(PTU) Landing assist: ship insurance advised – Star Citizen Arena Commander PTU 1.1.0

Hey guys! I’ve entered free flight mode in the PTU 1. and I’m going to take a look at this landing system they’ve implemented. Oh look! My HUD actually tells me what countermeasure I’m using at the moment. That’s awesome. I used to switch countermeasures so my computer tell me which one I was using because I forgot. O.K. back to landing. Let’s find ourselves a landing pad. The landing assist is supposedly activated by the N-key But all it seems to do at the moment is targeting a landing zone.

Oh that sounds bad. That’s it?! That’s my landing system? If this is how it’s supposed to work it’s a huge disappointment. Let’s take-off. Oh wow, O.K., that wasn’t me. O.K. now all controls are frozen. I can’t move… …and I’m heading for that spacestation. O.K. another problem… …is that strafing forward in decoupled mode… …is not functional. Oh come on that wasn’t too fast. Ah look at the radar. It starts working as soon as we want to leave. Oh my engines only start working after I use my afterburners. Hah! Another save landing. Good thing I have LTI. woow Oh, here we go again. Zero control. O.K guys I’ll leave it at this.

The landing system clearly isn’t working as it should. Thanks for watching, bye-bye.

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