Skyforge Weekly/Daily/Limitless Rewards, Locations, Quests and Mechanics For Thea



The following map (may change with time) shows the locations of different contents on Theia. The numbers in brackets are with CATALYSTS:

Extra informations on these (WEEKLY/DAILY):

  • Relay:
    • On red spots you can see Cache search under your feet (random where you find)
    • You have to find an occulat, which only shows up if you step on it
    • When started it gives a quest:
      • You have to scan 3 spot in 2 min
      • Only one of them is the good spot
      • If you find it, it will lead you to one of the showed YELLOW RELAY spots.
      • IF you have the quest and go to a relay started BY SOMEONE ELSE you still get the quest done, and get the daily reward.
  • Defense/Attack:
    • Both has 3/3 spot, but you get the daily only once for each

Meteor shower (NO LIMIT):

  • When they appear you have to search for the green pillars
    • It’s between 3-6 / meteor shower
  • If you pick them up (have to be out of fight):
    • Give around 20-60 (40-120) each.
  • The Helicons protecting them:
    • If you started to fight against them they give around 10 (20)
    • If someone else started it gives less (as far I saw the less hp it has when you join, the less you get)

Helican Memory Block (WEEKLY):

  • You can find them in Helicans (random, easiest during meteor shower beside a meteor spot)
    • Need to find 5
    • When used it send you to a location (PURPLE HELICAN)
    • You need to start a quest here
    • 1,5 minute to kill at least 3 Helican (God recommended)
      • Gives each around 10-15 (20-30)
    • When finished you get 100 (200)

Cube Quests (Weekly):

  • On the (GREY CUBE) spot you can see an indicator to find:
    • They pop around every 10-15 min
    • They are instance based, not personal, only 1 can pick it up
    • They give a quest:
      • The quest is to go to an enemy base
      • Hack a terminal (press correct button from 1-4 to the symbol above your head 8 times)
        • If success: 50 (100) reward
        • If fail: nothing
        • Either way it spawn a CUBE BOSS you DON’T have to kill. (Doesn’t give anything)
      • Hack 8 of these a WEEK (Fail count also) to get an extra quest:
        • Go the the base to an NPC:
          • Get 1000 (2000)

Helican around the map (NO LIMIT):

  • You can kill them around the map:
    • They give randomly 0-15 (0-30)

* Giving ALL the credits to Alvin Dresden who posted it on EU server.

** Original Post can be found here.

*** I just wanted to share with NA community because i found myself confused about  new region Thea and maybe this can help other people as confused as i was.


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