As I’ve stated numerous times, I’m fairly new both to Sent/Mara and the game, so perhaps there are some things I’m overlooking or good contradictory opinions to mine here. However, after both using them and looking at them a bit I thought I’d offer up my thoughts–frankly, I think we need some work.



Rebuke = Cloak of Pain
Pacify = Obfuscate
Inspiration = Bloodthirst
Centering = Fury


Jedi Enforcer/Cloak of Carnage: The main benefit here is not the 15% damage boost, but rather the 4 second duration boost. Particularly in PvP, 10 vs 6 seconds to retrigger 20% DR is much more valuable than a minor boost to a situational damage proc that is fairly minor in the most ideal of circumstances (having it trigger 30 times in 30 seconds). That said, it’s good enough for the extra 4 seconds the 15% damage boost is a hey, why not?

Debilitation/Overwhelm: Nearly useless in PvE. Handy in PvP, particularly if you’re using a spec where blade dance is more filler. Getting people to waste a DCD on an ability you’re using in your rotation anyhow is a very nice bonus. And extra CC for various ‘need to stop this dude’ moments.

Jedi Crusader/Cloak of Rage: Honestly, I’m not a fan in either scenario. A good rotation should optimize both your DPS and give you the focus you need, and particularly in PvP a surplus is likely. If the extra focus actually did something (like having DCD’s we could burn focus on?), this might be more useful.

Adamant/Inexorable: If you need focus, this is good. Chances are, most of these things are going to happen to you not infrequently both in PvE and PvP. The CD reduction on resolute is nice in PvP.

Stoic/Brazen: Why the hell is it we get so many otherwise good bonuses off of being attacked? Did someone confuse Sent/Mara with Guard/Jugg? That said, this is a nice one. 2% DR is good in both scenarios, and unlike focus, extra centering is almost always helpful.

Trailblazer/Path Carver: If you need mass AoE damage, particularly as Combat/Carnage, not taking this is silly. This is how a utility should be, it fills a specific role that is a regular occurrence and does it well.

Reining Reach/Maiming Reach: Little use in PvE, almost required in PvP. Just Pursuit should probably be merged into it, though.

Unwavering Resolve/Unflinching Determination: This is useful if you really, really want to guarantee that your burst doesn’t get interrupted… for 6 seconds once every 3 minutes. 5 times a PvP match at most and you’re blowing one of your best DCDs in the process? In my opinion, barring a change to saber ward, this should be attached to a more frequent ability. Blade blitz? Something. Not Saber Ward.


Incisor/Interceptor: Pretty much useless in PvE. In PvP… it’s not really an alternative to leg slash, as leg slash is still desired for the healing reduction. But if you really, really hate it when other people move, it’s nice. That said, I think it has too much competition from better PvP utilities once you’re in Masterful, and should instead be a Skillful.

Ardor/Relentless: This is amazing. Why wouldn’t you take this for PvP or PvE? Guaranteed 33% uptime on 20 or 50% speed increase, not to mention 10% melee+ranged defense… to every group member within 40 meters? Uhhh.. yes, please. Not to mention it’s a ready to fire group speed boost for numerous PvP situations. That said, how often do you see Transcendence used outside of the Ardor utility? This should honestly probably be merged into the ability itself and free up a utility slot.

Defensive Roll/Defensive Roll: Just take it. AoE is everywhere. Dots are everywhere. Can be dropped if you’re in content where you are unlikely to be targeted or eat much AoE for something better, but generally, I consider this the same as Trailblazer — useful in a good amount of situations and very good at what it does.

Watchguard/Subjugation: If you’re really good at using your interrupts and good at keeping your uptime on pacify (I suck), then this can be a good util. I’d consider it an advanced player util, but as someone wise can put it to good use I’d consider it a decent one.

Pulse/Strangulate: 15 second CD off of one skill and that’s it. Is reducing Statis to ~40 seconds really worth an entire utility? And if so, should this be in Masterful? This may be an advanced situational utility — which at least makes it a better option than some of the others.

Displacement/Displacement: 2m range buff to a 4m skill is a joke. Being able to rebuke while stunned is not worth a utility, and certainly not masterful. I’d just as soon see the two meager effects of this utility built into the respective abilities.

Force Fade/Phantom: Speed is love. Speed is life. Maybe not a must have in PvE, but very, very good in PvP, partly for the speed boosts–you spend most of your time running after things that want nothing to do with you, and the rest running away from things that so much as look at you funny. And the duration on the camo is nice. 50% increase.

Inspired Focus/Thirst for Rage: 12 focus every 5 minutes. Sure, it’s an instant bar fill.. .that you almost never need, with any rotation. Oh, and it only procs off of a specific ability… that you require 30 centering for. And let 12 focus every 5 minutes sink in. This is horrible. I should go back and delete this entire paragraph because this ability doesn’t deserve typing.


Fleet-footed/Unbound: Remember how I said that Ardor should just be merged into Transcendence? Well, this shouldn’t, simply because it’s another example of a well done situational utility. The movement purge and speed boost are both invaluable in PvP, and honestly it can even be a lifesaver in PvE.

Expunging Camouflage/Expunging Camouflage: Honestly, I’d prefer to see this merged into Camouflage. That said, often useful in PvP and a situational must have in PvE. I really don’t see why this can’t be part of Camo to begin with, though.

Jedi Promulgator/Cloak of Annihilation: Not procced enough for PvE. For PvP, I used to skim past this, but if you’re taking the leg slash utilities, it’s worth noting that: 1) Using leg slash builds centering, and for 1 focus a pop if you take the proper util. 2) Lacing the enemy team with 50% movement debuff and 20% heal debuff is not to be underestimated. This can sometimes be more valuable than inflicting straight damage if the damage is likely to be easily healed. 3) If you took the right util for leg slash, it’s a rare ranged centering builder. Also, you will be using zealous strike at least a couple times every 30 seconds in most scenarios for both focus and set bonuses. Where I’m going with this is this can couple quite well with a harassing playstyle in between bursts to keep a high amount of uptime on Rebuke. That said, I wish they’d change Strike proc to something else, like Force Leap.

Jedi Pursuit/Inescapable: Should probably just be merged into Reining Reach. That said, 3 seconds of immobilizing to the same target every 10 seconds isn’t bad, and if you’re combining this with my harassment+centering builder idea above, note the 10 second limitation is only per same target.

Enduring/Undying: In the right circumstances, this can be a life saver. That said, if you need this in PvE with any sort of regularity you or somebody else is doing something very wrong. For PvP, it’s a playstyle thing. If you’re very good with managing your DCD on Guarded, 50% uptime is exceptional and 30 seconds off of the cooldown is a nice boost. It just hurts to pick it over other utils at times. Still, if it’s a choice you have to think hard about it’s probably a good choice, so I like this as a “Less frequently used, but a respectable alternative option” util choice.

Zealous Ward/Blood Ward: Can potentially save a bad situation every now and again in both PvP and PvE, but is it doing so often enough to eat one of your util points? For the effect it gives, I don’t think so. 36% health return over 12 seconds, and it only procs if you’re getting attacked, once a second. In my opinion, it’s too damned little that’s too damned proc dependent that’s too damned situational. Especially given the big CD on Saber Ward. You know what? I’m going to be aggressive. I’d like to see it 8% per tick, so it’s just shy of a 100% heal. If someone is derp enough to keep hitting you at least once every 12 seconds for Ward’s entire duration they deserve to fight a near full health Sent/Mara again. Given that it’s super proc dependent and can only occur once every 3 minutes, I think this would make things more interesting.

Contemplation/Brooding: A great way to speed up the beginning of your rotation no matter what you’re doing. I wouldn’t consider it a requirement, but especially for fights that demand early DPS, this is just convenient. The reduced CD on Awe can be nice as well. Good utility.

Cut Loose/Through Victory: I don’t think this is necessarily bad, but it’s pretty much overtaken by the Transcendence utility in the same tier. Merge it with the dinky utility that is Displacement? The name kinda fits.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!