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shaiya mob locations map 4

Mob Location for Map 4 (Skulleron)

These is a full map for all locations of mobs Map 4

Mob Listings(with approximate levels):

1. Skulleron Large Tongs Larva(50)
2. Skulleron Green Monkey(50)
3. Skulleron Big Ear Gnome(51)
4. Ellyuteion Basilisk(~55)
5. Ellyuteion Blue Wing Pixie(~55)
6. Skulleron Iron Bear(~52)
7. Black Hair Meat-eating Bison(~52)
8. Black Hair Man-eating bear(~53)
9. Skulleron Deatheater Conqueror(~54)
10. Skulleron Deatheater Fighter(~54)
11. Skulleron Vail Wizard(~54)
12. Skulleron Vail Fighter(~54)
13. Skulleron Vail Leader(~55)
14. Skulleron Vail Combater(~55)
15. Skulleron Vail Summoner(~55)
16. PiHunts Clan Viper Dark Wizard(~54)
17. PiHunts Clan Viper Summoner(~55)
18. Skulleron Deatheater Warrior(~55)
19. Skulleron Deatheater Commander(~57)
20. Skulleron Deatheater Archer(~56)
21. Mirros Oread(~53)
22. Mirros Big Wing Harpy(~53)
23. Mirros Spirit Symbiot(~53)
24. Skulleron Iron Wolf(~51)
25. Skulleron Man-eating Wolf(~51)
26. Mirros Tiger(~52)
27. Big Tongs Green Larva(~52)
28. Big Cannine Tiger(~53)
29. Mirros Red Hair Tiger(~53)
30. Mirros Leopard(~52)
31. Red Hair Big Horn Monkey(~54)
32. Red Hair Brown Bear(~54)
33. Red Dappled Big Tongs Larva(~55)
34. LavaStone Lander(~55)
35. Skulleron Steel Golem(~56)
36. Ignorant Strong Lander(~55)
37. Skulleron Man-eating Wild Boar(~51)
38. Skulleron Wild Boar(~51)
39. Skulleron Half-Moon Bear(~52)
40. Ellyuteion Plump Lizard(~53)
41. Black Spear Leopardess(~53)
42. Birdlime Insect-eating Evi…(~53)
43. Gigantic Meat-eating Wild Boar(~53)
44. Angry Big Bear(~54)
45. Red Poison Sting Larva(~54)
46. Ellyuteion Wyvern(~55)
47. Ellyuteion Viper(~55)
48. Skulleron Stone Golem(~55)
49. Haras Ifrit Combater(~56)
50. Haras Wyvern Patroler (~57)
51. Haras Croco Commander(~57)
52. Mirros Troll Guard(~54)
53. Mirros Troll Fighter(~54)
54. Mirros Golem(~54)
55. Mirros HellTooth Conqueror(~54)
56. Mirros HellTooth Parasite(~54)
57. Mirros HellTooth Leader(~55)
58. Skulleron Larva(~53)
59. Skulleron White Stripe Spider(~53)
60. Skulleron Golden Spider(~53)
61. Ellyuteion Undine(~55)

NOTE: There are some high level mobs in Virides’puirr and Cali’puirr than I cannot get to, due to their location and the proximity to other mobs.
Credits go to Cartographer for putting this together!