restores 5% of your total heal in 3 seconds. If you are getting tunneled majority of your warzones I would spec into this utility. I don’t like how I have to sometimes clip the Alacrity increase when I use it as a DCD but it’s worth it if you are getting tunneled.

*Only a DCD if you spent a Utility point skill tree.

Warzone Medpack and Warzone Adrenal – You will always have the option to use these in a warzone as well if you buy them from the PvP vendors. I use them as CDs and have them in my defensive rotation.
I use Warzone Medpack as one of my emergency heals. Warzone Medpack could be useful is if know someone is about to burst you, use your Medpack so I have enough HP in your pool to not die.
Warzone Adrenal is a 15% damage reduction. Never think it is worthless because any damage reduction option will help your catch up in healing yourself and others.

Tip: Try the combo Adrenal + Stim boost/Pugnacity DCD, it will increase your damage reduction to 35%. If you are about to die to incoming burst pop these together for a large damage reduction.

Tip: In a situation that you see your tank is low on HP and you are taking a lot of his guard damage use your Adrenal. I sometimes use my Warzone Adrenal to reduce 15% of my incoming damage since 50% the damage is transferring to my tank.

Tip: If you don’t have your Evasion/Dodge up to reduce the damage of a Juggernaut/Guardian’s Ravage/Master Strike use your hardstun but be aware of their CC immunity after their leap. You will notice the player is glowing when he/she leaps which means he/she is CC immune. The key here is to wait for the last tick of Ravage/Master Strike to CC them where there CC immunity wears off.

Cooldown Conclusion:

Try not to use all your defensives at once. You need to spread them out in combat and use them wisely. If you have a good rotation you will always have something back up when you need it. Always be thinking of ways to use your defensives to maximize the largest amount of damage. With practice you will be able to use all your cooldowns effectively even under heavy pressure.

Tip: If you put a utility point into Masterful: Fortified Kolto/Supplement Medpac you should have two (2) HoTs rolling on yourself at all times. This is a new 4.0 perk which gives you a 3% damage decrease per HoT on yourself. Damage decrease is 6% if double stacked so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

My CD rotation priority goes:

Imperial: Shield Probe -> Evasion -> Stim boost DCD* -> Adrenal -> Medpack -> [Anything else that is back up] -> Cloaking Screen -> Repeat.

Republic: Defense Screen-> Dodge -> Pugnacity DCD* -> Adrenal -> Medpack -> [Anything else that is back up] -> Disappearing Act -> Repeat.

Don’t forget to also be using Holotraverse/Trick Move and Exfiltrate/Scamper to kite melee and LoS range damage.

Remember that this rotation is adjusted depending what kinds of things you are experiencing in combat. For example, if you enter combat and the first damage you are taking is a Sorcerer DoT damage, you would use Evasion/Dodge before Shield Probe/Defensive Screen because there is no need for you to absorb DoT damage when you can just cleanse it with Evasion/Dodge.

Tip: If you are taking large amounts of damage you should also be using your Flash Bang/Flash Grenade as well as your hardstun defensively on CD. Flash big groups if you speced into the accuracy debuff, even if it breaks right away the groups accuracy will be decreased by 20%.

Tip: If you know you are about to get attacked and take large amounts of damage. For example, you see 3 players about to jump you without having a guard, if you can’t Flash them, use your Stim Boost/Pugnacity DCD + Adrenal. That will be a 35% damage decrease and you will most likely survive. It’s really smart to use these abilities prematurely in case you get stun-locked and aren’t able to break.



By using Toxin Scan /Triage you can cleanse all tech/physical/mental hardstuns, mezes, slows and roots. Unfortunately the game doesn’t prioritize hardstuns/mezes over slows and roots. This means if you try to cleanse a Flash Bang/Flash Grenade on a player, it might cleanse a root or a slow instead. Be aware of this, it happens and it sucks.

Majority of the abilities you can cleanse come from Operatives/Scoundrels, Mercenaries/Commandoes, Powertechs/Vanguards and Snipers/Slingers. You can also cleanse Warrior AoE mezes.


Using your Stunbreak:

Knowing when to break a stun is something that is incredibly important when playing a healing class. Something that might be a force of habit is to break the first time you are stunned but you have to try to never break your first stun. The only time you should break your first stun is if you are 100% certain you are about to die or when you want to save a friend.

Why shouldn’t you break your first stun? Simple, good players will stun-lock and kill you. I would say 70% of the time I die is when I am being stunned and my breaker isn’t up. Stuns are what can kill healers, so be careful when you use your break. It will increase your survivability if you are patient with it. Awareness is also very important with stun breaking. Knowing who is attacking you and if you can survive the damage without stun breaking takes practice.

Normally a good healer will use break when they are completely white-barred. Meaning, they are immune to stuns for a short time and cannot be stun-locked. There is no point to break a stun unless, I will repeat, you are 100% about to die or to save someone who will die if you don’t heal them.

Tip: Please don’t break first stun over one DPS. For example, if a shadow popped out of stealth, stunned you and started a burst rotation, don’t freak out and break that stun. Let him burst you then break the second stun and stun him, heal up and roll away. If, for example, two shadows open on you, they could and will probably kill you before your stun breaks so, quickly break and stealth out, then use Evasion/Dodge so you don’t break stealth. Even while stealthed DoTs can break your stealth and force you back into combat. By using Evasion/Dodge it will cleanse any dots as well as help you get away without putting you back into combat.

Tip: Let’s talk about Mercenary/Commando’s Electro Nets. Once this ability is casted on you by an enemy player it will slow you and if you move you will take heavy stacking DoT damage. Every time you move you will gain more stacks of DoT damage. It will also hinders you from activate Exfiltrate/Scamper and Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act. Don’t panic, by stun breaking the Electro Net you will be able to use Exfiltrate/Scamperand Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act but remember that the stacking uncleansable DoT damage will still be ticking if you move. Sometimes it’s best to save your Stunbreaks for Nets if you know you will be a target.


Miscellaneous Abilities:

Resuscitation Probe/Heartrigger Patch– Revives an incapacitated ally in combat.
This is your combat revive. Please put it on your bar and use it. Majority of healers in warzones don’t know what this ability is, don’t use it or don’t even have it on their bar. Don’t be that guy!

Distraction – Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds. This ability is off the GCD.

Majority of the times I use my interrupt is on healers to help my DPS down a target. If you have an opportunity, do it. It’s a great habit to get into. You can also macro this ability so you don’t have to switch targets to interrupt a healer using focus target.

Infiltrate/Smuggle – Cloaks all group members within 10 meters of you in a temporary stealth field that lasts 15 seconds. Only able to be used in stealth.

I use this a lot in arenas to stealth my group into combat. It helps my team be the first to engage from stealth or get good positioning against an enemy team. I use it sometimes in regular warzones to stealth up to the node or sneak a couple players to an off-node for a surprise attack.

Sneak – Increases your stealth level by 15 for 8 seconds. Only used in stealth mode.

I use this every time I stealth my team into combat in arenas or if I want to not be seen or popped out of stealth by the enemy team. It allows me to not be caught in stealth even though I might be standing close to an enemy. Use this ability to hide and set good positioning in an arena while your group engages.

Sleep Dart/Tranqulizer – Puts the target to sleep for 60 seconds. Makes on damage. Can only be used on targets that aren’t in combat and only one target can be incapacitated at a time. Can only be used in stealth.

This is a good ability to go into combat with if you are alone or trying to Mez a healer going into combat for your DPS. The only other time I use this is if I go try to cap a node. This is a very situational ability as a healer more for DPS Operatives/Scoundrels.


Damaging abilities:

Corrosive Dart/Vital Shot – Fires a dart at the target that deals X amount of internal damages over 18 seconds.

Worthless to use as a healer because it costs 15 energy. I only use it to put on a stealthier if my group is chasing for a kill to pop the enemy out of stealth.

Shiv/Blaster Whip – Attacks target for X kinetic damage.

Close range melee ability when you use to damage a target.

Backstab/Back Blast– Ambushes enemy for X kinetic damage. Only usable while behind target.
I used this in combo with Shiv for a for around 10k~ damage if they crit. Don’t use it unless there is nothing to heal.

Overlord Shot/Quick Shot – Blasts a target for X amount of weapon damage.

This is your spammable close ranged damaging ability. Can’t be used a lot because it costs 15 energy. Normally I use it to finish off a target if there is nothing to heal.

Fragmentation Grenade/Thermal Grenade – Deals X amount of kinetic damage to the primary target and X amount of kinetic damage up to 7 enemies within 5 meters.

This is your main AoE damage attack. Its best use is to stop node caps or using it as a range attack for an enemy who is running away.

Carbine Burst/Blaster Volley – Fires a carbine burst that hits up to 8 targets in a 10 meter cone in front of you for X weapon damage.

Kind of worthless ability to use as a healer. You should only use the cone AoE to pop a stealthier out of stealth for your team to kill.

UI tips and Miscellaneous Settings
1) Camera Max Distance

Preferences -> Controls -> Scroll down to “Camera” -> Set to 100% -> Apply -> OK

This is pretty self-explanatory. This setting lets you zoom out all the way for a better view of the terrain. A good healer is one who can read the whole battle. You will not be able to do this unless you are able to zoom way out.

2) Show Cool down Text

Preferences -> User Interface -> Scroll down to “Cool down Settings” and click “Show Cooldown Text” -> Apply -> OK.

This will make it so every time you cast an ability, if it has a cooldown it will give you a countdown on his cooldown icon on your bar instead of just a blue animation. I have no idea why this isn’t default setting in the first place. Every healer should have this enabled. It will make timing cooldowns and healing abilities extremely easier.

3) Ability Action Queue Window

Preferences -> Controls -> Scroll down to “Combat”. You will see a droll box with options.

I believe default of this is .5. This means that every .5 seconds it will let you queue or re-queue a new ability to be casted in the next GCD. I personally switched this to 0.0 because of my reaction time. This means there is no abilities queued up and I manually have to use abilities whenever my GCD is up again. My reaction time is good so I personally don’t have any issues setting this to 0.0 as well as I am able to react better if the situation changes without having abilities in queue to mess me up.

The only issue with a 0.0 is if there is server lag you might miss clicking your GCDs on time. Just be aware of this. Overall, this is a personal choice but I would recommend the lower the better in this setting.

4) Removing background of action bars

Interface Editor -> Click main action bar -> Scroll down and uncheck “Show Background” -> Save

This is a personal preference with my action bars. It makes it so only the icon of your abilities are showing and not the blue trim on the bar. It also helps if you want to stack your actions bars closer together and reduces clutter.

5) Showing HP/Energy on your Player/Target Frame

Interface Editor -> Click on your Player or Target Frame -> Scroll and check “Show Informational Text” -> Save

Another utility that I wish was default. This lets you see the exact percentage of your HP/Energy.

6) Highlighting Buffs/Duration/Effect Sort Type

Interface Editor -> Click your Player Buff Tray -> A/B/C/D -> Save
A) Scroll down check “Highlight Effects”
B) Under “Effect Highlight Max Duration” put 1 minute and below
C) Check “Personal Effects”
D) Under “Effect Sort Type” choice “Apply time”.

This makes it so your buffs are highlighted on your toon’s buff bar. If there is another Operative healer in your group, you can set your HoTs apart from another players HoTs because yours would have a golden highlight around the buff. All the other settings will help you reduce clutter and make your buffs easier to see.

7) Highlighting Buffs/Duration/Effect Sort Type for your Target frame

Interface Editor -> Click your Target Frame ->
A) Increase the buff size
B) Click “Show Informational Text”
C) Click Highlight Buffs
D) Under “Effect Highlight Max Duration” put 1 minute and below
E) Under “Sort Options” check “Personal Buffs”
F) “Buff Sort Type” click “By Time Remaining”
G) Uncheck Personal Debuffs

8) Ops frames settings

Interface Editor -> Click your Ops frame -> A/B/C/D/E/F
A) Decrease the size of debuffs (.5)
B) Increase buff size (.6)
C) Increase Health size (144)
D) Increase Health height (32)
E) Click “show Health Text”
F) Click “show Only Removable debuffs”

The sizes are just personal suggestions, take them as you will. This will make your Ops frame buffs and health easier to see.

9) Ops Frame/Buffs/Action Bar

Setting up a good UI for healing is tough. This is something you will really have to play around till you find a UI that fits all your needs. My advice is try to put the Ops Frame as close to your targets frame as possible. This will make it easier for you to see their buffs (HoTs) so it will be easier to refresh. I also try to put the Ops Frame/Buffs of your Target and Action Bar close to together so in one view you can see your cooldowns, players taking damage and if HoT’s need to be refreshed on the target.

My correct UI set up as an example: http://imgur.com/tfwNvgT

Shout outs:

Just want to thank guilds: Lukewarm Tauntauns, Sick Innuendo and Sick Twisted Individuals for all your support!

I seriously hope you all enjoy this guide and it helps you improve in your Operative/Scoundrel healing in PVP. Thanks!


Kiting and Positioning in Novare Coast:
1) http://imgur.com/m5SpkBv

Tip: Going to west? Use the rock marked to go further, then save the second roll for the ledge. This will save you time.

Tip: If you need to pull back or stealth out and heal up. These two trees are what you can use to kite melee, LoS or a save place to heal up.

2) http://imgur.com/m45WKrI

Tip: When pulling back these are the places you can use to LoS, Kite or heal up. Always be next an object for you to do these things. NEVER be out in the open. It is extremely easy to kill an Operative healer out in the open. Always use the environment to your advantage.

3) http://imgur.com/wyGSmr8

Tip: When running into mid in the beginning be in a good spot so the incoming rush don’t jump to you. I favor going to the right side of the node by the wall. Be careful though, Jugs/Maras love to jump in and awe in that area. Sometimes it’s best to hold back if you suspect this will happen before hugging the wall. After that stay on your side of the sandbags. If you are having trouble healing someone way up front. Circle around to the left gun area to heal the player. Try not to be in the center without a tank.

Tip: It’s extremely easy to piss off DPS around the turret area (left side of the screenshot). Because you can step two paces up and hug the corners and completely LoS a range player. If they adjust their positning to try to target you just step 2 paces up again and LoS them. They will be forced to always break their channel or cast. You will see me always flipping my screenshot looking at whoever is targeting me during the time i’m around the turret and easily LoSing their attacks.

Tip: Circling around the node itself is a lot a good strategy. Just be aware of majority of their team will be around the other side. It’s a better idea to do this if their team is spread out so you would be LoSing majority of you switch from one side to the next. Also remember if you are kiting around the back of the node you can get pushed down the hill. This is a bad position to be in because it’s out in the open with little to LoS with. Make sure to evade this if possible because it could make you an easy target for other range.

Tip: A lot of players don’t realize this but South node is on a hill. It’s extremely easy if you are taking pressure to just double roll down the hill to LoS. The players if they are in the center would have to run, hop over the sandbags and run down to target you as a range. ALWAYS remember that.

Tip: If you are losing mid fall back to the tent or tree by the tent to wait for reinforcements.

4) http://imgur.com/P5FUCMP

Tip: When falling back on the “pub” side of the map I favor going to the stump or the left tree. Really good places to LoS range or to revive if coming out of combat stealth.

Tip: Remember again that South node is on a hill which means if you are being focus fired. Double roll down the hill to LoS the range.

Tip: One advantage pubside has is the little dip or crater in the ground. By standing in it you can LoS anyone attacking you on the top of the hill. It sometimes annoying if a melee is fighting there because you would literally have to run all the way down there to be in range of healing them.

Tip: Again if you need to fall back on pub side just like imp side, go to the tent and wait for reinforces.

5) http://imgur.com/h1kbAnF

Tip: Want to go to West Node fast? Use the ledge here to port yourself into the air with your roll to go further. You can do the same if you want to go East Node. Also there is a nice, large tree here for LoSing if you need to if you are pushing up south.

6) http://imgur.com/LRh3DpT

Tip: Just like before use the environment to your advantage. Roll of the edge to go where you want to go faster.

7) http://imgur.com/noBT425

Tip: On the East Node I use the little lip of the cliff to slightly roll down the hill so I can get a cast off. Normally doing this if I am under a lot of range/melee fire from East to get some distance using the ledge roll advantage.

Tip: You can also use the wall here to kite around if needed. Just be aware that there is really nothing behind it if there are players all around probably not the best option when kiting. I would recommend going around the large rock instead.

8) http://imgur.com/Qu8m4xa

Both East and West node’s here are similar so both these tips would apply to each.

Tip: See the solar panel(? or light thing) to the left? I would not recommand going behind it. I have tried kiting around it many times and always get stuck and unable to kite easily in there. If you need to kite go around the wall.

Tip: You are also welcome to kite around the node here just be aware that there is a cliff. If you are being chased with someone with a knockback, probably not best to go behind here unless you have no other option. Being stuck, out of position back there sucks.

Tip: See the block wall by my character? This is a wonderful place to LoS range or a melee leap running to east or west. It’s a safe place to stand. I sometimes even are on top of this block and if being focused by a range hop down to LoS the damage and force the range to move.

Tip: See the box lifter(?) next to the turret? This environmental object is a blessing and a curse. It might no look like it but the tongs sticking up can LoS range. If you are being focused you can step in front of one of the tongs depending on where the range DPS is and force them to move to continue to DPS you. As a healer it’s easy to be healing a melee and have them LoS you because of this object. Try to use it to benefit you and be aware it is a LoS point for both your places as well as the enemy.

Tip: I always favor going around the turret when kiting. It’s a large area to LoS while circling in and out of battle at the node for peels or for healing. I also sometimes make a melee run to be back there just to mez them, then double roll back to my allies.

I will be making more of these. Let me know what you think or if you feel like I missed something in the descriptions.

Kiting and Positioning in Void Star:
Overview: After playing the map as a Operative Healer hundreds of times I am not to fond of it when it comes to positioning and kiting. Majority of my dislike comes with defending because your team gets forced into small chokes where you are easily pushed back into walls or corners. In Void Star you will notice the best spots to position yourself will be by pillars or by double stacked boxes/crates.

1) http://imgur.com/16opddJ

This is an attacking perspective overview. If your team is not confident or is lacking in heals stay back around the lines I pointed out. These are the best areas for you to be around. Let your team over extend and push forward. If anyone jumps on you push back to the LoS points around the ship, box, pillars of the bridge area or if it’s on the right, the first back pillar, box and pillars of the bridge.

All these positioning in the back gives your DPS the ability to pick off anyone who overextends. These players will also be LoSing their healers and support just to kill you which is good for your team.

If your team is doing well move up to the other LoS points I circled depending on which side majority of your team is rushing. If for whatever reason your team is losing at the doors push back to the areas I marked with the line to wait for reinforces or switch sides.

1-A) http://imgur.com/p2hWqZW

This goes with the image above. This shows good positioning. This game I was being tunneled so I pushed back to my LoS point giving my team an easy kill and forcing this player to be extremely out of position.

2) http://imgur.com/3Ryyeqw

This is if your team is confident attacking left side. Here is a good safe angle to position yourself and great LoS points. There is also a health pack in the back corner so if something does happen you also have that to work with.

Notice that here you have a double box stacked on the left of my toon. This will let you LoS any range. If you begin to use these boxes it is extremely easy to LoS range just by moving two steps in one direction and continuing to heal. I have canceled many range attacks using small environmental objects like these. It’s a great way to make the range targeting to get frustrated and switch targets haha.

2-A) http://imgur.com/MccFkMC

Other places left side to LoS or kite around are seen here. Do you see the double stacked box to the right of my toon? That is by far one of my favorite boxes in Voidstar when defending. Just by one step to the right or left you can LoS a range in front of you or to the sides of you while still being in a good position to heal an overextended ally in their back line. Remember double stacked boxes or crates are your friends!

2-B) http://imgur.com/mD7Qd5P

This goes with the image above to show the same persective but from a defending point of view. This positioning sucks because it forces you into a choke but that is just because of the map decision. Use the double stacked boxes to advanced forward other then that you should be using the pillar to LoS and kite majority of the attacks on you. This will also place yourself in the best position to get peels.

The only thing I hate about this pillar humping strat is if they have a lot of range and position themselves on both sides of the pillar. This makes it impossible to LoS the range of the enemy and you will most likely die without peels, off heals or a guard.

Another tip I would give is remember to use the pillar hugging the left side (seen on screenshot). A lot of players forget this is a kiting/LoS option too. It’s a good place to run away from range but the only downside it is extremely squishy when going around it hugging the wall. Just remember if it’s tough for you it’s also touch for the enemies attacking you. Get use to using it and it will benefit you in combat. I also use this spot for a good stealth and recover point so I can quickly jump back into battle after stabilizing myself.

3) http://imgur.com/o5ya4Ur

This is a leftside defending perspective. Notice again here I am positioning myself around the double stacked crates which is an easy LoS point. Here you have 3 options to LoS. Hugging the left lip of the wall under your respawn, double stacked crates and the pillar. I switch around these three when kiting so my actions aren’t predicable.

3-A) http://imgur.com/56NspOm

This is a attacking persective of the screenshot above. Notice I am always around something to LoS. Use the two pillars to kite and LoS. If your team starts dying move back to the large box behind you or kite toward the other side. Just remember not to be count out in the open if you switch sides or you will die most likely or forced to stealth out.

4) http://imgur.com/4KP0rqO

This section of the map is when you get the first set of doors open. This area is again a very tight area and hard to keep distance as a healer. Depending on what side I am on I like to use the doors as a way to LoS. It’s basically the only real area you can kite backward and it’s safe. If anyone catches you, you can CC them way up the ramp then hurry back to the battle.

The center island here is tricky. right and left side of it you can use for kiting but be careful. Please be aware that a player can push you off this platform into the pit below. It has happened to me and it sucks. Try not to go in front of this island because again 1 good knockback or push and you could go flying and die.

If you are the only one left on this side of the map (before the bridge is down) there is another new option you can consider. Using your Holo to teleport to the other side if a player is close to the edge. Be aware that holo is still buggy and it only works 50% of the time in situations like this. If you are going to die anyways, might as well try right? (It’s awkward when it fails, you are all like MLG for one moment, doesn’t work and you fall to your death LOL). The safer suggestion is if you have a friend on the other side who is a Sorc/Sage they can pull you across.

5) http://imgur.com/aAliB3i

Lets talk about how to get over the bridge without being pushed or knockbacked off. Everytime you go over the bridge it’s a risk because normally players are just itchy, laying in wait to push you off. You have many options of doing it safely:
A) Holo – You can teleport to someone has made the walk of faith successfully and is close to the other side, then roll right after and you should be safely out of harms way. You can also do the same and Holo to an enemy as well.
B) Roll – Run as far as you can safely then double roll. Hopefully you can do it fast enough that you can make it across before the enemy reacts.
C) Stealth – Stealth yourself and allies across.
D) I call this strategy, “Let the sheep go first” lol, meaning let your allies bait all the knockbacks, when it’s safely double roll across.
E) Have good positioning. If all these aren’t an option having good poisoning is a way to safely cross the bridge and not get knocked back into the pit. It’s pretty obvious when someone is about to use a knockback. Just run closer toward them so if they knock you’ll be on the edge of the bridge and not in the pit. This is just for knockbacks not for Jug push which can be harder to judge the distance.

After you are safely across in this screenshot I crossed out “NO zones”. These are areas you shouldn’t be standing because of knockbacks or pushes. It’s best not to get caught out here because one push and you’ll be dead. \

See the double craft in front of my toon? Love this craft because it has saved my life so many times. GREAT place to LoS and kite around, no matter if you are attacking or defending.

Depending on the enemie’s positioning you can use the LoS spots around the doors to LoS range. It’s not the greatest option but if you are about to die, remember they are there.

There is a median or small wall that is between the doors. This is also a good place to LoS while keeping an eye on the doors.

I always told you that it’s important to use pillars whenever you can when kiting and LoSing range. Here though it can be tricky because they are so close to the edge/pit. I would try to evade using the pillars here or only use them as a last resort. If i do use them I try to stay close to the inside as possible since I don’t want to be knocked off.

6) http://imgur.com/RUNKpUV

6-A) http://imgur.com/ARM9Yh3

This is another place I hate to kite because it forces you to narrow space with a lot of environmental crap on the ground so it’s hard to roll. Two notable LoS spots is the double box stacked (second screenshot) and the two missiles stacked to the back wall.

7) http://imgur.com/Tx85Gme

At the last section of voidstar this is one of my favorite positions for defending. Notice I am behind stacked barrels. They are positioned in an arch is it easy to see allies and feel safe. Other good kiting options is the overtuned box to front of right of my toon. There is a little gap underneath to LoS and kite. There is also two boxes to the left my toon where are awesome LoS and kiting options.

7-A) http://imgur.com/6vPAMrv

Here is a zoomed out view of the places that are awesome for kiting and LoSing behind. Also be aware there is a health pack to the backwall. If things get hairy you can push back and grab that to heal up.

7-B) http://imgur.com/Ar0iZnO

Try to go around the box if you need to. You cannot go around both of the boxes hugging the back wall. From there to keep distance from the fight you can go into the box or around it to the other health pack. All good places to keep distance and LoS.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!