PvE Medicine Operative Healing 5.0

By Veti


  • HOT (healing over time)
  • AOE (area of effect)
  • DMG (damage)
  • DPS (damage per second)
  • Proc (programmed random occurance)
  • CD (cooldown)


These are the utilities for my operative healer which I have found to be extremely useful and recommend.


  • Nanotech Suit – (Passive) Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%.


  • Chem-resistant Inlays – (Passive) Increases damage reduction by 5%.



  • Med Shield – (Passive) Your Shield Probe heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it collapses.
  • Fortified Kolto – (Passive) While your Kolto Probe is active on yourself, your damage reduction is increased by 3% per stack.


  • Cunning Competencies – (Passive) Countermeasures purge all movement-impairing effects when activated. Additionally, when Sleep Dart wears off, the target is struck by Sedatives reducing all damage dealt by 50% for the next 10 seconds.
  • Evasive Imperative – (Passive) Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. (This is a good one to use instead of Imperial Tactics in certain cases as it is extremely useful for bosses like TOS boss Underlurker in HM/NiM)


  • Revitalizers – (Passive) Stim Boost now additionally grants Revitalizers, restoring 5% of total health every 3 seconds and reducing damage received by 20% for the duration.
  • Augmented Shields – (Passive) Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Shield Probe by 30%.
  • Blow for Blow – (Passive) Activating Evasion grants Blow for Blow, returning 150% of direct single target tech and Force damage taken back to the attacker while Evasion is active. (This is a good utility for PvP as well.)

I like to switch between Augmented Shields and Blow for Blow depending on the fight.

Note: I recommend staying away from Curative Agent since they fixed the healing bug. It is pretty much a useless utility unless you are healing just yourself.


Gearing in 5.0 is now through the Command Experience Crates, Command Tokens, Unassembled Components and random drops from Operations (with the last boss guaranteeing a drop) that you receive after hitting 70. You can also have others craft you different mods/enhancements/implants, etc to accommodate your needs.

The gear ratings are now 242>236>230. If you have armorings that are even just 230 (set pieces) you can have people craft (or you can buy) 234, 240 mods, hilts, implants, etc for your entire left side.

The recommended gearing stats by Bant for Operative healers are:
41.3 APM | 7881 Endurance | 6493 Mastery (Stim) | 3605 Power | 1893 Critical (5xE, 7xA, 2xC) | 1697 Alacrity (5xE, 7xA) | 0 Accuracy

Tier Gear Bonuses

(2 set pieces) Activating a healing ability has a 15% chance to grant Field Medic’s Critical Bonus which causes your next kolto injection or underworld medicine to be a critical. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

(4 set pieces) Reduces the energy cost of Kolto Pack by 2.

(6 set pieces) Reduces the cooldown of Recuperative Nanotech or Kolto Cloud by 3 seconds.


I would recommend using Focused Retribution and Serendipitous Assault (or Devastating Vengeance in place of Serendipitous Assault). Make sure to never stack the same relic for both slots as they do not both proc and one will become useless.


Healers use Advanced Polybiotic Versatile Stim which increases Mastery by 240 and Power by 99 for 480 minutes.

Adrenals can be extremely important for certain fights, though I would recommend only using them when necessary. These are a few that I use and would recommend keeping on hand:

  • Advanced Polybiotic Efficacy Adrenal – Increases Alacrity by 825 for 15 seconds.
  • Advanced Polybiotic Absorb Adrenal – Absorbs 30% of dmg up to a massive amount of dmg for 15 seconds. Damage absorbed scales by level up to level 65 (This is the adrenal I use the most often, especially in a fight that gives out a lot of AOE dmg; it is much easier healing other targets when you’re not having to worry about your own as well).
  • Advanced Polybiotic Critical Adrenal – Increases Critical Rating by 826 for 15 seconds.
  • Advanced Polybiotic Attack Adrenal – Increases Power by 825 and reduces all healing done by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds (Recommend when you are dps’ing a boss fight such as SnV Dread Master Styrak which has a DPS check).


As an operative healer there is no set rotation as it will depend on your HOTS and the particular operation. Knowing when you proc will help greatly with that.


Evasion – Increases your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 200% for 3 seconds and self-cleanses DOTS. Doesn’t break stealth.

Shield Probe – it puts a protective shield around you absorbing a moderate amount of damage for 10 seconds.

Exfiltrate – Roll forward 12 meters. Activating Exfiltrate a second time within 10 seconds allows you to roll again, but puts the ability on CD for 10 seconds. While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Does not break stealth. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered.

Holotraverse – Supercharge your stealth generator, quickly moving you to a friendly or enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth. Cannot  be used against enemy targets in cover.

Escape – Purges all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

Distraction – Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds. It’s important to save this when necessary in an operation or when it’s called for by the leader of the group.

Aggro Drop

Countermeasure – It will drop your threat significantly.

Cloaking Screen – it will cause you to instantly drop all aggro and become undetectable for 10 seconds. Only use this when you are becoming overwhelmed with damage from adds/boss and your other aggro drop has been used.

During a fight if you have aggro (for example with adds) you should bring them to the tank and then either use your aggro drop(s) or let the tank AOE taunt.

Energy Management

Operative healers only hold up to 100 energy so it’s important to keep your energy up around 50-60%. In order to do that you can use Diagnostic Scan which rebuilds energy pretty quickly. If you are DPS’ing use Rifle Shot, however it rebuilds energy up at a slower rate.

Adrenaline Probe – Summons a droid that helps you recover 50 energy over 3 seconds. This should only be used as your backup energy regeneration in an emergency. The cooldown is 1 minute so use it sparingly.

Single Target Healing

For single target healing I like to start with Kolto Injection which gives you a Tactical Advantage, then onto Kolto Infusion, then Diagnostic Scan (which you channel while moving and it helps keep your energy where you need it. It’s recommended you try to maintain your energy at 50-60%) and then Surgical Probe, if necessary.

  • Kolto Injection > Kolto Infusion > Diagnostic Scan > Surgical Probe
    • >>>

Multiple Target Healing

For multiple target healing I usually start off hitting the tanks with Recuperative Nanotech (which heals up to 3 targets for 8423 over 9 seconds). It provides a HOT and adds more healing to targets that are close to it.

Typically, when you use Recuperative Nanotech (this effect also procs a Tactical Advantage) in the middle of a fight, hit Kolto Waves right after. It is a channeled AOE effect that heals up to 8 targets and is best to be used when everyone is grouped up.

  • Recuperative Nanotech > Kolto Waves
    • >

When using either Multiple or Single Target Healing try to keep Kolto Probes on each target as much as possible.

Burst Healing

Stim Boost will proc your Kolto Injection and/or Kolto Infusion to be cast instantly. It also gives you a Tactical Advantage and boosts alacrity by 10% for 15 seconds.

  • Kolto Injection > Diagnostic Scan > Surgical Probe > Recuperative Nanotech > Kolto Waves

Procs and Buffs

Making sure you time using your procs and buffs at the right moment because they are critical for your HPS.

  • Countermeasures – Periodic healing over 10 seconds and procs Kolto Probe (this only heals for 10 seconds if you have Curative Agent set in utilities).
  • Critical Surge – Critical rating increased. This occurs when you hit Recuperative Nanotech.
  • Field Medic’s Critical Bonus – You receive this bonus from having a 2 set piece. It can only be activated once every 30 seconds and will make your next Kolto Injection or Underworld Medicine will critically heal.
  • Invigorated – Healing received increased. It lasts up to 42 seconds and increases healing received from your co healer as well.
  • Mastery Surge – Mastery increased. It occurs when you heal either yourself or friendly targets.
  • Tactical Superiority – It Executes your Tactical Advantage to grant Tactical Superiority to the whole raid group within 40 meters. It increases critical chance by 10% for 10 seconds. Usually used at the beginning of a boss fight or when the raid leader calls for it.
  • Tactical Advantage – Executions enabled. It stack up to 3 times and it lasts 23 seconds. It can be gained over time through stacking your HOTS or placing Kolto Probe on targets.
  • Tactical Medicine – Increases all healing output by 3% for 6 seconds.
  • Resistant – Internal and elemental damage reduction increased over 44 sec when you use Kolto Infusion.
  • Kolto Probe – Procs Critical Surge, Field Medic’s Critical Bonus and Tactical Advantage.

Reviving Targets During Combat

As a stealth class there are two ways to revive a target during combat:

  • Combat Revive: Combat reviving a dead player in your group using Resuscitation Probe causes a buff on all members in the raid group so that they use combat reviving again until the cooldown runs out for 4.25 minutes. Usually, this is reserved for tanks and, if the fight is heavy on dps checks, a dps.
  • Stealth Revive: Make sure your HOTs are not active before using Cloaking Screen to revive a dead player otherwise it will put you back into combat therefore not allowing you to revive the player. Once you have revived the player you (or the revived player) can revive more before entering combat.

DPS’ing in Heal Spec

There will be certain fights that require healers to dps as well. Dps’ing depletes your energy more quickly than healing.

  • Single Targets: Corrosive Dart > Backstab > Shiv > Noxious Knives > Overload Shot > Debilitate (deals 2392-2692 energy dmg and on a weaker target stuns them) > Rifle Shot
    • >>>>>>
  • Multiple Targets: Fragmentation Grenade > Corrosive Dart > Shiv > Noxious Knives > Overload Shot > Rifle Shot
    • >>>>>

Use Rifle Shot to regain energy.
Make sure to look at your discipline paths next to the utilities and read through them. It will be extremely helpful in knowing your class better, which in turn will make you more effective as a healer.

Guide Provided By Veti – The Original Version Along With Updates Can Be found here!

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