Hello Immortals,

i would give you a actually guide about our Pantheon-system,

If you’ve played MMO games before, you know that each game has systems in place for guilds. In Skyforge a “Pantheon” is actually your “Guild”. It is okay if you prefer the word “Guild” instead of “Pantheon”,it is more common for many players. In many MMO games that I played, there is an easy-to-build guild system:

– level decides the Guild with orders

– donations

– rankings on some trust members

– head of the Pantheon runs almost all things

– mostly a great list (not divided into groups).

Skyforge’s Pantheon, the system is more complicated to other MMO games. The differences are:

– clan leader is not the only one in charge, the clan leader can decide but not everything. The clan leader can also elect “commanders”(system will auto elect pantheon members if no choices are made)

– all pantheon members should help with donations and Directives of the Council of the gods to provide resources to upgrade the Pantheon

– The benefits of upgrading a Pantheon is HP(Health) and Damage bonus, more room for Pantheon members, unlocking custom Pantheon Emblem, unlocking Academy and increasing Academy space.

The Pantheon is controlled not only by the head of the clan but by the commanders as well. Each clan has several commanders but only the original founder of the Pantheon is titled clan head. The Clan leader and commanders can expand the Pantheon even if the Clan Leader is out of town or away, this is done by a “committee” vote. How to build out the Pantheon we will come to later.

In Skyforge, the Pantheon is controlled by a committee, this includes the commanders and the clan leader, so the Pantheon should not die quickly if you have active leadership, but also continues to exist, even without the Clan Leader (the founder of the Pantheon). Commanders can not kick the founder.

The Foundation of a Pantheon

To start a pantheon, it is very simple. You need 50,000 credits to open your own Pantheon. Sounds simple indeed, but I want to warn you before you created a pantheon.
A new Pantheon is not permanent after paying 50,000 credits. It is actually temporary because you must have at least 2 members in the list within 7 days. If you have not done it within 7 days, the Pantheon will dissolve. So make sure and find some! It is better if you have friends in your list.
The “Endgame” of Skyforge is targeted towards Pantheon Wars. In order to be able to participate in these battles, you need the Pantheon on the 10th rank. This means that your Pantheon will successfully have at 50 vindicator tags, but also the availability for 100 active members.
Yes, Skyforge already has many pantheons. For new players you have the option to build a new pantheon or join an existing pantheon, so better to think twice about it because later on in the game, it could be more difficult to get 100-150 players in your pantheon. There are already had big pantheons.
The space for members in your Pantheon is dependant on the Rank of your Pantheon. Keeping a Pantheon active and invigorating it with resources to upgrade can be complicated and a dedicated effort for those who find themselves casual players.
Are you sure you want to create a pantheon and do you have good plans? … Want to actively search for new members and have enough player experience with questions and problems.
Then have fun while creating a pantheon. You are all welcome to establish your own community, but it is a team effort, and without your team, it can become difficult.

Searching for a Pantheon

To find a pantheon press “O” and then give the name of your pantheon. The name length of the pantheon is minimum of 2 and no more than 30 characters, so a long name shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Remember that Pantheon names are all people see before joining, so seek to present a good name for your Pantheon.

The Academy

If you are a new player to Skyforge and have not yet obtained God Form you will want to seek out an Academy. You will earn additional resources such as credits, stimulants and Knowledge of Enemies to assist with your progression to God Form.
The academy can be like consider as a pre-God Form introduction to the game where you can just go in without an invitation to obtain assistance, guidance and get a certain understanding of the game before you pass God Form and enter the real part of the game Skyforge gaming environment.

Voting system in the Pantheon

If you think you can decide everything yourself as the founder, you are wrong. You must work with the commanders. Make sure you have made the right decisions, or you have negative votes.

You know that all commanders must vote for any decision within pantheon:

– abdicate or promote

-Pantheon war decision

-Pantheon appreciation

Quite a few decisions need a voice. Only normal players do not need a voice to not be kicked.

Founders and leaders should speak with each other before votes, and also remember to address your community.

Why should you do it? To negate negative voices. Make sure that all commanders agree with you, your votes are positive in all decisions.

3 Things to know about that Votingsystem:

  1. For successful votings min. 50% and a limit time is 24 hours or it’ll auto fail
  2. Founder cant be kicked
  3. kick inactive academy member need to wait at least 3 days on PC / 4-5 days on PS4

The Ingame Interface

Here i will show you the Interface and what you can find there.

  1. Pantheon Info
    here you see all Information about your Pantheon for example “you can see how many members do you have in your Academy and in the regular Pantheon”.
  2. Pantheon Upgrade Bonus
    your Pantheon needs upgrades so every time you upgrading your Pantheon you see what you get from these Upgrade. You get + ? slots for Your Pantheon and alternately Damage and Health Bonus.
  3. Pantheon Emblem
    For that you need to upgrade your Pantheon to Rang 5 and after that you can edit your emblem.
  4. Description
    Here you can type what ever you want “Taxes per week”, Teamspeak server or Discordserver ….
  5. Pantheon Resources
    when you upgrade your Pantheon you need Pantheon Credits and Construction Resource
    You need to spend your own credits for this Pantheon Credits but you will get Victory Medals.
    And this Construction resources you will get from Directive.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!