Skyforge Kage Theorc’s Tips for People About Ascension


Hello! It’s me! The nonsensical Kage who almost always ends up being a Defense class in groups! 0/

Today someone in Region asked about some things because they were a returning player, and were confused by some new things about Ascension. They asked why there were no good videos that explained the changes. Well, I can’t do a video. What I can do however is a post! So I shall!

These are just some quickfire tips. If you want more thorough details, I’ll give you some simple advice to clear that up now: Play the game! It’s fun to learn new things and explore new opportunities! I’m just here to tell you simple things, not what class is doing best and what gear is best and blah blah blah. That’s for you to find out yourself! Now, on with the show!

Quick Tip #1: Sparks (and some other currencies) are gone (or reworked).

Sparks, Eidoses, and all that stuff is gone. The Ascension Atlas is no more. Trust me though, the devs were really good at making sure all those hard earned points in your pretty constellations were altered accordingly to help you survive Ascension. Any sparks you had left over have now been converted to some other currency (you’ll be prompted when you log in (either prompted or you have to hit F9. I dunno it’s been a while)).

Quick Tip #2: Talents, Symbols, and Companion Abilities: OVERHAUL GALORE!!!!

Okay, I might be using a bit too much expression there. But, your talents are now baseline. You have talents for PvE, and talents for PvP. All your swapping freedom comes in during Symbols. Symbols were redone as well. Who remembers the 29 symbol galore? Yeah no. That’s gone. You now have a set choice of symbols which are determined by something that will be addressed in the next point (I know, I am an all-star 5-star MLG segway-er. Yet, I don’t have a segway…*sheds tear*).


Ok so, you might tell that you have more than just your globe now. You also have your campaign map. This has all instances in Skyforge neatly put into a nice warpath for you to take over! (I’m kidding. Please don’t go around taking over things. We need heroes, not conquerors). The warpath as I call it, is split up into multiple areas. These areas have all your instances and world zones caked into them. Inside these areas is also Temples and Bastions, but we’ll get to that in the next point. To sum this point up though, just understand that the warpath is now your way of taking over the world. And another way to access the instances.

Quick Tip #4: No Class Constellations? What? What Do I Do? Who do I Murder?! (And Also Symbols)

Well, you don’t murder anyone, actually. But, you do have to murder the denizens of the forces that threaten Aelion to get your new shiny things. As mentioned above, the warpath is now your hub to doing everything. If you open your map (It’s the same binding that would open your pretty star map, which is the “K” key if you forgot). So, if you go to that “K” key, you’ll be on something else. Ignore that for now because that’s going to be put down later. For now, just mouse your way on over to the Provinces. Or as you should know it by now after reading this: Your warpath. There will be red zones. Those are instances you have yet to do. Once you do them, that edgy red goes away. Once the whole area is wiped out from red, you get access to some things. Mainly, Bastions and Class Temples.

Class Temples: Once you free up a zone, you can pay Knowledge of Enemies to unlock a Class Temple. You do that, then hooray! The class is now yours! “But Kage, how do I get new skillz tho to be uber duber 1337?” First, better grammar please. Second, you get quests to do with this class. Completing those quests will unlock your skills you will see once you get the class temple unlocked and stuff. Do all of the quests to unlock all the traits and skills and stuff. You unlock them at a rate of 1 quest per skill. So to wrap this up, you buy the class with Knowledge of Enemies, get a quest to do something; do the quest, get the skillz, rinse repeat until you unlock it all. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! SO IMPORTANT IT’S IN CAPS: IF YOU HAD A CLASS UNLOCKED BEFORE ASCENSION, YOU DO NOT NEED TO OPEN THE TEMPLE TO GET IT. YOU WILL STILL HAVE ACCESS TO THAT CLASS.

Bastions: Bastions. Buildings of hope, serenity, and symbols. Aside from other passive buffs here and there, Bastions are your source of symbols. If you open your character page and mouse over to abilities, then symbols, you’ll see the symbols is broken up into multiple rows. Each row represents a bastion. The top one is the first symbol you get at every bastion, and the last one is, well, the last one you get from each Bastion. In its simplest form, this is how you get your symbols. The 1 2 3 4 on top of the symbols page is what I call your Symbol sets. So if you’re like me and like a set of symbols for damage, for defense, and for support; there you go. In the bottom right you can click a button to reset your symbols in that symbol set. Only one “symbol set” can be active at a time.

Quick Tip #5: Kage, What Was That Thing You Made Me Skip to Get to the Warpath?

So, when you open up what used to be your pretty star map button (the “K” key), you will now be met with something different. Ok so, here’s how I’m going to do this. If you don’t like it then oh well keep reading because you’ve already made it this far and I’m proud of you for doing so. Y’know what, yeah. You’ve read a lot already. Go on ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. I wouldn’t even read this much unless I was really curious. It’s ok. Take this moment to gloat about your superior reading skills.

*taps foot*

Ok so, this will be broken up by sections. Capital, Aelion, Quests, Stories.

Capital: There are some main buildings as you can see here. I’m going to give a very general basis for each one from my meh understanding of them. If you want to know each little intricacy like numbers and stuff…Well, you won’t find them here because I’m not a numbers person.

(From Left to Right to Zig-Zag) Hall of Trophies: This is a place you go to get abilities for your robots and might buffs here and there. This is where you spend majority of your victor medals. You pay victor medals to get might.

Tower of Knowledge: This is where you spend your new resource of Knowledge of Enemies (aside from buying class temples). This is a knowledge of enemies dump used to get more might. You can either spend what you have and get the immediate might reward, or wait for enough for a full research to get more might. You spend credits to complete research this way.

Cathedral: Upgrade buildings here with credits for Might (Might is kinda a big deal guys. Dunno if you can tell or nah).

Temple of Deeds: You spend a new currency here (Divine Deeds). You get Divine Deeds from get this: Doing things…in Divine Form. Basically you spend them like you would spend them at a bastion. You still get new god trees from killing avatars and stuff.

Altar: This is like the Halls of Greatness thing. You come here daily to get x10 of an amount of credits, and can pay argents for more credits (if you’re desperate. I personally don’t recommend it).

Flavius’s Laboratory: This replaces the invasion constellation pretty star map thing. You get quests to do things involving that invasion force. Do the quests, get the passives and stuff (sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?).

Distortions: Haven’t touched it because I’m a pleb. But, I’m pretty sure that’s how you access distortions now.


Aelion: The pretty globe as you remember it. You get your directives here. But aside from that, it’s the same as before. DIRECTIVES: Directives are a new thing. Basically you get the directive which is multiple quests to do multiple things. Do all the things and get rewards.

Quests: All the Quests you have right now. From here you can also go to specific instances to complete said quests.

Stories: Your main questlines and stuff. They let your teleport to where you need to be for that quest and get the story you know and love.

Final Note: The top left thing in the Campaign screen is priority tasks. Things like take rewards, do quests, replace gear, etc. Basically the game giving you suggestions about what to do with your time.Quick tip #6: Adepts. Adepts Adepts Adepts

To preface this: Adepts are now your only source of faith to use your divine form. I am -really- simplifying this here, but here’s how it works:

* Send Adepts on Journeys

* When they’re done, bring them back

*Give them gear to improve their stats. You get this gear from their Journeys

*When you have Adepts Awaiting initiation, all faith you get from journeys is reduced by half. So, do something with them. Make them missionaries or whatever.

Final Quick Tip (Quick Tip #7): It’s the Little Things That Count

Quickfire tips that don’t really need their own section:

1: Stimulants are a thing. You get one daily from logging in and via other means as well (you can mouseover the currency item or view it via the Valuables section of your bag for further detail). Stimulants are used to instantly complete quests you don’t wanna do. These quests have varying amounts of stimulants required to complete them.

2: Knowledge of Enemies is your new sparks. You get them from killing enemies.

3: Credits are still credits

4: Argents are still Argents

5: You can no longer do the Credit/Argent Conversion

6: The marketplace is still a thing. Explore it!

7: During combat some enemies will sometimes drop a weapon you can use. They do different things. Experiment to find your favourite. Mine’s the Cannon!

8: Gearing is the same as before. But instead of Trinkets, Trophies and Rings; you Now have Jewelry, Gems, and Weapons, and Artifacts. Artifacts are like a symbol and do something. Weapons give you a percentage buff in a specific field.

9: Have fun!

This list of quick tips ended up being way longer than I expected. But, I hope this helps you all get somewhat used to the new Ascension system. I hope you like it as much as I do. My name is Kage Theorc, Love is Everywhere, and I hope to see you all in Aelion!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!